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Tenipuri Racket Locket Collection~~
The Racket Locket Accessories are in!!!!!!!!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ  They are SO much cooler than they look in the pre-orders photos.  If you've purchased the Eikoku School Team Metal collection from me (Hyotei in the photo for comparison), they are of the same excellent quality, thicker because the lockets open.  Really nice zinc alloy racket locket, size 1.25"x2.5" (2.8x6.3cm), with a tennis ball made of iron.  There are six opalescent sparkle team stickers and 12 tiny stars with each racket locket.  The stickers are made of plastic resin so they're raised, not flat!!!  Whoever says you have to put these boys into the locket right?!  You can put your own photos into the racket, and use the stickers on your cell phones or camera o(^▽^)o  I haven't received Seikaku yet, but so far, aesthetically speaking, Seigaku's blue and Shitenhoji's green racket with gold strings are the most pleasant *・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*  They are sold out everywhere, so what I have listed is all I have, I cannot buy more =) 



Seigaku - 1
Hyotei - 2
Rikkai - 2
Shitenhoji - 2


feihu:  Rikkai, Hyotei            PAID                                 
sanguine_vlos:  2 Hyotei           PAID                            
green_tea_river:  Hyotei                                        
animeo:  Hyotei, Rikkai
roni_minton:  Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai

Shipping:  depends on your location. 
Domestic members:  If you initiate and send your payment as a "Personal Gift" via PayPal instant transfers, then there will be NO FEES added.  If you send a credit card payment then a 2.9%+$0.30 fee will be added.
International members:  If you send your payment as an international PayPal Personal Gift to using instant transfers then you will pay only a small fee of 0.5% to 2%. If I request a payment from you then I'll have to add an additional 3.9%+$0.30 transaction fee.

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Looks perfect to me.

Thanks! I'll contact you when they come in =)

The lockets are in!!! You've already paid for them so I'll ship them out on Monday when I go to the post office ^___^ Tomorrow I will update my post with some photos for you to see =)

Sweetness! I love getting stuff in the mail.

And... SENT!!! You'll get the package by Friday at the latest. Please leave a message on my Feedback post to let me know when the package comes ^__^ Thanks~

(Deleted comment)
Good thing I put in my order right away, now Hyotei is sold out on Animate too! I'll contact you when your Hyotei comes in =)

Okay the lockets are here!!! I got your zip code so I'll package your stuff and give you a total with shipping cost tomorrow ^___^ Thanks for waiting!!

Great!! I'll contact you when they come in ^__^

The lockets are in!!! Can I get your zip code or country name to calculate shipping? Thanks for waiting =)

I'm in the US and my zip code is 75901. I'm so glad they're in I was starting to wonder.

Ah yeah, it was a long wait... I was getting nervous too hahaha =P They were released at the end of Dec, but after the holidays my friend started school again and was really busy so she wasn't able to send me my package until last week... so I literally just got my package yesterday!!! Anyways, so we have two shipping options First Class ($3) and Priority Mail Flat Rate ($5.15), but I honestly think PMFR is a waste of your money cuz you'll receive the package in 2-3 days with FC as well with your location =P

Hyotei racket locket : $16
Rikkai racket locket : $16
Shipping (First Class) : $3
Total = $35

If you're good with that, please go ahead and send me the payment as a "personal gift" via PayPal instant transfer to ~ Please PM me your name and address, and I will ship them out on Monday!!!

Sweet, I'll probably have to wait until tomorrow to send so I can go into town and use our local coffee shops internet (ours is the most terrible 8C )

I'll try tonight though and see what's up. But yea FC is fine with me.

No problem ^__^ Wanna PM me your name and address first so I can get the labels on and wrap up the package? I trust you'll send the money, so I'll just get the package ready to send d(^__^)b

Heya, I got your payment and your package is already sent off earlier today when I went to send other people's stuff ^__^ You'll receive it by Friday at the latest! Please let me know when you get the package and please leave me a feedback at the Feedback post. Thanks =)

I'm interested in a rikkai one, but I won't have money for another week, is that an issue?

Hi, that won't be a problem at all!! These racket lockets are released at the end of December, so that means I won't actually received the lockets until the end of January possibly. "Available to claim" just means that I've pre-ordered a certain amount and they can be reserved, maybe my wording is bad, sorry =) As long as you're committed to buying, I will reserve it for you. I'll send you a message with a total whenever I'm ready to send =)

oh well then yeah! Can i also reserve a Hyotei one then?

Sure! I will put your name down for a Hyotei too ^__^ I'll let you know when they come in. Are you in the US? If you are, there will be NO PayPal fees incurred, I have done a little experiment with another Tenipuri member to find out!!! If you're abroad though, there will be a 3.9%+$0.30, is that acceptable?

I live in the US. Green Bay, WI.

Oh great, you don't have to worry about any fees =) I'll let you know and send a total when I get the lockets, maybe mid or late January!

oh! i see seigaku available...can i get one of those too? :D

Yes, most certainly!!! Seigaku was restocked, I was so happy cuz I originally thought I'd missed my chance to get one!!! Oh, but I preordered the Seigaku lockets along with a box of the YuraYura Clip Collection Part 2, which will be released at the end of January... so they might be shipped together in one order when that box becomes available. I might not get the Seigaku Lockets until Feb, is that okay? I can hold all three Hyotei, Rikkai (I'll get these mid/late Jan) and Seigaku (Feb) for you until Seigaku comes, or I can ship them separately as they come. I'm fine either way, just let me know ^____^

I can wait for them to all be shipped together. Thank for doing this, it totally rocks!

Okay!! I'll let you know once I have them all =) I won't ask for any payments until I actually have the collectibles in hand, so no worries! I'm glad there are people who like these things as much as I do, my parents think they're just junk hahaha!!!

Hi hi!!! The Rikkai and Hyotei lockets are in~~ Seigaku is on its way as well, will be another week or so. I'll update the post with some photos for you to see first ^____^ Can I get a zip code or country name to calculate shipping? Thanks for waiting!!

awesome! 54304 is my zip code.

Shipping to your location will be about $3, is that okay? I'll let you know when Seigaku comes ^___^

sounds good to me, just let me know when to pay and how much!

Heyhey, Seigaku is here ^___^ So we have:

Seigaku racket locket : $16
Hyotei racket locket : $16
Rikkai racket locket : $16
Shipping : $3
Total = $51

Please send a "personal gift" via PayPal using instant transfers to ~ We have a huge blizzard coming to Denver, 14-22 inches of snow from today through to Saturday, hehehe so I will be snowed in for the weekend... σ(^_^;) I'll ship out your package next week though!!! Thanks for the wait~

I have received your payment and address!! I'll send theockets out tomorrow d(^_^o) May I ask who is your favorite player in the series?

AH gomen for taking so long. its been a busy weekend.

My favorite player is Sanada, but very close seconds are Atobe, Renji, and Kaidoh, after that it gets even harder...

Heya, I shipped your package today. You should receive it by Friday at the latest!! When you receive it, please leave me a feedback at this feedback link below to let me know everything arrived alright. Thanks!

Hi hi! Is the Shitenhoji one still available, I'd love to get one! I'm based in Sydney, Australia.

Ah hello!!! I have since updated the availabilities on my sales post here:

The last two Shitenhoji racket lockets I have are currently on hold for two interested members. There has been a sudden high demand for Shitenhoji σ(^_^;) Maybe because cute Kenya went on the special mission!!! (⌒▽⌒) If either transactions for the two lockets doesn't go through or the members change their minds, I'll let you know. In the mean time, please feel free to browse my sales and see if there are any other Shitenhoji collectibles that you may be interested in!!! Thank you for your interest!!!

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