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How about a FREE! stick poster anyone?  $10 a poster as always~  There's a shiny pearl and a normal version of each~  Make your reservations!!!  Coming at the end of October.

Reservation List                              Shiny Version                   Normal Version
Haruka Stick Poster :                       blacknightsky                   aoife power
Makoto Stick Poster :
Rin Stick Poster :                             blacknightsky                   aoife power
Nagisa Stick Poster :                       aoife power
Rei Stick Poster :
Swimming Pool Stick Poster :       
School Uniform Stick Poster :
Swimming Jersey Stick Poster :        absolutehymn                    ysey

Free stick poster

How about a summer accessory this time?  These ones have the boys' animal symbols hehehe, they are super cute!  Each will be $13, can be bought individually so order as many as you want, will be available in October~

Reservation List
A. Haruka Animal Accessory :  absolutehymn
B. Makoto Animal Accessory :  absolutehymn
C. Rin Animal Accessory :  blacknightsky
D. Nagisa Animal Accessory :
E. Rei Animal Accessory :  ysey

Free summer accessories

Does anybody want a FREE! 2014 Schedule Book? The Schedule book contains 48 pages, with different artwork for every month, notes, full year calendar, and a plastic cover. Schedule Book will be $24. I could order only 3 books, now completely SOLD OUT, first come first served!! Let me know as soon as possible~ Will most likely be available to ship at the end of October.

Reservation List
FREE! Schedule Book :  cjoelle, blacknightsky, (sekitx2)

These figures are KILLER CUTE!!! I WANT THEM ALL!!!

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How much would postage be for the schedule book? Can it be sent oversized letter mail, airmail (NO tracking) to Canada?

Was it a MOVIC at animate item?

Oh no, prize draw goods too... gah.

Hi S-chan, ah, the schedule book can probably go as a flat envelope if you don't need any cardboard padding or bubble protection. I don't know how much exactly, but I can't imagine it weighs more than 8 ounces,

Yup, the schedule books are always made by movic, usually they have a lot of anime schedule books, I dunno why they've only posted KuroBasu, Free, Gintama and Attack on Titans on the Movic website, not on Animate... Either way, they're all sold out for preorders, maybe Animate will carry them after their actual release date on the 10th of October.

Yeah the anikuji goods, they are so cute and hard to complete the whole collection!!!

Hi! $8.55 then? If so I need to think about it a bit (if others ask you for it for sure before I get back to you that's ok).

Yeah, couldn't find it on animate, just MOVIC's webpage.

Kuroko and Natsume anikuji goods have already killed me and only tried getting certain ones. *sigh*

Thanks! (err, back to work)

Ah no, if it qualifies for a flat envelope, rates are in the second cut, it won't be a package. But anyways, sure, just let me know when ever you decide. So far we have two claims, so I will only have one more. Let me know soon before it's gone too!

Unh, $3.45 then if it qualifies? (Work frying the brain, still working).

Would like to get it please.
Pay after it's in or need to pay some of it now?


Yeah, if it qualifies for a flat envelope, it'll be just around $3.50. I'll put you down just in case, and then if it doesn't then let me know if you don't want it anymore. I won't ask for payment until it comes =)

Sounds good, thanks! When want payment can you e-mail me (tasuki at shaw dot ca) or leave comment in my lj please? LJ still not giving me any notice of your replies :/

Okie dokie! I will email you when it comes in =)

(Deleted comment)
Hi! Only see your message in my Inbox on LJ (still get no notification from LJ. Lost cause, I have other people on my friends list I never get notification for either when they comment). You said you would send an e-mail.

Personal payment for $27US (I paid the fee) sent now.


Got it today! Not sure why took 2 weeks.
Somehow I thought it would be bigger ^^ It's way too cute and very colourful.

Love it, thanks.

Hello, count me in for a schedule book please :).

Thank you!

Okie dokie! I can send it with the Yurayura clips you ordered =)

Oooh, that's even better :).

Hi cjoelle, your Free! Schedule Book is here!!! If you wait another week or so, your Free Yurayura clips should be here as well~ I can send you the total for the last clip, along with the schedule book and shipping cost at that time!

I'll wait so you can send everything at the same time then :)

@_@ nooo, the cuteness has killed me too. lottery stuff is so unfair! hopefully later we'll get to see a clear image of the artwork at least...

Yeah, whenever it's posted then there will be more pictures of all the prizes~

I would like a Makoto and a Haru accessory. If there is enough interest to order a stick poster box, I'd like the swimming jersey shiny version. Thank you!

And awwwwww the figures are cute!

Okay, I'll put you down for those two accessories, I will order on 9/27 and will let you know if it's successful!

Alright, sweet, thanks!

And I put Payment #1 in the mail today. I couldn't get to it on Friday 'cause I ended up being very busy. Hope your weekend was off to a good start!

Okie dokie thanks, I'll let you know when I get it =) What total did you send for?

My weekend is okay so far, my clear files and Karneval stuff came, so I'm posting them now =)

$80 to include the two Free! fasteners.

Good luck posting them! I worked 9 hours yesterday and I have an 8 hour shift today. Long work days OTL

Okie dokie, I will pack those fasteners in too ^__^

Awwww, take care with the long work days, get some rest too~

I got your check and dropped off your package!! And I've purchased all those you wanted so I will let you know when they come =)

Awesome - got the email notification showing that it's on its way.

I'm going to go make a list of what I have on pre-order so I can figure out a budget for paying things off alongside my rent and gas expenses. I'll let you know what I've got soon.

hihi Hymn, your Makoto and Haru accessories are here! And the stick poster too~ Let me know when you are ready for them~

Oh oh! I hope I'm not too late! Is it possible to have me down for the Free! Schedule book? And also a Haru and Rin shiny stick poster as well as Rin's accessories? ;w; And those figures are killing me with just how adorable they are! \(◕﹏◕✿)/

There's still a schedule boom available for you!! And I will put you down for the stick posters as well =) Yeah, those figures are really cute huh? I'm looking forward to seeing all of the items in those series of Anikuji!!

All have been purchased!!! Will let you know when they come in =)

Oh ho! I've got your Haru and Rin stick posters and Rin's accessories as well!!

Hey hey! Your a Free! Schedule Book is here!!! And also the Niou stick posters as well as the Free! Sticky Notes!!! All are waiting for you whenever you're ready~ No rush, take your time ^___^

Thanks for telling me! ^__^ I'll let you know by the end of the week~

Swimming Jersey Stick Poster $10
may I get the shiny version please and thank you :D

Rei Animal Accessory $13

Hello, the swimming jersey shiny version is already reserved. There's still a normal version. Do you want that instead?

(Deleted comment)
sorry only seen this now, sending payment in a bit! :D

thanks! ^^

Okay no problem, please go ahead and send the payment when you can.

sure, won't be able to send payment till Tuesday though. is that okay? D:

They are not available yet, so I won't be asking for payment until I have put the order through. Where are you located? Let me know so I can talk to you about shipping.

Oh okay! Well, here's the estimated international shipping, you would be a Zone 3-5. Since this is a poster and a fastener accessory, they will have to be shipped as a package... are you okay with the shipping?

Around how much is it actually, weight-wise? :O

I don't know yet, they haven't been released =)

sorry for late reply!

oh well, I still wanna get them please! :D

Re: sorry for late reply!

Hello, your Free! Swimming stick poster and Rei Animal Accessory are here. Let me know if you want anything else. Otherwise I will pack and give you the total.

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