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TeniPuri Sales ~ OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLES - Clear Files
If you're interested in multiple items, please leave a message!!!

( Mascots, keyholders and accessories )       

SHINPURI MINI CLEAR FILE - AIRMAIL                         
Shinpuri MCF Airmail - Ryoma :  $7
Shinpuri MCF Airmail - Atobe :  $7
Shinpuri MCF Airmail - Hiyoshi :  $7
Shinpuri MCF Airmail - Bunta :  $7
Shinpuri MCF Airmail - Kite :  $7
Shinpuri MCF Airmail - Kenya :  $7
Shinpuri MCF Airmail - Kentarou :  $7

SHINPURI JUMP FESTA THE PRINCES CAFE CF                                       
The back of these clear files have the trio picture, just like the slim CF/sticker sets.

Shinpuri The Princes Cafe CF - Shiraishi (with Kenya and Zaizen)  :  $17
no title

SHINPURI JUMP FESTA SLIM CF/STICKER SETS                                       
I don't have time to take photos of them all, but you can see examples from the stock photos of the clear files. The slim clear files have the specific character, and the big sticker depicts the school trio.  So for example, Ryoma's slim CF has Ryoma only, on the outside and Ryoma silouette on the inside, and the big sticker has Ryoma, Fuji and Tezuka. The big clear file photos are only for reference, the actual slim CF and stickers will look like Shiraishi's stock photo.

Shinpuri Jump Festa Slim CF/Sticker Set A - 1 : Ryoma  :  $12
Shinpuri Jump Festa Slim CF/Sticker Set A - 2 : Tezuka  :  $12
Shinpuri Jump Festa Slim CF/Sticker Set A - 6 : Kai  :  $12
Shinpuri Jump Festa Slim CF/Sticker Set A - 7 : Hirakoba  :  $12
Shinpuri Jump Festa Slim CF/Sticker Set A - 8 : Zaizen  :  $12
Shinpuri Jump Festa Slim CF/Sticker Set B - 2 : Mukahi  :  $12
Shinpuri Jump Festa Slim CF/Sticker Set B - 5 : Kite :  $12

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no titleno titleno titleno title

SHINPURI MINI CLEAR FILE - SUMMER DAY and NIGHT                         
Another beautiful collection of the Tenipuri boys in their daytime activities and nighttime festival clothes!!!

Shinpuri MCF - Summer Day - Ryoma :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Day - Atobe :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Day - Marui :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Day - Yanagi :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Day - Kai :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Day - Kenya :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Day - Zaizen :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Night - Ryoma :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Night - Atobe :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Night - Oshitari :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Night - Hiyoshi :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Night - Kirihara :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Night - Hirakoba :  $7.50
Shinpuri MCF - Summer Night - Kenya :  $7.50

Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_01Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_02
Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_03Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_04
Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_05Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_06
Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_07Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Day_08
Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_01Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_02
Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_03Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_04
Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_05Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_06
Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_07Shinpuri MCF 2014 - Summer Night_08

JUMP FESTA 2013 TENIPURI CLEAR FILES                              
So I have finally decided to sell my precious Jump Festa 2013 Clear Files ***SNIFF***  This is by far one of the best full clear file sets!!!  Other than the Showa 2009 clear files and the Princes mini clear file sets in 2010, these have the best artwork of the boys in formal/business casual outfits~~  The set was sold out quickly at Jump Festa 2013!!!  People stood in line for hours just to learn that these were sold out as they approached the front of the line~~  I bought them online and they were super expensive but they were definitely worth their quality ^________^  FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION!!!!!!  EXTREMELY EXTREMELY RARE!!!!!

Jump Festa 2013 Showa Note CF - Yagyuu  :  $20
Jump Festa 2013 Showa Note CF - Kite  :  $20
Jump Festa 2013 Showa Note CF - Hitouji  :  $20

Jump Festa CF file_iJump Festa CF file_k
Jump Festa CF file_lJump Festa CF file_m
Jump Festa CF file_n

These are the Shinpuri hoodie clear file sets that I posted a preorder for~  If you missed the preorder, here's your chance to get them~  I don't plan to order any more!

Shinpuri Hoodie CF - Ryoma :  $25
2x  Shinpuri Hoodie CF - Atobe :  $28
Shinpuri Hoodie CF set - 01Shinpuri Hoodie CF set - 02

These are special mini clear files, I've finally decided to sell them =)  The Chocolate clear file was released for White Day 2013, and the Cafe Princes clear files were released for White Day 2011!!!  They are LONG LONG LONG DISCONTINUED and are incredibly RARE!!!  They are A5, bigger than your typical B6 mini clear files.  Get them before I change my mind ^____^

Tenipuri Cafe Princes 0311B Set - Ryoma/Shiraishi  :  $25
Tenipuri Cafe Princes 0311A Set - Atobe/Yukimura  :  $25
Photo of Ryoma/Shiraishi set is gone but example below of Atobe/Yukimura

This is the 6th mini clear file series called "Princes' Style Costume", depicting the boys in different "prince" outifts!!!  They are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT and DISCONTINUED!!!!  I was only able to buy two sets, didn't even get to buy a set for myself =(  Hurry hurry and get them!!!  Click on the first picture to access the album for all.
2x  Kirihara Prince-Style MCF :  $7.50
Kite Prince-Style MCF  :  $7.50
2x  Kenya Prince-Style MCF :  $7.50
Tokugawa Prince-Style MCF :  $7.50
Tenipuri MCF Princes Style - 03Tenipuri MCF Princes Style - 04
Tenipuri MCF Princes Style - 05Tenipuri MCF Princes Style - 06

TENIPURI FESTA 2013 CLEAR FILES                                 
These are the clear files released for the Tenipuri Festa 2013 event!!!  Get them while you can!

Tenipuri Festa 2013 CF - Clear White, B  :  $17
Tenipuri Festa 2013 CF - Colorful, C  :  $17
Tenipuri Festa 2013 - Clear File BTenipuri Festa 2013 - Clear File C

Pencil Boards from the Showa Note Wink series!!  SUPER RARE and DISCONTINUED!!

Shinpuri Wink Pencil Board - Shitenhoji  :  $15           
Tenipuri Wink Shitajiki_04Tenipuri Wink Shitajiki_02


Atobe Kingdom Foundation Day CF - Red A  :  $17
Atobe Kingdom Foundation Day CF - Red A  :  $17
Atobe Kingdom Foundation Day - CF - Red AAtobe Kingdom Foundation Day - CF - Blue B

This is the newest series of Tenipuri clear files, of Ryoma, Atobe, Yukimura and Shiraishi in their school uniforms and backpack!  I only have one of each for sale~

Shinpuri School Uniform CF, 0912A - Ryoma  :  $17
Shinpuri School Uniform CF, 0912B - Atobe  :  $17
Shinpuri School uniform CF - RyomaShinpuri School uniform CF - Atobe

This is a NICE clear file released for Tanabata where Shiraishi and Ryoma are dressed in their yukatas with their pets on their shoulders =)

Shinpuri Tanabata Clear File  :  $17
Shinpuri CF - Tanabata

These clear files depict the boys playing on the beach splashing water at each other.

Shinpuri Beach CF - Ryoma/Yukimura  :  $17
Shinpuri Beach CF - Shiraishi/Kirihara  :  $17
Shinpuri CF - Beach - Ryoma and YukimuraShinpuri CF - Beach - Shiraishi and Kirihara

These are the latest installment of the ShinPuri clear files~  They depict the boys training by running around the city!!

Shinpuri Running CF - Kiri/Fuji/Yuki/Kite, 0413B  :  $17
Shinpuri Running CF - B01Shinpuri Running CF - B02

This is a precious collection from long long ago from Animate Expo 2004!!!  100% BRAND NEW condition!!!  These pencil boards depict the Seigaku boys in their younger days~  These are really PRECIOUS and of course EXTREMELY RARE, the only place you'll find them is from old collectors like me ^___^

Tezuka and Yamato MPB  :  $13
Fuji Brothers MPB  :  $13
Inui and Yanagi MPB  :  $13
Tenipuri_mini pencil board_TezukaTenipuri_mini pencil board_FujiTenipuri_mini pencil board_Inui

A collection from 2003, almost 10 years ago!!!  Preserved in 100% BRAND NEW condition as always ^___^  I am selling the Fudomine and St. Rudolph ones~~ VERY RARE!!!  Mizuki is hot when he's in a suit and tie XD

Fudomine shitajiki, 0703D  :  $14
St. Rudolph shitajiki, 0703E  :  $14

This chocolate version of the mini clear files were released in March!!!  These clear files depict the boys eating their chocolates and holding up various handwritten versions of their "THANK YOU" notes~~  Many have already been pre-ordered, but I've still got some available!!!  Please let me know if you're interested in any of the ones still having one slot left!!!

1x  Atobe MCF Chocolate  :  $7.50
1x  Oshitari MCF Chocolate  :  $7.50
1x  Marui MCF Chocolate  :  $7.50
Shinpuri mini clear files chocolate_03Shinpuri mini clear files chocolate_05


Fudomine and St. Rudolph were rival schools released in 2003.  Rokkaku Chuu and Rikkaidai were rival schools focused in 2004, but no Rikkai CF for sale, sorry =P

Rokkaku Chu, 1004A  :  $13

From 2010 Rikkai and Shitenhoji, but Shitenhoji is already sold last year =)

Rikkaidai's Three Demons, 0810A  :  $13

Each Anikuji set comes with two full size clear files!!! (8.75"x12.5" or 22cmx31cm).  The boys are in their formal suits for the Anikuji series artwork!!  This artwork series is original and unique to Anikuji~~  Selling my Tezuka and Shiraishi set!!!  Get it before I change my mind!!!

F1 - Ryoma & Tokugawa : $25
F2 - Tezuka & Shiraishi  :  $25

Anikuji - F2 - ShiTez_2Anikuji - F2 - ShiTez_1

This Showa Note clear file from my collection, was released in 2006 as part of Jump Festa 2006!!!  This clear file has Ryoma, Fuji, Eiji, Atobe, Yukimura and Marui in their outing clothes!!!  On the front, the boys are in the regular form posing on the tennis court.  On the back, the boys are in their chibi form ^____^  This is a full size clear file, (8.75"x12.5" or 22cmx31cm).  Extremely RARE and DISCONTINUED, get it while you can before I change my mind!!!

Showa Note CF 2006  :  $17           ***RARE***

This is the FOURTH volume of the Shinpuri mini clear files!!!  The artwork is soooooooo nice!!!  The boys are lovely as ever, and the envelope is the full-color type, really really pretty!!!

1x  Oshitari Before Bed  :  $7.50
2x  Mukahi Before Bed  :  $7.50
2x  Kenya Before Bed  :  $7.50
2x  Zaizen Before Bed  :  $7.50
Shinpuri mini clear files 4_01Shinpuri mini clear files 4_02
Shinpuri mini clear files 4_03Shinpuri mini clear files 4_04
Shinpuri mini clear files 4_05Shinpuri mini clear files 4_06
Shinpuri mini clear files 4_11Shinpuri mini clear files 4_12

This is the SECOND volume of the Shinpuri mini clear files!  Anyways!!!  These boys are soooooooo nice in their U-17 mini clear files!!!  Get them while you can~~

1x  Oshitari U-17  :  $7.50             
1x  Gakuto U-17  :  $7.50
2x  Yukimura U-17  :  $7.50
1x  Sanada U-17  :  $7.50
1x  Kenya U-17  :  $7.50
2x  Zaizen U-17  :  $7.50
Shinpuri mini clear files 3_03Shinpuri mini clear files 3_04
Shinpuri mini clear files 3_05Shinpuri mini clear files 3_06
Shinpuri mini clear files 3_07Shinpuri mini clear files 3_08
Shinpuri mini clear files 3_11Shinpuri mini clear files 3_12

This is the THIRD volume of the Shinpuri mini clear files... Our boys are as lovely as ever in this third installment!!!  They're even upgrading the envelope!!  It's not a monochrome paper type anymore hehehe, it's a full-color design with a smooth paper stock~~  I bet Movic had lots of complaints about the files being easily scratched if not protected, so now each of the files are even protected by a piece of white paper!!  Please take a look and let me know if you're interested =)

1x  Fuji & Griptape  :  $7.50
2x  Atobe & Weights  :  $7.50
2x  Oshitari & Book  :  $7.50
2x  Gakuto & Acrobatics :  $7.50
2x  Sanada & Meditation  :  $7.50
2x  Kenya & Wheel  :  $7.50
2x  Zaizen & Situps  :  $7.50

Shinpuri mini clear files 2_03Shinpuri mini clear files 2_04
Shinpuri mini clear files 2_05Shinpuri mini clear files 2_06
Shinpuri mini clear files 2_07Shinpuri mini clear files 2_08
Shinpuri mini clear files 2_11Shinpuri mini clear files 2_12

Similar to the Second Years series, the boys are waking up in the morning still wearing their pajamas!!!  The back of each file as a bigger version of their photos, very nice!!!!

1x Zaizen PJ : $7.50
PoT mini clear files 2_03PoT mini clear files 2_04
PoT mini clear files 2_11PoT mini clear files 2_12


Oishi : $6

POT MINI POCKET FILE                          

Size 4"x7.75" (10cmx19.5cm)

MPF U-17, Atobe & Them, 0512D  :  $8

Size 8.75"x12.5" (22cmx31cm).

Shinpuri CF #2, 0312  :  $15

Prince of Tennis Movie: Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen! CLEAR FILES~~
Size A4 files : 8.75"x12.25" (22x31cm).

Movie Clear File #1 : $17     ***RARE***
Team Captains and Rivals~ Ryoma and the captains in their tennis uniforms posing with Keith and Siu.  Last one ever!!!


( Premium Cell Sheets )   

( Postcards, Special Bromides and Trading Cards )    

( Other Collectibles (Puzzles, Fans, etc...) )
( Portraits and Posters )   

( Relaxation Stickers, Stickers, Cell Phone Decals, etc... )   

( Envelopes, Notebooks, Memopads, etc... )    

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Hey babe I would like to reserve the TezuFuji premium cell 2 bromides. The one with orange background. Thanks again!

Alrighty, I'll put that aside for you~ ummm, but since it's a new item, I can't apply the 20% off to it, is that okay? Let me know if you want anything else that is non-New!!

Hello dear. I might make a payment on the 20th or 21st. May I know the total for Yuushi's U17 Mini CF and his Jump Festa 2013 CF please? Thanks! ♥

(Deleted comment)
Yeeeyyy! Thanks for the update. Will let you know if I have already sent in the payment. Thankies! :D

No problem!! Have a great week =)

Hi, dear! Payment for the 2 CFs sent! Will let you know once I'll make a payment for the LP portrait. Thanks! :)

Hey hey, I have received the payment!! I've already set your stuff aside to ship with pupina =) Anytime you're ready for Fuji LP is fine, take care of the essentials first ^____^ Have a great weekend!

Duckie-san.. Do you still have the in the morning clear file of Fuji? Or is it sold??

I had one, I'm not sure where I put it though, and I seemed to have taken it off the list, I guess I either wasn't going to sell it anymore or I had packed away for a buyer already... I'll look for it again next weekend.

Hello Duckie-san! Is this available?

Tenipuri Chocolates Mini Clear File : $15 (is the one with Fuji in?)

Yup, Fuji is available in this one. You want to add him? If you want to have him shipped with your package this time, let me know and I'll put him in the package before I drop it off in the morning~ Just send me $16. If you wanna add him for next time then that's fine too.

Duckie-san I just withdrew my funds from paypal to my bank this morning, and it's still pending to be transferred to my bank. I'll send you $16 on Wednesday, but would it be possible to just include it with the items that will be shipped now?

Most certainly, I actually already slipped it in the package =) I trust ya, just send me whenever it's convenient for you~

Thank you Duckie-san!

Will send it by Wednesday. Didn't think I would order this soon. Lol. Your store is calling me. Hahaha! :D

Sure, Wednesday is fine!! LOL, glad you found many things you like ^___^ The racket lockets, have you seen them? They are amazing hehehehe, just thought you'd like to know~

Um, how to order it from you? (sorry it's my first time..)
i want Shinpuri MCF Summer Day - Zaizen and Shinpuri MCF Summer Night - Kenya ... (0w0)a
thank you before. and sorry for my bad english (--;)

Hello there =) No problem, your English is fine!

Zaizen and Kenya are available, please tell me what country you are from. I will let you know how much shipping cost will be to your country. Do you have a PayPal account to send money?

I am away from home until May 19th. So I can send you the two MCFs when I return. Have a great week!!!

Err.. i'm from Indonesia, bandung city.
Well no, i'm don't have paypal. (i don't know how to make it..sorryy---) (>/////<)> but i want thaat really bad..there's no tenipuri goodies at almost anime shop in indonesia and it stressed me out.there just sell mainstream anime merchandise (T__T)

You can open a PayPal account by going to and register. I don't know how else to sell things to you if you don't have a method to pay... Please go to the website and follow the instructions to open an account. That is the easiest way to buy and pay =)

i'm sorry for late replying. is it okay to use my friend's paypal? i just remember, he have one..(^^;)>
how much the total costs from your place to indonesia?

Hello, I apologize for the late reply!!! Sure, using your friend's Paypal is fine =) I am currently away from ho,e and will return on the 20th, I will give you the total then!!! May I ask if want you items shipped as an envelope without padding or cardboard backing, or shipped as a package with padding and cardboard backing? The difference in price is about $5-$6 ($4.50 for flat envelope and $10 for package) All prices are in USD.

Hello dear! Can you put me down for Yuushi's Prince Style Mini CF and the ShinPuri's Wink Pencil Board Hyotei? Hehehe! Thankies! :D

Hi yumi-chan, sure I will check and put them aside for you. Pupina wants the box to be shipped 5/19 or 5/20, you have four items held before that are unpaid. Do you want to have them shipped with this box or saved for next time?

Oshitari Birthday Charm : $13
Oshitari Music Kara Kore : $14
Shinpuri Glass marker - Oshitari & Lime : $14
Shinpuri Secret Message - Oshitari Yuushi Initial charm : $16


I'd like to buy Tokugawa's Prince-Style MCF ^^

Thank you!

Hello, I was wondering if the MPF U-17, Atobe & Them, 0512D : $8 is still available? If so, do you know how much shipping would be to Florida, USA?

Hello there, yes it is still available. If you don't require any padding for the file then I can put it in an envelope for $1.50 shipping, otherwise I'll have to send as a package for $3 with padding. Let me know.

Would you be willing to hold it for me? I don't get paid again until the first, but I will try and get some extra money before then. It's hard to find products with Liliadent on it lol

Absolutely, just let me know when you are ready =) If you are interested in anything else, let me know, I can give you a big discount since I am just looking to clear out as much as I can. No more space haha

I assume you are using PayPal?

I am using Paypal, yes. Hmm, I do like the idea of discounts lol I'll take a look and see what else I may be interested in. I think there were a few stickers and clear files that were really cute~~

Sounds good, just let me know =)

Hi Jennifer, just following up to see if you are till interested in the TeniPuri item you held. Please let me know!

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