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Welcome to my sales page!!!  I buy all of my official collectibles directly from Japan (Animate/Movic), so rest assured that these are the real deal!!  Please click on the sales tag of your interest and take a look at all the items available!!!



JPOP, KPOP, CPOP and STUFF                                                   Last updated  :  07/19/2014

THE OFFICIAL FRAGILE COLLECTIBLES                                      Last updated  :  03/21/2016
(All fragile items including those from the anime series below)

THE PRINCE OF TENNIS OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLES                     Last updated  :  03/21/2016

HAKUOUKI OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLES                                          Last updated  :  08/11/2015   will soon

KUROKO NO BASUKE OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLES                         Last updated  :  03/21/2016

FREE! and UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA COLLECTIBLES                      Last updated  :  08/11/2015

AMNESIA OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLES                                            Last updated  :  02/07/2015

KARNEVAL OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLES                                         Last updated  :  12/14/2014   will soon

OTHER ANIME OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLES                                    Last updated  :  12/14/2014   will soon

OFFICIAL MANGA SALES                                                             Last updated  :  08/01/2014

OFFICIAL FAIR PROMO ITEMS                                                    Last updated  :  09/11/2012

OFFICIAL DVD SALES                                                                   Last updated  :  11/13/2013

DOUJINSHI AND OTHER UNOFFICIAL GOODS                           Last updated  :  11/13/2011

There are NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS, unless I make a mistake, which doesn't happen, so please make sure you're serious about buying before you ask to buy =)  I guarantee safe packaging and I send out shipping confirmation, so if your postal service doesn't deliver to you, it's not my fault and I will not be responsible for lost or damaged packages.

If you're interested in multiple items, feel free to ask.

1. Unless noted, all items are BRAND NEW
2. Shipping amount depends on your location, I do ship internationally
3. Check, Money Order, Cash :  Send your money at your own risk, I will not ship out items until I have received your payment.
4. PayPal : I'm not forcing you to use this method, if you want to use it, you pay for your own fees.
5. Shipping within the US: items can be shipped via First Class or Priority Mail
6. Outside of the US: items can be shipped via First Class International ENVELOPE or PACKAGE, or Priority Mail International
7. Please feel free to ask questions regarding the price or shipping before purchasing!
8. First come first served.  If I can buy more of the items, I will update again, please check back!

Thank you for looking!!!


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