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TENIPURI OCHATOMO : Princes' Tea Time Series Preorder!!!
Here comes your Ochatomo!!! These cuties will keep you company while drinking your tea!!! They are set to be released in March so they will be ready for shipping in April! Make a comment if you're interested, they'll be $14 each!! If I get at least 5 characters reserved, I will buy a box, so go ahead and make multiple reservations if you want!!


Reservation List                                                BOX 1                              BOX 2
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Ryoma:                           godchildmomoko
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Tezuka :                          babysyusuke                    bakemono
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Fuji :                               babysyusuke                     bakemono
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Atobe:                             nia9001                            bakemono
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Yukimura :                       c2422                               blacknightsky
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Niou :                              blacknightsky                    pupina_chan
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Shiraishi :                        c2422                               blacknightsky
Tenipuri Ochatomo - Shiraishi Wink :               azalifinrandi                      hplover2

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RYOMA!!!!! No Matter what Price Ryoma!!!!

LOL OKAY!! I'll put you down for Ryoma =)

OMG i was so praying today that you will order a Box >w< i fell in love with this Ryoma so bad >w

I think I will order so no worries!!!

Atobe please thanks ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Nia-chan, Animate posted an Animate Limited Edition with Atobe Wink mascot. Do you also want him in addition to the regular one? If you do, then I'll order a second box with this limited edition one. I'm going to also message the other member, so it's first come first served. Let me know!

Atobe is here Nia-chan!! Do you want the Atobe Relaxation sticker as well?

Hi Linna-chan, may I have Yukimura and Shiraishi(the regular one)? Thank you :D

The open eyes one yeah? Sure thing C-chan!!! Hope school is going well for you ^___^

Hi C-chan, the ochatomo are here as well!!! I can ship them with the relaxation stickers for $5. Let me know if you want to add anything else!!

Hi hi! I'll reply to your message later, but just a quick comment saying that I would love Niou please!

No problem!!! Don't worry about replying right away, just work on your application and get it submitted in time!!!

I'll put you down for Niou~

s;ld;ldg;lgh I know you already ordered one box and there's a low chance of you ordering another one BUT just in case more people express interest & you end up getting a second, I'd want: Tezuka, Fuji, and Atobe.

(Also: finally adding your journal to my friends list so I can see your updates immediately; don't mind me!)

Heya, I thought you mainly like to collect clear files and pencil boards, didn't know you like these as well!! I'll put your name down, and if I get 2 more reservations, I'll order a second box ^___^

Heya, just letting you know that a second box has been ordered!!! I'll contact you when the items arrive~

Edited at 2014-11-10 10:33 pm (UTC)

Hey there, Tezuka, Fuji and Atobe are here!!! You want Ryoma as well so he's not so lonely? LOL... Let me know and I'll give you the total~

Could you put me down for the Box 2 Shiraishi Wink?
Thank you!

I surely will!!! They've been preordered so I'll let you know next year when they come LOL

Hi there!! Shiraishi wink ochatomo is here!!! Do you want anything else? Let me know!!!

You know... everytime i check your page and see this niou ochatomo... it seems like he keeps on saying 'buy me... buy me...' LOL i know i already ordered it but if no one else likes to buy him, please put my name on the Niou Box 2 >___< hahaha..

LOL!!!!! One to use the other to put on display?! That's what I do if I wanted to use something LOL, that's why most of the items in my "collection" are brand new factory sealed LOL

Sure thing, I will put you down for Niou!!!

Hey there, Niou ochatomo is here ^____^

okay! thank you so much <3 i will send payment this week ^^!!

No problem at all Nia-chan, I absolutely trust you ^___^

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