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Hello, thank you for your purchase!!!!!  Your feedback for me as a seller is truly appreciated~~~  Please leave one here after your transaction has been completed, thank you very much!!!!!


great seller! fast shipment and reply.
i'd recommend you to others.

Package recieved! Thank you so much for the little cards, they're awesome. I'll keep my eye on your sales post for more in the future!

Sorry it took so long for feedback!!

Got the package two days after it was sent! Perfect condition socks. I wear them more than I should lol.

Super fast shipping and everything was well-packaged! I'll definitely be buying from you again~

Got my stickers today, thanks so much for the extras!

My items were shipped quickly and were nicely packaged. There was a great amount of communication during the transaction which I liked. Plus it came with candy! And another nice surprise. Loved the little note that came with it. My inner Shiraishi fangirl was very pleased. =D Thank you so much!! <3 Will definitely look forward to future sales posts from you.

Great seller! Fast reply and shipment. Plus very knowledgeable. ;D I'm very pleased with my transaction all around and would recommend you to others. (^_^)b

Super super fast shipping! I must have gotten it yesterday and didn't know until today! I wasn't expecting my Higa charm until tomorrow! I was very happy to get it so early.
Thank you for being so accommodating with my payment. :) I would definitely buy from you again and recommend you to others!

I just received the Rikkai charm today!

The packaging was great, and the shipping was great as well! I would definitely buy from this seller again. :)

Oh my God, I'm sorry. I forgot about this completely!

The mini files arrived safely~ Tezuka and Fuji are even more adorable than in the picture. XD And thank you so much for the little gift -- it really made my holiday! It was great doing business with you. ♥

I'm sorry it took so much time to comment, but in the end, the parcel arrived the same day I left for my holidays (so fast), and by the time written on the delivery notice I was already at the hotel :(

All the goods are great. I hung my England flag charm on my mobile phone just after unpacking it (it's so shiny, and I expected it to be smaller, really ^^). Thank you for the sweets, the Niou notebook and the Yagyuu card. The Rikkai fangirl in me was very happy ^^

It was a pleasure to buy from you, you're really nice and very reliable as a seller. Thank you very much ♥

My charm is here and it looks great! Had no problems, was certainly a painless transaction! :D

In short, awesome.

and now I can breathe again

Finally got my charms today as well ;)

Both the flag and the Higa one were amazing~ *attached one to her cellphone and one to her keys* ... I'm now very glad I took the Union Jack one as well; got very hooked on UK comedy over the hols again, so... what a better way to show off my love for both PoT and that than a PoT-themed UK flag? :D

Anyway, thanks for the chocolate and the Oishi/Kawamura card ;P

The boxes would've been, imo, better without all the taping, though? >: I'm keen on original packaging and the other ripped a little when I tried to smooth them out into proper boxes afterwards. Dunno if that was you or the original tapes.

But anyway, thank you~~ x333 will definitely remember to keep an eye on group orders from now on~

Excellent seller - definitely recommend ya~ The items were packed really well & they arrived in perfect condition! Really fast shipment too - totally wasn't expecting it to arrive today~ *A*

Ah yes, thank again for the Jirou/Marui card, absolutely love it! <3 Also, thanks for the Shiraishi note! XDDD

Yep, will also look out for your sales post in future too! :3

tenipuri img003x800 Ryoma img004x800 Seigaku tenipuri img005x800

Today I received the shipment, thank you))