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Before the Olympics, just as I promised my old mahjong teacher!!!

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Woo congrats! That looks awesome! How long did it take you to put it together?

Thanks!!! Overall, it was about 6 months, but I was a big procrastinator hehehe... I put together only bits and parts every other weekend or so hahaha... that's because my old teacher who gave it to me said that I had until the Olympics to put it together =P I think if I had been more diligent about it, it shouldn't have taken that long. It was only 560 pieces. Although, the oceans were the hardest parts... everything was just so... BLUE!!!!

Wow! That is pretty cool!! :-)

Thank you!!! At first I didn't see how it can become a nice sphere, but the pieces were perfectly curved and fitted, I really enjoyed putting it together ^___^

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