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PoT Shot Glasses!!!

I had to take out some of my other ocha wan to put these in... Hehehe I gotta get a bigger china cabinet... The secret was a red Atobe vs. Irie~~

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Whoa! I can see why you need a larger cabinet. lol So many pretty glasses~

I'm kind of surprised Atobe is on two glasses. Well, not surprised, but I thought they might include a different match.

Yeah me too! I thought the secret one would be like Shiraishi or Kite, but Arobe claimed two this time!!! I'm thinking the new One Coins will have Shiraishi as the secret character. There's a second game One Coins announced for sometime next year... I hope Sanada and Marui will be in it!!

Atobe's just too popular for one glass. XD If Sanada isn't in the next One Coin set...there will be a lot of angry fangirls. Haha. For being a main character in shinpuri, he really hasn't gotten a lot of merchandise. Fingers crossed!

Yeah, it's kinda weird that Sanada so big in the new series as one of the revolutionists, but he's not in the first game one-coin series... There are a couple of new things that he is going to be in though. He'll be in the mini clear files pajamas series, and some keyholders/stickers/notebooks.


Ooo, thanks for the links! :) I've been looking at the pajamas mini clear file set. They're so cute~! Sanada's is so...Sanada. XDD

Wahhh, your glasses collection is pretty!! <3 XD

Haha, I've been really busy with work lately... orz But when I logged on, your post with the shot glasses was on top, so I just had to leave a reply! XD I was sooo hoping that the secret would be Shiraishi's match... </3 *looks at above comment* Ehhh, second game One Coins?! Where did you get the news from? :o

Thanks!!! Yeah ^___^ I thought it would be Shiraishi or Kite too, but I guess the Atobe/Irie match beat them to it hehehe =) Yeah the Second Game, SOL International posted the announcement just two days ago!!! EXCITED!!!


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