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Well... I tried my hands at the ANIKUJI today!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hit 3 clear files, 5 straps, a tapestry and a JUMBO CUSHION!!!!!!!!  I don't even know HOW my friend is gonna be able to send that JUMBO CUSHION to me HAHAHAHAHA... but we'll see!!!!!!!  Shipping will be MAD EXPENSIVE for sure!!!!   Anyways, I really wanted that MUG though T____________T  I might try for 5 more tomorrow if it's not already sold out...

F-2  :  Tezuka & Shiraishi Clear File Set          F-1  :  Ryoma & Tokugawa Clear File Set  (I won two of these)
E-3  :  Atobe Strap                                        E-2  :  Tezuka Strap (I won two of these)
E-5  :  Shiraishi Strap                                    E-6  :  Tokugawa Strap
C-1  :  Atobe Tapestry                                  A  :  Ryoma & Yukimura JUMBO CUSHION!!!!!!!!!

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Shiraishi!! <3 You're lucky~ :o

Shiraishi is beautiful in his suit!!!

*stares at the characters in formal attire* *____________*

You got reallllly nice things!! /a bit jealous/

Good luck on getting the mug!

Question: Is it possible to buy any of these from somewhere?

Yeah, the suits are awesome!!! I don't know if I'll be able to try again because it says "up to ten each", not sure if it's each person or each time buying, so I may or may not be able to try for the mug... We will see!!!

Oh, about buying these somewhere, I guess if someone sells what they get, then you might be able to buy. I will sell some of the things, just haven't decided which yet. ^___^

Edited at 2012-08-03 03:05 am (UTC)

Let's hope that it's 10 each time so you can get that mug! And on the first try too so you don't end up spending lots. Exactly where are you going to try this? /curious/

Ahhhh gotcha. Why must all of the good stuff be hard to get????

I'm eyeing the phone straps. Especially the Tokugawa and Tezuka ones (gosh, their art turned out so well). I like the Shiraishi and Yukimura art quite a bit too. Echizen looks so cool (blue, I love blue, but he's not one of my favorite characters at all). Are those frills on Atobe????

Hahaha yes, Atobe has quite the fashion sense XD

Anikuji is a lottery system from Animate. You buy the lotteries, and whatever items you hit is what you get...

Yeah, Shiraishi and Yukimura are great too!!! I hit more Atobe, Shiraishi and Tezuka straps so I will be selling them... but I got THREE JUMBO CUSHIONS!!!!!!! Now I'm in deep trouble hahaha...

They always give him the extra flair for his fabulousness. Sometimes the extra flair isn't the greatest look hahaha. *pats him on the back*

Ahhhhh, I see. Does it cost a lot for one lottery?

I know I'd totally buy the Tezuka and Shiraishi ones off of you... and I might as well buy Atobe because he will be sad with me if I don't and buy the others... Oh collection completing... x.x If you land another Tokugawa, he's my number one choice.

THREE JUMBO CUSHIONS /o\ ! Good luck with figuring out that - they might send them in vacuum sealed packages like some companies do with novelty pillows? That way they don't take up so much darn space!

Mug, did you get it?

Woo congrats! That's a nice haul! The jumbo cushion might be hard to ship, but it looks worth it. :D

Good luck with the mug~

Thanks!!! I'm excited to see them! I don't know if I will keep the jumbo cushion though, I have two Tenipuri pillows already. Shipping will be crazy, I have to find a better way to get it here. But still excited!!

It's a lottery system, you buy the lottery tickets and Animate draws for what you get. So in a way, so yes, I won these lottery items =)

oh I see :D where did you do the lottery?? *0*

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