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I tried it again... hahahhaa, I SHOULDN'T HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I have FOUR JUMBO CUSHIONS including the one last time... hahahahhaaha WHY?!?!?!?!  I just wanted the last two straps of Ryoma and Yukimura... and the Yukimura/Atobe clear file... FUUUUUUUUUUUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOW am I gonna pay for all that SHIPPING?!?!?!?!??!   I got the MUG (YAYAYAY!!!) and the only other new thing is the Tezuka/Shiraishi cushion (^__^;)  This is an addiction and somehow I'm thinking it's worse than all addictions combined... I need to go into TeniPuri rehab Σ(゚д゚lll)


C-1 : Atobe tapestry                                      D  :  Mug cup

A  :  Ryoma/Yukimura JUMBO CUSHION       B  :  Shiraishi/Tezuka JUMBO CUSHION

F-2  :  Tezuka/Shiraishi CF set                         E-3  :  Atobe strap

E-5  :  Shiraishi strap                                    A  :  Ryoma/Yukimura JUMBO CUSHION  (FOURTH ONE!!!)

F-1  :  Ryoma/Tokugawa CF set (3rd one!!)       E-2  :  Tezuka Strap  (3rd one!!!)


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Oho! That's a lot of jumbo cushions! -_- But at least you got your mug! You really like drink-ware, don't you? :3

If tenipuri rehab existed, they would make a lot of money because all the fangirls would go and we would all relapse. XD;

Hahahahaha yes, all the fangirls would relapse... I would relapse within a day!!!!

Yeah, I really like drink-ware, they're all teacups though if you notice...I don't drink alcohol... Funny huh σ(^_^;) The glass ones are cold teacups and the porcelain ones are hot teacups. The trading glasses are also for tea, not alcohol cuz they're too big to be shot glasses hehehehe... When I first saw them, I thought they were small, but when I received them they were about the same size as my Gintama collection. I guess it makes sense cuz it's usually students who buy Anime goods, they wouldn't go selling things that suggests alcohol and stuff hahaha...

Oh man. By midday I'd be all, 'Sanadaaaaa~' /relapse

I don't drink alcohol either, but I kind of like the glassware. I couldn't see using a lot of the nice fandom stuff, though, so I suppose it's a moot point. And it does make sense that they wouldn't want to encourage drinking if it's kids buying the goods. XD;

Anyway, I hope your cabinet has room for that mug. It looks pretty cool!

YOU GOT THE MUG... and four jumbo cushions holy cow. Let's hope they send it to you in vacuum-sealed bags to save on the size (and they shouldn't weigh that much hopefully... someone sent me a cushion and it was lighter than some other things I've gotten).

Tezuka seems to be following you lol. Oh Tezuka... Atobe is kinda following you too.


I think it'll be vacuum packed, but it'll be pretty heavy. The one thing I'm worried about the most is the size. Usually the jumbo cushions are 45x60cm, that's 18"x24"... that's two-feet long... even if they vacuum pack, they're not supposed to fold it, so it'll be pretty long. There's a size restriction on boxes shipped from Japan... length + 2x(height+width) = less than 2 meters... if they can vacuum pack each cushion down to about 6cm in height, it just might make the cut... but then that box can hold hold the 4 cushions and nothing else... hehehehe this really sucks...

But yes!! I'm happy that Tezuka and Atobe are following me!!! I just wished that Ryoma and Yukimura had cared a little bit to show up... but they didn't =P

Ouch. I didn't know that there was a restriction on boxes from Japan. x.x I hope that things work out so that shipping doesn't kill you completely.

Yeah, silly Echizen and Yukimura :P They only wanted to be on your cushions, that's all. Tokugawa only showed up once as a strap. He's hiding... Shhh.... :D

hey hey are you going to sell this??? *0* if it's yes, can I ask you to hold me the ryoma/tokugawa CF set and Ryoma/Yukimura JUMBO CUSHION ??? *0*

Hehehehe, I dunno when I will receive them, depends on when my things are sent out to my friend, and from my friend to me. The cushion will be expensive because shipping will be very expensive for me. Are you sure you want one? I don't have many of the clear files. When I get them, I will post them, and it's first come first served as before =)

the jumbo cushion of ryoma is going to do which size?? *^*

(Deleted comment)
Hi Seiiya, I'm not selling the cushion yet, but I'm selling the Tezuka charm for $25. Are you interested? Let me know!

(Deleted comment)
Hehehehe, maybe, I am still waiting for it to come, so I'll decide after I receive it =D

Okie dokie, if you're interested in the charm, I can save it for you. I'll be leaving for a trip on October 23rd for two weeks. If you can pay me by mid-October, I can send your items before I leave!!!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hi Seiiya, I've updated my site with some KuroBasu stuff. I have them on a separate post here, if you're interested then please take a look and let me know if you wanna add anything!!


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