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(no subject)
UPDATES 12/24/11:  The boxes are in!!!  I have TWO extra boxes, please take a look.  If any character you like hasn't been claimed, please go ahead and leave a message for me.

Currently Available Clear Files Price:  $5.50 each

I've managed to secure an extra box of mini clear files of these cute Princes in their 1st year going on to 2nd.  I probably won't receive or be able to send maybe until after the holidays, but if you want one, I can certainly put your name down.  First come first served, if you're interested, please leave a comment with your favorite character's name!  If I can buy more sets in the future, then I will surely post again.

Preordered Price: $5 each                      

Tezuka - maeran - PAID        
Oishi -
Fuji - maeran - PAID                                 
Atobe - raikka_lilly - PAID
Oshitari - sanguine_vlos - PAID
Mukahi - sanguine_vlos - PAID
Yukimura - Camila Rosas Brandt  - PAID
Sanada - sagara_megumi - PAID
Niou - ixionesis - PAID
Shiraishi - azalifinrandi - PAID
Kenya - ixionesis - PAID
Zaizen - ixionesis - PAID

Tezuka - syusuke - PAID        
Oishi -
Fuji - syusuke - PAID                                
Atobe -
Oshitari - syusuke - PAID
Mukahi - syusuke - PAID
Yukimura -
Sanada - alexdonnelly - PAID
Niou - alexdonnelly - PAID
Shiraishi -  ilovemiki - PAID
Kenya -
Zaizen -  ON HOLD FOR hotarukun

Shipping amount depends on your location. 
Domestic members:  If you initiate and send your payment as a "Personal Gift" via PayPal instant transfers, then there will be NO FEES incurred.  If you send a credit card payment then a 2.9%+$0.30 fee will be added.
International members:  If you send me the money as an international PayPal Personal Gift to using instant transfers then you will pay only a small fee of 0.5% to 2%. If I request a payment from you then I'll have to add an additional 3.9%+$0.30 transaction fee.

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Would love the Sanada or Atobe.

Sanada is my first choice though =)

Would totally love Shiraishi please. ^__^

Sure thing! I'll let you know when it comes in!

I'd really like Gakuto~ That pose is adorable ;D

Alrighty ^__^ Would you like me to hold this until the racket lockets come and send them all at once, or would you like me to send this as soon as I get it at the end of this month or beginning of next month?

Zaizen - (ixionesis maybe?)

Oh, yes~ ;~; Also, if they are still free, I would like to buy Niou and Kenya also.

And thank you so much for this opportunity to have these clear files~

You're very welcome ^___^ I have reserved those three files for you! I believe that you asked me about the Shitenhoji uchiwa before. Are you still interested in that? Let me know =)

I'm interested in Fuji. Can I ask a couple of questions though?

1. Does the PayPal fee apply even if you use existing funds (and not credit card)?

2. How big are these files?


Hi, thanks for your interest! I will reserve the Fuji file for you, let me know what you decide after reading the answers to your question =)

1. If I have to request the payment from you, whether or not you use your instant funds or credit cards, it's still counted as a "purchase" so PayPal fees will apply. Although, I think if you initiate the transfer and choose to send the money as a "personal gift", then maybe no PayPal fees will be applied if you're using instant funds, unless you are making a "cross border payment". I'm not sure though because I've always had to send a request so the payment that I've requested had always been either for "goods" or "services"... so even though I've asked people to use instant transfers, I've been charged the fees anyways. If you'd like to try it so that I can find out and save others from this fee, then let's have you initiate the money transfer for this transaction. I'll just send you my PayPal email and the total (without the fees) when the Fuji file comes in. Since you're the first to ask about the fees, if in the case that they do charge me a fee with this transaction, I'll absorb it this time, but I'll let you know and confirm that in my rules too. How about it? =)

2. The files are 12.8x18.2cm, so approximately 5"x7".

Little Atobe *__* I wants. You ship to UK yeah?

Okay ^__^ I put your name down for Atobe! Shipping to the UK would be around $2.20, is that okay?

(Screened comment)
Can you let me know if you happen to get another box of these? I'm interested in Tezuka/Fuji/Oshitari/Mukahi but only if I can get all four at once. :c

Hi, sure, I'll let you know if I can get another box =) I'll put your name down just in case!

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(Screened comment)
I'd like to get the Sanada's clearfile, please ^^

Is Nioh still available?

He is =) I updated the post with the new photos I took of the files if you wanna check it out again. Please let me know where to ship to so I can estimate shipping for you.

Hi, the Tezuka and Fuji mini clear files are no longer available because two people have already bought them before you. Please look at the character list of availabilities and see if you would like any other characters =)

The PoT Eikoku Movie Plastic Stickers are still available, I'll set that aside for you. So far we have:

Seigaku charms x2 : $21
PoT Eikoku Plastic Stickers : $10

Let me know if you want other clear files!!

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I would love a clearfile with Yukimura, please <3

Sure! I'll put it on hold for you =)

Hey! Is Sanada available? Or Niou? :D

Hey hey, someone just passed on Niou so both are now available!! Let me know which one you want~ Also, please tell me your country or zip code so I can estimate shipping for you!

(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
Z-Zaizen..! So cute! Me wants~
Would you mind shipping to Sweden?

Hi, sure I can ship to Sweden! Shipping will be $2.75 for first class international. Total is

Mini clear file -Zaizen : $5.50
Shipping : $2.75
Total = $8.25

What do you think?

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