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Rikkai and Seigaku Pairs!!!

I was bored tonight so whipped out the PairPuri episodes to watch again!!! These boys seriously crack me up every time~~

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Niou/Fuji is pretty hot. NGL LOL

Wow Ryoma looks so cute in that picture and deredere. AniPuri Ryoma is the best. lol

I know!! Aren't they hot?!?! I'd like to see them together more often~~

Echizen is extremely cute in pink, wish he'd wear it more often hahaha (⌒▽⌒) Sanada is hot in the prince costume, suited him perfectly, and made him look more like a middle schooler than his serious self o(^▽^)o

I like these side stories, they're a nice break from the main tennis plot. It's fun to see the boys more human, unlike their godlike tennis skills!!!

I love the PairPuri anime. It gave me so many things. lol

LOL I loved how Fuji didn't even flinch when vampire!Niou appeared behind him. XD

Sanada~~ As a prince, no less. ♥

I love watching tenipuri when I'm bored and the pairpuri dramas are so very entertaining. :D

Haha yeah Fuji was fearless!! Oh, Sanada looked GREAT as the prince, but also totally HOT as a butler!!! I love their personalities outside of tennis hehehehe

LOL - Oh Pairpuris. They are so funny and cracky. Now I want to re-watch them! :D

Hahaha I know!! They're lovely~ Oh hey!!!! I got a cute Fuji postcard from you!!! THANKS \(^o^)/ I know you told me you sent one, but I was still surprised to see it all laminated and stuff, hehehehe, thanks for thinking of me, and you're always absolutely welcome as a lovely TeniPuri fan (^_−)−☆

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