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I'm going to order some calendars of TENIPURI and KUROKO NO BASUKE, does anyone want one? ^____^  All are wall/poster type calendars.  Most likely $38 for the posters calendars, $45 for the traditional wall calendars, but could be cheaper depending on how much shipping I'll have to pay =)  Please reply and indicate which one you want.  Please be serious if you're going to ask me to order!!!  I cannot cancel after I order from Japan, unfortunately...

Traditional wall hanging types:

Poster Calendars:

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Ryoma and tokugawa one! It's sure! !!

Okay!!! 100% sure? (^_−)−☆ Hehehe, I will order one for you ♪(v^_^)v

Okay I ordered one for you already, I'll let you know when it comes in!!!

okay ^^ I love your avatar of kuroko XD
Oh and, can you list me all the things you hold me ? It's to know the prices to know what i'm going to buy in october x)

Thanks! I love Kurokocchi ^___^ Anyways, let's see, I think you wanted me to hold:

Atobe King of Kingdom set : $20
Tenipuri Scheduler : $20
Tokugawa/Ryoma Calendar : ~$38

Is that right? The calendar will need to be shipped separately because it's a poster. I don't know how much yet. So without shipping, we're looking at around ~$78 for October. Is that too much to pay at one time? Actually, the calendar will not be here until November I think, and you can't use it until 2013 anyways. The scheduler can be used right away this year, Ryoma is November of 2012. So if it's better for you, we can split the order into two, I don't mind =)

October payment/shipment-
Atobe King of Kingdom set : $20
Tenipuri Scheduler/seals : $20

November payment/shipment-
Tokugawa/Ryoma Calendar : ~$38

What do you think?

Hum, no, I'm not going to have all the money T-T ...
In October i will just take, Atobe King of Kingdom
In November Tenipuri Scheduler/Seals
and , like the big poster is just 2013, Can I take it in December ? :)

I wanted to take in October the Schleduler but my bestfriend is born in October, so i can't take it , like the Atobe set is for her birthday ....

Ahhhh Shiraishi looks so cute with the kitty!!! When would you be expecting these??

If I order then they will be shipped around the mid-October, so I'll get them around the end of October or beginning of November?

What do you think? ^___^ Are you interested?

Ahhhh I must have him!! I am interested *__*

Okay!!! If you're sure then I'll order one for you ^___^ You don't need to pay me anything right now, no worries! I'll let you know when I get them ^___^ You want only the Shiraishi Kitty one right?

Yea I'm sure. I had a feeling I'd be getting another PoT calendar anyways, was just a matter of time till one got my attention. XD For right now I think Shiraishi's is the only one I'd really be able to afford. Don't wanna make any promises, so I'll stick to that. ^^ Domo arigatou!

Okay I ordered one for you already, I'll let you know when it comes in!!!

Azi!! Your Shiraishi is here~~ Sorry it took so long! When would you like to pay for it? Let me know ^__^

Oh my simply elegant Shiraishi how I love you <33333

I can give you a more definitive answer when the bank updates my account. I have a few things in there that need to clear so I can make sure I'm not hitting the negative. (I'm guessing around $41 when it's all said and done.) I should be good if it's still around $38 for the calendar. ^^ Just lemme know how much I owe ya.

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