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Han Nya Shin Gyou~~~~

So I received this beautiful Heart Sutra print as a hand towel gift from a Japanese friend... but I figured it's bad karma to use a scripture to wipe your hands Σ(゚д゚lll) So I bought a frame and framed it... Am I weird? σ(^_^;)

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Oo, it's very pretty! And I love the figurines on the shelf beneath it too :-)

Yay for neat prezzies! :-)

Thank you!!! I love presents hehehe Yeah, I think the scripture is very nice, I love Chinese characters... If only I knew how to write all that!!!

Ahhhhhh, my Hakuouki boys!!!! I love them too T____T I would like to collect all of them, but they're super duper expensive... so only three for me...

I used the word "love" three times in this post... that's more than I've ever written in a comment hahaha

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