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Colored contacts!!!

So I bought two pairs of colored contacts, one aquaish blue for Fuji's eye color and one blue for Kurokocchi's eye color~~ somehow, the blue was just too dark... Doesn't look right... Actually, they were kinda scary cuz they made me look like those big-eyed, baby doll girls!!! The aqua ones are pretty nice, but too bad they didn't have powered ones... Anyways... Still a long ways to go from looking like Fuji hehehehehe


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Anime Fuji is hard! But you have pretty eyes and the colored contacts look very nice on you :-)

Ah thank you!!! I tried to find colors that look right, but the blue was too dark because my eyes are naturally dark brown hehehehe... The aqua actually shows up well, so I'm quite please with it ^___^ Now I need a wig hahahaha =D

Ooo colored contacts. Exciting~ I know Fuji's eyecolor is different, but I suspect it's a hard color to capture. I like how they look on you!

Do you wear contacts normally?

Thanks!! Yeah... I wanted to find something with Fuji's eye color, but it's really hard to get it right...

I do wear contacts everyday ^____^ I have been wearing contacts for umm... Maybe 12 or 13 years? I don't have any problems putting them on, it's just sometimes my eyes are really dry, I have to use rewetting drops.

I bought these contacts on eyecandy.com cuz of spontaneous interest hehehehe... they're okay, kinda dry and uncomfortable actually. I know that Acuvue has "sapphire" color contacts. I wonder what they look like. I think if the sapphire contacts from Acuvue look nice, I might get those instead, because I know Acuvue is a good brand.

Seconding perky, you do have real nice eyes. My eyes are naturally dark brown too so we would probably have the same look with those contacts. But alas, I'm afraid of putting things near/in my eyes, so contacts are a no go for me.

Awwwwww, thanks Hymn!!! Maybe only my eyes, the rest of my face doesn't look so good hahaha σ(^_^;)

Oh, we'll I guess your eyes are good and you don't have to wear contacts! My eyes are bad... Basically, without glasses or contacts, I'd be seeing only your silhouette, not any clear features, unless you're like one foot in front of me hehehehe

Awww don't say that. I'm sure you look spectacular! :D

No, I'm near-sighted. Can't make out any clear features unless you're within 1.5 feet (yes, I have an extra .5 ft on you!) XD So I have to wear glasses all of the time.

Hehehehe, you beat me by 1/2 a foot!!! You know, that's a lot in track and field... I have glasses too, but cuz I have the Asian nose, my glasses slide down often hehe, so I tend to wear contacts more ^___^

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