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More mugs for collection!!!

I really have a thing for mugs, tea cups, and glasses with pretty boys on them!!! Five more mugs and three more 6-glasses sets to come in the next three months!!! Sooooo EXCITED ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ My cabinet is currently full... I need to buy a new one now...

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O(≧∇≦)O Where did you get those?? I have too have a weakness for mugs, and I want these lol!

The black one is from Anikuji, I got it in August. The JP U-17 mug is from late July. It was sold out on Animate for a bit and then available again. So I got it hehehe ^___^ I bought it from Animate as always (⌒▽⌒)

Heya fei, I'm going to be putting in an order soon. It looks like the Japan U-17 mugs are still available. Would you like me to order you one?

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YES PLEASE!!!! Mugs are one of the things I have a weakness for whether it's Tenipuri merch or not.

Okay!!! I'll grab you one while I'm at it, the white one that is. The black one is part of a lottery system, so I don't plan to try it again, cuz I might get items I don't want hehehehe. Anyways, it'll probably be the same price as my KuroBasu mugs, is that feasible?


Yep, that's fine with me. ^__^

Alrighty then!! I'm getting them with some other items in Nov, so most likely I won't be receiving these until December. I'll message you when it comes in!!

Heya feihu-chan, I've got your TeniPuri Japan U-17 mug!!! Let me know when you want to pay for it.

Um...how much, and can I wait until I get paid next Friday? ^_^

Sure no problem! I'll package it this weekend and see how much it weighs and stuff and I'll let you know the total then =)

Awesome~! Thanks so much.

Feihu-chan, so I packaged up the mug and it's a little bigger than the other mugs so I can't fit it in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope. It's also too heavy to go First Class so we will have to do Parcel Post, takes about a week, same price as Priority almost. The mug is a little thicker and heavier than the other mugs, would you mind paying a little more? So total about:

TeniPuri Mug : $33 (I said around $30 before, so if you want to go with $30 then I can honor that as well)
Shipping : $5.50
Total = $38.50

Just letting you know the total as I said I would! Let me know what you want to do =) We can wait til Friday when your paycheck comes in.

Remind me what your paypal email is so I don't send it to the wrong one?

(Deleted comment)
Perfect! I'll send the money in the morning. ^^

Alrighty, payment is sent!

Thank you so much for sending the higher amount!!! I'll have your package sent in a couple hours ^___^

Of course! I had to remember how to do it to where I paid the fee, but I do try to do that. ^_^

Did you have to pay a fee?! If you use the "gift" option, you don't have to pay any fees since it's a domestic transaction.

Sent!! You'll receive it tomorrow or Monday at the latest!!! Please leave me a feedback to let me know you got it!!

Ooo I really like that U-17 mug. Nice. :D

It's kinda cool you have so many different glasses that you like and need more room to put them. ...except for the buying another cabinet part, lol.

Hehehehe yea, the mugs are beautiful!!! I'm temporarily putting them in the spot that I saved for the Shinpuri First Game One Coins series until I can move some of my figures out or buy a new cabinet... Hehehe gosh I have a really big obsession with mugs and glasses!!!

They are so beautiful *^*

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