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Have you ever seen a more beautiful PHOTO COLLECTION?!?!?!?!  It's HELLA HEAVY to ship too because of the hard cover of each photo set~~~  Just like the TeniPuri LP Record Portraits, hard covers!!!!!!  This collection wayyyyyyy exceeded my expectations!!!  I thought they were just simple bromides but they're SOOOOOOOO BIG and BEAUTIFUL!!!  I'm glad I made a good investment in these ^_____________^

A standard sized manga is only 2/3 the size of the photo sets!!!
It's sized B5!!

The hard-binding cover, front and back:

Kurokocchi!!                                                Kagamicchi!!!

Kisecchin!!!                                                Midorimacchi!!!

Kazunari!!!                                                   Aominecchi!!!

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I bought a set of the photo collection too - it's simply gorgeous! <3 Agree about the higher shipping cost, but it's really worth it! :)

Hehehe yeah, it's a wonderful set ^___^ I didn't expect it to be so big and of such good quality! I really like the photo sets ^___^ How are you displaying yours? I'm storing them back in the plastic sleeves for the time being...

Agree that I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be huge + good quality! Haha same here, I'm storing them in their plastic sleeves for now... Not sure how I'll display them yet. :)

This line of photo collection from MegaHouse seems pretty good - I bought a set of the Inu x Boku SS ones one month back and they're pretty too! <3 Any idea what other series would be released?

The next series that Megahouse will be releasing a photo collection for is Ao no Exorcist. Hehehe, it would be awesome if they'll do TeniPuri, but then again there are too many characters!!!

Whell dayumm these look AWESOME! THe one with Kise eating is adorable and the one with MIdorima being all serious 'I'm ready to kick some butt in basketball' are so much love.


hehehehe, somehow Midorima's banded fingers and him unwrapping reminds me of Shiraishi! =P Yeah they do look great, I should've bought another sent to sell hehehehe... looks like it could be popular! I might still, I think it's still available on Animate, I'll have to see how my money situation is though, I've got too many things coming hehehehe... And I just paid 16,300yen for all the shipping... not even the products, just the shipping!!! HAHAHA!!!

ASDFGHJKL- SO PRETTY!~ I should've bought one when it was still available. ;w;

They ARE pretty!!! Really big and thick and great quality overall!!! Are you still interested? If you are, I'll see how my money situation is after my trip, if they're still available then I'll buy another set.

Heya, I updated my KuroBasu with some more items! Let me know if you want to add any to your reserved package =)

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