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EXCITED!!!!  So happy that one of my boxes arrived before I left, the most fragile one!!!  I'm totally satisfied with the quality of my mugs, especially the KuroBasu mugs this time ^___________^  

First off, we have the KuroBasu chibi mug!!  Thick and excellent quality as always with the mugs.  Very shiny and smooth, not to mention highly useful!!

Next is the Disappearing Kuroko mug!!  So what you have is a mug without Kuroko...

Then, if you put HOT water into the mug, KUROKOCCHI APPEARS!!!!!!  And after you drink all the hot water, the mug cools down, Kurokocchi disappears again hehehehhehe!!!  I think this has got to be one of the neatest collectibles I own ^_______^  Just imagine drinking hot chocolate with an appearing Kurokocchi XDDD

Next are the first KuroBasu trading glass series!!!  Secret is Kurokocchi and Nigo!!!  These guys are waiting to join my TeniPuri Pair battle glasses too!!!

And last but not least, my Hakuouki mugs~~~  I wasn't able to get the Hijikata mug, oh well!!!

Makoto is first!!  Makoto means loyalty~  I love the Shinsengumi, I've got the Makoto teacup also hehehe

Okita is next~  Even though he's not protrayed so well in Hakuouki, he's still my favorite historical figure from Japanese history!!!  Historically, he was known to be a very nice and gentle person with excellent swordsmanship ^____^

Finally Saitou~~  He's a great man too, also one of the best swordsman in the Shinsengumi ^__^


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Ermahgerd chibi Hyuuga on that mug is ADORABLE!!! <3

That Kuroko mug...has to be the most epic of all mugs.

Oooo the Hakuouki ones look nice also. *applauds your collection. Awards you the title; Mug Master*

Aren't they adorable?!?!?! Hehehe yeah, I love it so much, I'll be drinking hot chocolate with Kurokocchi appearing every time hehehehe =D I bought some extras to sell!!! Want one? Hahaha =D

Ah, Hakuouki, it's one of my favorite things to collect. As well as Gintama, they're super cool too, especially Katsura hehehe ^____^

They are so adorable. Ahhh why do you tempt me so? How much are you selling them for?

They are super awesome so it's understandable.

....oh my gosh, Gintama?? \o/ YUS! Zura is epic. Definitely one of my favs too. ^^

Hehehehhehe... ummmmmm, shipping was a definite toll on me, so I have to list about $30. Is that feasible? ^___^

OH?!?!?! You're a Gintama fan too?!?!?! Oh man, I've been collecting lots and lots and lots of Gintama stuff for a very long time also hehehe!! I didn't think people like Gintama much, at least I've been listing some things but no one's been buying... so I haven't thought of buying anymore extras to sell =P

Lol I bet it was rough, but it sounds feasible to me. If you've still got any when I get paid, I will be happy to take one from you then.

Hecks yes I am!! I LOVE Gintama! I don't understand how anyone could NOT like it! You've probably got waaaay more items than I do (I've only been able to find mini figures and phone charms when I go to cons)

Funny we should talk about this, before I started replying to your post I had started watching the Gintama Benizakura Arc Rehash movie. XDDD

Edited at 2012-10-21 06:14 am (UTC)

Okay ^___^ I'll save one for you!!! I've updated KuroBasu with a bunch of stuff. Take a look if you're interested =)

Hehehehe, that's so funny, I had no idea, we have lots in common!!! I re-watch some of the story arcs over and over too~~ I favorite is Benizakura arc, also the arc where they turned into cats (I forgot the title), the underground Yoshiwara arc, the planet arc where they went to save Elizabeth, the Shinsengumi arc where they were fighting Ito, and LOTS of other random 1-2 eps stories hehehehe!! Whenever I introduce Gintama to my friends, I'd show them the "Host Club" eps first hehehehehe, eps 54 and 55, about the mother going to find her son, and the Benizakura arc. I think if people like those two, they tend to like all of Gintama. I have a friend who wouldn't watch Gintama when I recommended at the beginning when the series started. Then a long time later, in 2010, he stopped by Japan to visit me, and I forced him to watch those two stories. He got so hooked that he wanted to watch more the next two nights before he left to go back to the US hahaha =D Now he's all up-to-date with every ep hehehehe!!!

Anyhow, if there's anything you're looking for with Gintama, let me know and I can try to find it for you~

Aww thank you! ^^ Thaaaat's a very bad idea but I am interested so I will take a look-see anyways. Lol

No kidding, we seriously do! Benizakura was definitely a good arc. Turned into cats....wasn't that the Kabukicho Stray Cat series? Wow!! I like all those arcs too! Oh, and the Owee Game Console episodes. Lol omg...the Host Club episodes...'Just Do It!' XDDD

Good job getting your friend hooked, this show deserves all its fans. When I first looked at the series, I thought it was way too out there for me, but that first scene where Gintoki runs away from those guys...I was laughing so hard. Been hooked ever since.

Well I like Okita, Gintoki, Katsura, and Hijikata the most. (I even did a picture a while back of Fuji cosplaying as Okita. It's kind of crazy how the two are so much alike XD) I browsed through your sales page and fangirled over most of your items, so I will definitely be helping you find homes for those soon. =D

Ah yeah yeah!!! The Kabukicho Stray Cat series!!! Hahaha, I love how Gintoki and Zura look as cats =D I'm so bad with names of those arcs hahaha =P "Just Do It!!!!" Hahahaha, I love it!!! OHHH!!! Those four are also my favorites!!! Mine are in this order: Katsura, Okita, Gintoki and Hijikata~~~ When they're in chibi form on merchandise, my favorites are Katsura and Gintoki ^_____^

Oh yeah, hahaha, sorry to temp you again, Halloween is coming up so I thought I'd put these on sale too. I bought these last year, the Autumn/Winter series, I don't have any extras of Hijikata's pumpkin or Okita's werewolf though. The pictures are taken of mine, but I've got one extra of each of these, brand new in original plastic covers in the box =) Just if you're interested: http://duckie405.livejournal.com/pics/catalog/1141/325845

I'd like to see your Fuji as Okita picture!!!

They are perfect as cats. And there's so many arcs it's understandable when it's hard to keep up. Huzzah!!! In chibi form I agree Katsura looks the best.

OMG KATSURA AND GINTOKI ARE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!! And that's a Kamui vampire isn't it zoooooomg Dawww of course Kagura's IN the pot. Lol. I have one of her in a rice cooker holding out a bowl of rice. She's super cute. Even if I have to sell my kidneys I must have at least one of these. XDDDDD

Lol okie dokies! ^^ I had to go on a picture expedition in my cabinet to find it. But huzzah, here it is

YEAH, AREN'T THEY?!?!?! Kamui's a vampire alright hehehe, and yes, Kagura's IN the cauldron again XDDD Hahaha, I don't want you to have to sell your kidneys!!! I've posted them onto "Other Anime Collectibles"~ If you find you can afford them, let me know and (just for you) I'll give you a discount (^___~)b

OH!!! Fuji as Okita hahaha that's a good drawing~~ My cousin went to a convention cosplayed as Okita and his girlfriend was Kagura also hahahaha, your picture reminded me of them =D I notice you also drew Ciel, don't tell me you're a Kuroshitsuji fan too!!!

I'm not surprised with Kamui. It's rather fitting. Lol eh they're only kidneys. XDDD Kyaa thank you!! ^^

^^ Sankyuu. It's kind of old but it turned out ok. I was gonna give him the bazooka but that just sounds like a terrible idea for anyone else who crosses Fuji's path. XDDD Wow you don't say. XDDD That's ironic! And awesome!!

Uh...I have a sexy body pillow of Sebastian. I love Kuroshitsuji immensely.

They're "only" kidneys?!?! Hahaha, you know, those are really important for your body!! If you have kidney failures, you won't last more than a couple days =P

Hahaha yes, you don't want Fuji with a bazooka!!! HAHAHA SEXY SEXY!!! I can imagine you hugging Sebastian to death!!! If I decide to sell my SEXY SHIRAISHI PILLOW in the future, I'll let you know hahaha, ECSTASY!!! Okay, talking about pillows, I think I should retire to my bed now~~ I'll chat with you another time!!! G'nite Azi~

My kidneys can't fail me if I don't have them anymore. XDDD

Well *I* don't mind him with a bazooka. Tezuka and the others definitely would though. When you've got pillows like that, hugging them to death is the only thing you can do. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO JEALOUS!! I wanted that pillow SO BAD!!! But it was waaaay more than the blanket was and I could barely afford that. Lol. Yus please keep me in mind should you ever decide to part with that pillow. =3 ECSTASY~ <3

Dang I didn't even realize how late it was. XD ^^ Night night!! If I don't talk to you before you go I hope you have a super special awesome vacation!

Hahaha, you don't want to go without your kidneys! Anyways, ooooh, at least you got a Shiraishi blankie!!! Okay, I'll be sure to let you know =) I think I seem to be checking with you first every time I've got anything Shiraishi hehehe, maybe it's out of habit now hahaha =P Yeah... I ended up getting glued to the comp again... ahhhh I should go sleep T_____________T Thanks! And if I don't talk to you before I go, you have a great rest of the month!!!

Azi!!! How are you doing these past two weeks?!?! I've got something to run by you~~ this Shiraishi pin brooch: http://duckie405.livejournal.com/399.html#cutid1

Hehehe, I've put it on hold just incase! If you've already got it or don't want it then I'll unhold it hehehehe ... Let me know!!

Hello hello!! Hope your vacation was nice!

Ooooo it's so pretty!! I want Shiraishi to be one hell of a butler I will lay claim to it definitely! Thank you so much!! ^^

Now that you're back I can pay for my items, huzzah!

Hehehhe I had a nice vacation, still jetlagged though =P

Yes it's very pretty! Haha, Shiraishi will make one hell of a butler!!! He's very gentle and sweet but can be protective and strong, I'd die if he was my butler~~~ I'd kill if he was anyone else's hahahha, just kidding =P

Anyways, I'll put him in your package! Ummmm, I'm swamped with work already... just got word that I'll have to be down in Cherry Creek from 7am-7pm Monday through Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon through evening as well... so the earliest I can send anything is Thursday morning, as long as I'm not sent to any other appointments/meetings that morning... So you can wait to send me payment later, or anything is okay with me =)

Ummmm we have the mug, the scheduler/seals, and the pin brooch... the mug's heavy, it'll be over a pound with the scheduler. I can fit it in a Priority Mail 2-3 days flat rate padded envelope for you for $5.30. It's actually gonna be cheaper than sending parcel post which will take more than a week!! I'd choose the former if I were you =P But it's up to you!!! Think about it and let me know Wednesday~ Take care!

Oh I bet. But I'm glad you had fun! ^^

LOL!! Well he's going to be my butler so good luck with that. I will share him with you though. So Fuji and Shiraishi can remain close frienemies. =D

Yikes are you serious?? Awww That's no bueno, I'm sorry to hear you're being swamped already! You don't have to rush to send it to me though. I'm alright with waiting so you don't feel like a chicken with its head cut off getting things done. In fact, I could pay you now, but Thursday would be better for me since I get paid anyways.

If you think Priority mailing it would be best then I will trust your input ^^ You are wise in the ways of the postal force.

You lucky butt!! I got paid before I left on my vacation... You know what that means... Means I'm broke until the next payday on the 20th (つД`)ノ Hehehe, that's why I'm working real hard these upcoming weeks to earn some extra cash!!

Hah! You're right, I already have my KuroshiFuji... I shouldn't be drooling over other's Shirashitsuji... Hehehehe... Frienemies!!!

Hahaha!!! "Wise in the ways of the postal force"!!! Sounds like something from Zen Buddhism... Or a line in an oriental movie about a courier group =P Too bad my ancestors haven't blessed me with such wisdom in my actual line of work!!! Gotta sleep now, long days ahead!! Goodnight~

I went to a con in Sept and got paid the day before it began, so I know how it feels to get back and be hella broke. XDDD Though you have to wait a long time, yikes!!

KuroshiFuji....that...is brilliant. XDDDD I would be kinda scared to have Fuji as my butler.... \o/ Frienemies!!

Baha there's no filter for the things that come out of my head to the keyboard. It makes me the 'weird one' at work. XD Hope you slept well!! Don't die at work!

Helloes! I wasn't sure what the grand total was and now I have money, so I can pay you. XDD So whenever you get the chance, lemme know what I owe and I'll send it off! Thanks! ^^

Hi Azi, I have a really urgent request from work just this Sunday and I am working on it day and night to finish and get it submitted right away. I'll message you again with the total once I'm done, sorry!!

Aw no worries! Whenever you're ready is fine with me. I was just letting you know I had the money. ^^ Good luck with work!

Waiting for an appointment so taking this time to email you! Okay so what I have metioned before, we should do priority mail cuz you'll get it faster for cheaper! It's a padded envelope only but I'll make sure they know that it's a mug so they won't toss it or anything!! So we have:

Disappearing Kurokocchi Mug : $30
Shiraishi Pin Brooch : $16
Tenipuri Scheduler set : $20
Shipping : $5.30
Total = $71.30

Please send a PayPal gift as always to the same address!!! I'll have it ready to go tomorrow along with the other 8 packages I have to send σ(^_^;) Lots of them =P

Lol wow 8 other packages huh? You're not pushing yourself/crazy busy doing all this are you?

Anyways, I've sent off the payment, so hopefully it'll show up in your books soon ^^ Thank you!

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO IM DONE WITH MY WORK!!!! Just now ( T_T)\(^-^ ) that made up for a bit of what I spent on my vacation!!! No where near making up for the plane ticket though... Gotta get some more work to make that up (; ̄O ̄)

Anyways, I've received your gift though!! I'll have your package sent tomorrow~~ or I mean, in a few hours =P

Azi I sent your package!!! You'll love the mug I'm sure hehehe, let me know when you use it~~~ It'll be just in time for hot chocolate... COLD these coming few days!!!

Anyways... I stood at the post office for almost AN HOUR just for 4 international packages!!! I went to the post office around 2:05pm I was in line and there were only a few people, but there was a new postal serviceman, and he was SLOW!!! There are usually three regular people who are always there when I go to the post office, any one of them is very skilled and can type very quickly. Two were on vacation, one regular lady was working on something in the back so there was only the new guy and another lady... the other lady finished helping 3 people while he worked on one person T_____T I figured it'd be more helpful if I just sent the domestic packages myself using the self-post machine. After I finished the 5 domestic packages, I had to get back in line for the international ones, only 4 so I figured it wouldn't take too long. Then so there were only 2 people in front of me and one man behind me with just a letter. When it was my turn, I let him go first to send his one letter, and then next up, unfortunately for me, my turn was with the new guy... OMG he took 10 minutes for EACH package!!! He turned the screen to me, so I told him which buttons to press cuz he was looking through the screen as if it's his first time!!! For international packages, they have to type in the addresses and descriptions of the items and all, but the other ladies do them so quickly, it's usually a breeze. This new guy though, he was punching in key by key as if he didn't know how to type!!! I looked behind me and OMG there was a LOOOOOOONG line, it was 2:30pm, and he just got through the description part of the FIRST package!!! My face was red cuz these people were kinda furious and they were looking at me like I was sending 20 packages!!! I really wanted to ask him if he wants me to just go behind the counter and do it myself =P Hehehe I know, I wouldn't do such a thing, but I was really frustrated too... and then onto the second package, he was gonna type in my info all over again, and I was like, just press that "Same Sender" button, and he was like "oh cool!!!"...and I was like OMG it IS the first time he sent an international package...(>__<) MY POST OFFICE NEEDS THE REGULARS BACK!!!!

Anyways, hehehe sorry for the rant =P Hope your day was less frustrating than mine~

WOW that got here hella fast!! It is just the perfect thing for a cold winter that's sure to be on its way!! \o/

O_O HOLY TELEDO BATMAN ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? WOOOOOOOW I'm so sorry you had to go through all that!!! Yikes!! *pats you on the back for not going on a rampage*

No no, I'm all ears if you need to rant. ^^ I know I need it once in a while. My day wasn't nearly as bad as yours. Poor you!! >< *hugs*

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