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If you're interested in multiple items, please leave a message!!!

( Mascots, keyholders and accessories )       

( Clear Files and Pencil Boards )

JUMP FESTA 2016 - EVENT ONLY ITEMS                  
Shinpuri JF16 CF - Hiyoshi  :  $20
Shinpuri JF16 CF - Kenya  :  $20

JF16 - Hiyoshi_1.JPGJF16 - Hiyoshi_2.JPG

JF16 - Kenya_1.JPGJF16 - Kenya_2.JPG

1x Anikuji A-3 : Yukimura Wedding Figure : $45
1x Anikuji A-5 : Shiraishi Wedding Figure : $50
1x Anikuji B : Pair Wedding Glasses : $50
1x Anikuji C-4 : Shitenhoji Towel : $15
2x Anikuji D-2 : Atobe Sliding Mirror : $25
2x Anikuji E-2 : Hyotei Group Keyholder : $15
1x Anikuji E-3 : Rikkai Group Keyholder : $18
1x Anikuji F-2 : Atobe/Ootori : $30
1x Anikuji F-6 : Kite/Marui : $30

ANIKUJI S - CHRISTMAS CF SET  :  $35                                   

Anikuji S 2014 - E4_2.jpegAnikuji S 2014 - E4.jpeg

Anikuji is now CLOSED so I will NEVER be able to get anymore of these items below, so grab them while you can!!!

ANIKUJI CLEAR FILE SETS                                                         
The design for this year's Anikuji is the "trump card suits" design~  Each set comes with a clear file of the character, and a school emblem clear file!!!  Very pretty and very rare!!!

Anikuji Ryoma Spades CF Set :  $25
Anikuji Hiyoshi Clubs CF Set :  $25

Shinpuri Anikuji 2014 - H1Shinpuri Anikuji 2014 - H1_1Shinpuri Anikuji 2014 - H5

This is the can badge set, G-2, really big can badges, not the typical smaller ones!!!  I put a quarter there to compare =)  They're really nice and high quality, you can pin King Atobe on your bags!!!

2x  Anikuji Atobe/Hiyoshi Canbadge Set :  $15                           

Shinpuri Anikuji 2014 - G2


ANIKUJI JUMBO CUSHION                                
I've finally decided to sell Tezuka and Shiraishi's jumbo cushion!!! 
This jumbo cushion is a big pillow, EXCELLENT QUALITY and is worth a WHOLE LOT!!!! Size 18"x24" or 45cm x 60cm.  Since it's really big, don't be surprised if the shipping cost is a more than your typical items, but rest assured I will find the cheapest and safest way to ship to you~~

Anikuji Jumbo Cushion A2 - Tezuka/Shiraishi  :  $120                                

I'm too lazy to take a picture of it, here's what it looks like.  Brand New, vacuum sealed as the Ryoma/Yukimura one!!!


Anikuji Jumbo Cushion A1 - Ryoma/Yukimura  :  $120

These tapestries are made of silk and polyester, very good quality and beautiful tapestry!!  They measure 16"x20", or 41cm x 51cm.  I will probably use a poster tube to send this because of the size.  Get this while you can!!

Atobe Tapestry  :  $25

Anikuji - C1 - Atobe tapestry

These are prizes from the Anikuji S this winter!  Prizes include should bags, doubles and singles cds, earphone cord holder, and clear files!  This event is CLOSED, so these items are RARE!!! 

Anikuji S 2013 - A-1 : Seigaku Shoulder Bag  :  $55
Anikuji S 2013 - A-2 : Rikkai Shoulder Bag  :  $55

AnikujiS 2013 - Shoulder Bag - Seigaku_1AnikujiS 2013 - Shoulder Bag - Rikkai_1

Anikuji S 2013 - C-1 :  Doubles Japanese Children's Songs - Tezuka/Yamato  :  $20
Anikuji S 2013 - C-2 :  Doubles Japanese Children's Songs - Ryoma/Atobe  :  $20
Anikuji S 2013 - C-3 :  Doubles Japanese Children's Songs - Shishido/Otori  :  $20
Anikuji S 2013 - C-4 :  Doubles Japanese Children's Songs - Fuji/Yuta  :  $20
Anikuji S 2013 - E-2 :  Singles Japanese Children's Songs - Marui :  $15

AnikujiS 2013 - Childrens Songs - 2AnikujiS 2013 - Childrens Songs - 1

Anikuji S 2013 - D-3 :  Earphone Cord Holder - Rikkai  :  $15
Anikuji S 2013 - D-5 :  Earphone Cord Holder - Higa  :  $15   

AnikujiS 2013 - Earphone cord holder

These are prizes that can only be won by playing the UFO catcher games in
Japan... but I will keep trying to snag them off some people in Japan!!!

These is the Sega Premium Figure Yukimura released for June!!!  Buchou looks hot, with his jersey jacket flowing like a high class model, just like Shiraishi-buchou hahaha!!!  Selling you the BRAND NEW UNOPENED Yukimura figure in his original box =)

Yukimura Sega Premium Figure  :  $50

Shinpuri - Yukimura Sega_2

These are the SUPER DUPER BEAUTIFUL Pocket Watches that were released in February of 2013 for the Sega Campaign!!!  It took me a lots of hunting around and lots of money in order to find a whole complete set of all 5 characters!!!  Here they are!!!  Ryoma's and Atobe's are silver, Yukimura's and Shiraishi's are gold, and Tokugawa's is bronze.  Made of heavy stainless steel, the watch inlay colors of the designs are: dark blue for Ryoma, aquamarine for Atobe, yellow for Yukimura, green for Shiraishi, and white for Tokugawa~  These are EXTREMELY RARE!!!  I could only get one of each, and that's all.  ALL ARE 100% BRAND NEW, IN PLASTIC WRAP!!!  Limited edition, so they are no longer released, get them while you can ^____^  I took some of Atobe's below, and also a stock photo from Sega of what the other ones look like as well.

Ryoma Sega Premium Pocket Watch  :  $50
Shiraishi Sega Premium Pocket Watch  :  $50
Tokugawa Sega Premium Pocket Watch  :  $50

Shinpuri Sega Pocket Watch_1Shinpuri Sega Pocket Watch_2Shinpuri Sega Pocket Watch_3

This is the Premium Shiraishi figure released for February!!!  Buchou looks tall and slender, like a high class model than a tennis captain hahaha!!!  Selling you the BRAND NEW UNOPENED Shiraishi figure in his original box =)

Shiraishi Sega Premium Figure  :  $50

Shinpuri - Shiraishi Sega_2Shinpuri - Shiraishi Sega_1

These are the Premium Towels released for the Sega campaign in January!  They are of size 120x60cm or 4x2 feet, REALLY BIG!!!  You can't easily find these anymore since they were released in January~  RARE STUFF!!!

Ryoma/Tokugawa Sega Premium Bath Towel  :  $50
Shiraishi/Atobe/Yukimura Sega Premium Bath Towel  :  $50    

Shinpuri Sega Bath Towel - AShinpuri Sega Bath Towel - A_1

Shinpuri Sega Bath Towel - B

This is the Premium Ryoma figure released for January!!!  Very very nice!!!  The picture is of mine that I opened, the one you get is the BRAND NEW UNOPENED one in the original box =)

Ryoma Sega Premium Figure  :  $45

Shinpuri - Ryoma Sega_2

There are two styles of these PREMIUM BIG BLANKETS, a red of
Ryoma/Atobe/Tokugawa and a blue of Shiraishi/Yukimura~  When they say
BIG, they mean BIG!!!  Size 55"x71" or 140cm x 180cm, as big as my
comforter that I'm using right now!  Because of the size it will require
a big box to send, just be aware of that =)  I've included the stock
photo so you can see what the full blankets look like~

Blue Yukimura and Shiraishi Premium Big Blanket  :  $125
Shinpuri PM big blanket - Shiraishi-Yukimuratop_05


Special Anikuji is now CLOSED so I will NEVER be able to get anymore of these items below, so grab them while you can!!!

A - ANIKUJI S. WALL CLOCKS                            
These are the Special Anikuji lottery top items, A prizes, they are the hardest to hit and the rarest items out there!!!  These clocks are HUGE, like really really BIG for wall clocks, they are 12" in diameter or 30cm in diameter~~  Because of the shipping and cushioning, my friend removed them from the original box and sent them to me with more padding around.  Rest assured that I will pack them just as well padded to send to you =)

Shiraishi Anikuji S Wall Clock  :  $75
Special Anikuji A - 1

B - ANIKUJI S. CLASSIC COVER ALBUMS                            
This is one of the two Classic Cover Albums that contains all of the singles and doubles cds in this Special Anikuji series!!!!  This Blue B album contain the COVER SONGS and MESSAGES by: 
Atobe, Chitose and Kin-chan, Tanishi, Yukimura and Sanada, and Tezuka!!!!  You can take a look at the titles on the back =)  A great collection of familiar classic songs~~

Blue B Classic Cover Album  :  $30
Special Anikuji B - 2_frontSpecial Anikuji B - 2_back

These are the individual characters and pairs cover songs cd!!

Kite Singles CD  :  $10
Tanishi Singles CD  :  $10
Special Anikuji E - 1_1

These are big fabric wall-mount organizers with plastic pockets for small books, mail, receipts, coupons, special memos, etc...  When opened up, they are 14.5"x25" or 37cm x 63cm, so they're really nice and in good size, will take up a lot of wall space!!!  But they will be absolutely beautiful on your walls!!!

Captains Wall Pocket Organizers  :  $30

Special Anikuji D - 6Special Anikuji D - 6_1

F - ANIKUJI S. EARPHONE JACK ACCESSORY                      
This is the only earphone jack accessory that I got!  We often have the four main schools in all of the merchandises, but rarely do other schools come into play.  It's definitely special that they included other schools in this special winter Anikuji!!  Get this rare Rokkaku collectible while you can!

Rokkaku-chu Earphone Jack Accessory  :  $12

Special Anikuji F - 3


Each package includes one clear cell and one pairing background sheet, size 8"x11" (as big as a sheet of printing paper). In general, they are similar to a pencil board, just a little thinner and more flexible!!! They are separable so you can make your own pairings if you purchase multiple packages ^__^  I've decided to sell some more of my collection, so I've scanned them to make them easier for viewing!!!  EXTREMELY RARE*****
Sample to view only:

POT Premium Cell Sheet Volume 1

PCS 1-special, Tezuka background :  $15                             
PCS 1-10, Kirihara & Sanada  :  $17
PCS 1-12, Mizuki & Yuuta  :  $16
PCS 1-07, Eiji & Oishi : $13
PCS 1-09, Momo & Kaido : $13


POT Premium Cell Sheet Volume 2

Private 2-2, Atobe & Oshitari : $16
Normal 2-5, Tezuka & Atobe  :  $20                                   


POT Premium Cell Sheet Volume 3
Private 3-04, Sanada & Yukimura :  $20                                          
Private 3-06, Atobe & Ryoma :  $20                                                
Private 3-07, Atobe & Oshitari : $14
Private 3-08, Ootori & Shishido :  $16                                          
Private 3-10, Sengoku & Dan : $16
Normal 3-11, Kaido & Momoshiro : $11
Normal 3-14, Kite & Hirakoba :  $11                                                  
Normal 3-15, Kamio & Ibu : $11



TENIPURI SHINING CLEAR CARD SETS                              
From my collection of the Shining Clear Cards volumes 6 and 7!!!  These are sold as a complete set~

Tenipuri Shining Clear Card 6 - School Collection  :  $20
Tenipuri Shining Clear Card 6 - Character Collection  :  $5

Tenipuri Shining Clear Card 6 - School CollectionTenipuri Shining Clear Card 6 - Character Collection

These are from the jogging series with the boys in their exercising clothes and jogging in various areas~  Very nice and are great collectible items~  Each set contains 2 postcards~  Set A has Ryoma/Kin-chan and Tezuka/Atobe, and set B has Fuji/Kirihara and Yukimura/Kite!!!

Shinpuri Jogging Postcards, 0413A  :  $8
Shinpuri Jogging Postcards, 0413B  :  $8
Shinpuri postcards - running_AShinpuri postcards - running_1

Valentine's Day is coming!!!  I'm putting my set of Shining Clear Card 5 - White Day version up for sale!!!  I know, it's White Day cards, but hey, we don't have White Day here, so Valentine's Day is just perfect for these ^____^  I would prefer to sell the whole set, but if you really want to buy them separately then I guess it's fine.

Individual cards are $1.50 each:
Inui, Kawamura, Momoshiro, Oshitari

Shining Clear 5_3

(6.5"x13", 16x33cm)
This laminated card collection is of the original Seigaku Team in the school uniform and sakura theme!!! This card collection is kept BRAND NEW!!! Produced by the original TK Works (Takeshi Konomi-sensei's production company) and NAS.

Seigaku Laminated Cards Vol. 2 : $20                                        


All come in a clear plastic protective sleeves. I would prefer to sell them as sets, but if you're interested in buying them individually, please ask, I might be willing to break the sets.

SB9-2 : Tezuka Canada : $5                                                                    
SB10-10 : Kaidou & Inui (Includes a promotional ticket - RARE) : $7       

Special Bromide Part 11: Illumination
11R-6 : Momoshiro : $6

11R-11 : Sanada & Kirihara : $7

12R-5 : Kikumaru & Momoshiro : $5

12R-6 : Atobe : $7
12R-7 : Oshitari : $7

12R-10 : Yukimura : $7


For some I have hard plastic casings, but others I don't have. Although, they all come with a plastic protective sleeve.

POT New Season Part 3 and 4 Rares:

NS3 - Rare Card 05: Kikumaru Eiji : $5
NS3 - Rare Card 11: Oshitari Yushi : $5
NS3 - Rare Card 13: Otori : $5
NS4 - Rare Card 18: Oshitari Yushi : $5

Size 4"x5.5" (10cmx14cm) These are clear, plastic postcards, look more like mini SHITAJIKI (pencil boards)!!!
CPC Ryoma : $7
CPC Tezuka : $7
CPC Yukimura : $7

Each postcard set comes with 3 postcards, you can see which they are in the second photo of the postcards~~

Ryoma/Shira/Toku group, 0812A  :  $11
Atobe/Yuki/Irie group, 0812C  :  $11

Prince of Tennis Movie: Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen! POST CARD COLLECTION~~

Each set comes with two postcards, eight characters. One postcard is normal glossy printed with the boys in their NICEEEE contemporary clothing~~ The other postcard is printed on matted paper with the boys BEAUTIFULLY FRAMED in their Royal English garments with starry backgrounds ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ THEY ALMOST LOOK LIKE 3D PICTURE FRAMES!!!!

Kite #7 : $7

The Prince of Tennis Postcards - RARE and BEAUTIFUL!
Single Postcard - Echizen : $5
Single Postcard - Kikumaru : $5
Single Postcard - Kawamura : $5
Single Postcard - Inui : $5
Single Postcard - Kaido : $5
Single Postcard - Momoshiro : $5

( Other Collectibles (Puzzles, Fans, etc...) )      

( Portraits and Posters )        

( Relaxation Stickers, Stickers, Cell Phone Decals, etc... )        

( Envelopes, Notebooks, Memopads, etc... )      

Thank you for looking!!

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Hi! ^^

I've been taking a look and I've decided on some things:

TENIPURI SHINING CLEAR CARD 5: Kaidou, Atobe, Niou, Tezuka

Special Bromide Part 11: Illumination

11R-4 : Oishi & Inui : $6

11R-7 : Kaido & Kawamura : $6

12R-2 : Tezuka & Oishi : $7

12R-4 : Inui & Kaido : $5

When you can, send me the total and the shipping, please :)

Thanks for everything! ;)

Hello! I'm sorry if it will cause you trouble but would it be alright for me to reserve some items? I would like the Seigaku Laminated Cards, Tezuka Canada bromide and the Inui&Kaido rare one. I don't have the money right now but I'm sure to buy them! Thank you for your consideration and sorry if I inconvenienced you in any way :)

Hello there, thank you for your message. I can certainly reserve those three items for you if you are sure you will come back to get them. How long do you think you will need?

Also, will you please tell me your zip code (if domestic USA) or country name (if international)? And how are you planning to pay once you have the funds? Do you have PayPal?

Hi! Uhmm I think I'll need at least until next month or if possible, I'd like it shipped together with my preorder?

Oh and I live in UAE and I have PayPal :)
Really, thank you for considering! ^_^

Okay, I can hold the items until the stick posters come. Due to the size of the items, a big box will be needed. Just letting you know that shipping to UAE will be $20+.

Oh okay! Thank you again :)

No problem, I don't know the exact shipping cost yet until I have all the items to pack. I'm just letting you know what I suspect so you can prepare. It could be more or less.


Please reserve this for me:

Individual Shining Clear Cards for Fuji and Eiji
The Prince of Tennis Postcards - Tezuka and Fuji

Please let me know how and when to pay and also how much is the shipping. I would appreciate it if you could send me an invoice or something. This is my first time ordering here. I'm a friend of Pupina chan. But she didn't refer me here. I was referred by a friend in the same group that we are on. Thanks!

PS: I ask pupina_chan if it's okay for my items to be shipped with hers, and she agreed. Please let me know so that I can pay. Thanks!

Edited at 2015-01-27 03:57 am (UTC)

Hello there! Welcome to my LJ, glad you found it~ I am currently away from home and will return on Friday. When I return, I will check and let you know if the four items are 100% available. If you are shipping with pupina_chan, I will give you the total without shipping, and you can work out the shipping cost with her later. Did she tell you that her items are not available to ship until April though? Are you okay to wait that long? Let me know!!

Yes I am okay to wait that long. I will also take a look at your albums and other items for additional orders. Thank you so much! I am only interested with Fuji items, so it'll be easier. Thanks again! :D :D

Please add this in too

Tenipuri LP Portrait - Fuji : $30

Thank you!

Edited at 2015-01-27 05:24 am (UTC)

Wonderful, another Fuji fan!!!!! ^______^ I am almost sure that LP portrait is available, but I'll let you know 100% this weekend =)

(Deleted comment)

kindly add in Metallic sticker c - fuji and shiraishi.

Hi there, sorry, looks like that one is no longer available. I must've forgotten to remove it from the list, I'll do that now.

Hi! How about the Pot Movie Decal? Is that available? if so then add it too please. thanks!

Yupyup!! That one is available~ Then here's the updated list:

Single Postcard - Tezuka : $5
Individual Shining Clear Cards - Fuji, Eiji : $3
Tenipuri LP Portrait - Fuji : $30
PoT Movie Decals, 0911G : $10
Total with fees = $50

If you think of anything else, let me know and I'll add them to the list!!!

Hi! Again! Haha

Add in the

Shinpuri Jogging postcard set b!

Kirihara/Fuji etc. That should be it. About 60 usd. Should be able to pay by Feb. 15 - 20 through paypal. And you'll be shipping by April to Pchan, right?

Hehehe okay =) Feb 15-20 is perfectly fine, as long as you don't cancel on me! Yes, I can put them all aside to ship with Pupina-chan's stuff when they come in~ Here's the updated total:

Single Postcard - Tezuka : $5
Individual Shining Clear Cards - Fuji, Eiji : $3
Tenipuri LP Portrait - Fuji : $30
PoT Movie Decals, 0911G : $10
Shinpuri Jogging Postcards, 0413B : $8
Total with fees = $59

Nope. Won't cancel coz it's Fuji Syusuke!! Who cancels on Fuji?!? 😍😍😍

LOL that's right!!! Nobody cancels on Tensai Fuji-aniki ^_____^ Have a great Sunday~

Have a lovely Sunday as well.

Duckie-san! Hello! Please add this in my order and please tell me if my purchases are at $100 already! Thank you! 😉

Does this still work?

Yeah uhm, hi,

I was wondering if you're still doing this. Since the last update was about half a year ago and such. Anyway, if you are, is that Yukimura pocket watch still available?

Re: Does this still work?

Hello there, yes I am still selling. I just haven't gotten anything new to update with so that's why they are not updated =)

The Yukimura Pocket Watch is available. Please tell me your zip code if domestic, or country name if international. I can pack and give you a total with shipping. Will you be using PayPal?

Re: Does this still work?

Now that's a quick reply. Allright well I'm in the Netherlands and Paypal is my preferred option yes.

P.S. Yay.

Duckie~! Are you still on? I'm super interested in the
Anikuji S 2013 - A-1 : Seigaku Shoulder Bag :o Can I know the bag's dimensions and how long the strap can go?

Hello there~ I am still on =) Just been busy so haven't updated anything.

The bag is around 5"x7"x15" or 12x18x38cm. The strap is around 44" or 112cm long.

Sure! Can you tell me your zip code if you're in the states, or your country name is you are international? I will pack and give you the total with shipping.

I'm in the US. It's 95823

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