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BANPRESTO ICHIBANKUJI... Things that I can't buy T_____T
Starting mid-November, now, there is a Banpresto Campaign/Fair at local stores in Japan like FamilyMart, Ashine, Namco, bookstores, and hobby shops.  They will have ICHIBAN-KUJI, sorta like ANIKUJI from Animate.  It's a lottery system where you buy a ticket and whatever you happen to hit is what you get...  Any fortunate fans living in Japan or traveling to Japan around this time, be sure to stop by these stores and check it out!!!  GOOD LUCK, HOPE YOU GET SOMETHING YOU LIKE!!!  ^_____^

Prizes are the following:

A Prize:  Echizen Ryoma Full Figure
Ryoma is wearing the ALL JAPAN U-17 winner's white jersey in this figure.  The base resembles a tennis court.

B Prize:  Sports Towel
Comes in a Ryoma towel or an Atobe towel... with his X-RAY VISION!!!  Hehehehhee... kinda funny and scary with the skeletons =P  At least they don't have hair in this version hehehe ^______^

C Prize:  Rubber Straps - 6 Types
Characters include:  Ryoma, Tokugawa, Fuji, Yuta, Yukimura, Sanada

D Prize:  Kyun Character Accent - 4 Types
Characters include:  Ryoma, Atobe, Tokugawa and Shiraishi and their famous quotes!!!
Ryoma:  Cool Drive!
Atobe:  Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na~
Tokugawa:  Kaeritai no ka?
Shiraishi:  Ahnnn~!! Ecstacy!!!


Special Last Slot Prize:  Poster Set
Poster set comes in two, one Ryoma and one Atobe, the sports towels are modeled on these pictures!!!
If you pull the last lottery, you'll get this prize... not sure what that actually means or how that works though... like the last lottery in the day or last to get a certain prize? 

DOUBLE CAMPAIGN PRIZE!!!!!!!! :  Ryoma Echizen Figure, Black Jersey Brigade Version
Special version where Ryoma's wearing the ALL JAPAN U-17 Black Jersey, and the base resembles the court on mountain training camp~~~~~~~~  There has to be 50 people who have won the regular A Prize White Jersey version, and then if you're the 51st person to draw this prize you'll get the Black Jersey version... seriously... it's basically NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE!!!!  WHO IN THE WORLD THOUGHT OF THESE RULES?!?!?!?!?!

Prize for All Purchases:  Message Card Campaign - 8 Types
Characters include:  Atobe, Ryoma, Fuji, Yukimura, Shiraishi, Yuta, Tokugawa and Sanada
Each card contains a message from the boys, and their character profile ^___^

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(Deleted comment)
Hehehe yeah, Sanada is cute in it!

Imma ordered the Figure White version.. still hunting the black one but the white one is easy to get my dear

the cards imma get too got them with the Figure maybe imma sell all except Ryoma.. XDDD

Oh that's great you got the cards too =) From the same seller? Hehehehe, all of those cards are beautiful, I'm sure lots of people will want to buy them from you ^____^

Hai same seller

you think? o.o
Would be good i need money XD
imma saw the figure on mandrake if that helps you

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