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My Stick Posters Collection~~
Stick Posters collected over the years of my favorite series/artwork, Tennis no Oujisama, Gintama and Hakuouki, and various Otome Games~

TeniPuri Stick Posters 

Volume 1 - Princes at School (I couldn't get Fuji so I quit)
Volume 2 - Princes in Suits (Kept the three I like the most)
Volume 3 - Princes Listening to Music (I didn't get this set but I have the LP portraits of the same artwork!!!)
Volume 4 - Princes in the Rain (I didn't get this either... was out of touch for a bit, plus it didn't have Fuji)
Volume 5 - Japan U-17 Princes
Volume 6 - Princes in the Snow (CAN'T WAIT TO ADD THESE TO THE COLLECTION!!!)

Chara pos - PoT - v1_01Chara pos - PoT - v1_02
Chara pos - PoT - v2_02Stickposter_v4_1

Gintama Stick Posters

There are currently 8 volumes of the Gintama character stick poster collection, I think I stopped at volume 4 because I didn't have anymore stick poster files hehehehehe...

Chara pos - Gintama - v1_01Chara pos - Gintama - v1_03
Chara pos - Gintama - v2_01Chara pos - Gintama - v2_02
Chara pos - Gintama - v2_03Chara pos - Gintama - v2_04Chara pos - Gintama - v2_08
Chara pos - Gintama - v3_01Chara pos - Gintama - v3_03
Chara pos - Gintama - v3_05Chara pos - Gintama - v3_07Chara pos - Gintama - v3_08

Hakuouki and Otome Games Stick Posters

There was only one character stick poster collection for Hakuouki released in 2009, and they never had anymore for the sole series, so these are extremely rare~~  Other group posters were released in 2012, but as part of the Otome games series.  The series come with Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Toudo, Harada in the Shinsengumi Uniform and Kazama in his Japanese kimono, and then the six in their Western Style Outfits.  The last 4 are special ones of Hijikata, Okita, Saito, and Toudo as Rasetsu ^____^  Really nice series~

Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_01Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_03
Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_05Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_07
Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_09Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_11
Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_13Chara pos - Hakuouki - v1_15

Otome Games series

There were eight special PRISM posters, EXTREMELY PRETTY!!! 
I was really surprised with this poster series ^___^
Eight Hakuouki stick posters, three of which are prism posters~
Three are from Amnesia (it's gonna be made into an anime series next year!!!)
Three are from Toki no Kizuna (I sincerely hope they'll make an anime series of this as well~~)
Two are from Snow Bride, this one is nice too~

Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_01Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_05Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_02Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_03Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_04
Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_06Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_07
Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_08Chara pos - Otome Games - v1_09

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how many chara-pos collection file do u have, so many from the pictures?

I have 4 or 5, I don't remember at the top of my head. Each character poster file holds 20 posters. I have more posters than what is actually shown in this entry =)

oooh~!! this is very nice!! i actually just got here from google image search LOL.
I didn't know they made folder to hold stick posters?! wow I totally need one. any tips on where to find? or what they call it, like "binder" maybe?

Hehehe yeah, they made many different ones. Ummmm, I guessin English it's just a poster storage file, Ami has the generic one I think, I dunno if they carry any series specific ones. Movic still has the Hakuouki SSL one, スティックポスターファイル is what they are in Japanese. You might be able to find some on Yahoo Auction, I've never used it so I dunno. Hope that helps!

Cool, thanks for the info! Yeah after I posted I thought "I should have asked for a Japanese example" lol.

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