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(no subject)
My shelf is full and my wallet is empty... σ(^_^;) I think my collection is complete... Gotta save up for another five years!!!!




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What an AWESOME collection! Thank you for sharing the picture! :-)

Thanks!!! I had space in my china cabinet that I originally got for the anime tea cups/glasses collection... Somehow those got pushed way down the bottom though hahaha... My excuse is that the cups are heavy but the figures are light!! I think I'm done though cuz I'm broke hahaha σ(^_^;) I do hope to get one more Kenshin figure then I'll be done done haha!!!

That is an awesome collection. How long have you been collecting these?

And, uh, would you mind using an LJ cut for all the pictures? They're very pretty but they're stretching my f-page.

I started out collecting DVDs and mangas since 2001, then the tea cups and so I bought the china cabinet for them, and displayed my other glass trinkets. I had some figures here and there sitting on my desk and shelves... I was never really into figures before, only other collectibles since 2004 perhaps. But then when the full set of Gintama figures came out in 2008, I got them and decided that they could go into the show case as well hehehe... Then the little one coin Hakuouki came out in 2010. I was psyched when they announced the release of the PoT one coins, and saved that middle spot for PoT ever since!!!

For all the figures and cups in the cabinet, maybe 5 years. All of my other stuff on the collectibles shelf have been accumulated over 10 years and many many many hours of intern jobs, summer jobs, full-time jobs σ(^_^;) The bad thing is... I don't ever use them!!! They're just for me to look at, almost everything not in the glass cabinet is still unopened in the original packaging hahaha!!! I don't wanna admit it but I'm quite crazy about these goodies, I don't wanna damage them σ(^_^;) Might be a bit of an otaku but please don't judge me hahaha

Ah sorry sorry, I was using my phone yesterday, didn't realize it was long!! I'll change it in a bit, sorry d(^_^o)

I would never judge you for being an otaku! In fact, I'm kind of envious of your goodies. >__> I have things I can't/don't use but I like them so much even just looking at them makes it worth it. It's cool that they're still all nice, even with the original packaging. :)

Saving the middle spot for PoT is awesome. d(^_^)b

Haha, don't worry about it. We all do it sometimes. Actually, I pretty much fail at LJ. orz

Oh yeah they're totally worth just looking at ^____^ I wonder if I will ever use them or end up selling them hahaha... We will see!!!

The middle spot is, to me, the most significant spot... so I put my absolute favorite stuff in the middle... but the only problem is... when I close the glass doors, the door frame blocks those middle figures... and you can't see them anymore... HAHAHAHAHA... FAIL!!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Ah, darn doors. You could always just nudge Fuji over, right?

Yeah, I put Ryoma in the middle(^∇^) Hahaha, nono I do like the little guy, he's just so cocky sometimes ( ̄▽ ̄)

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