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Remember the popular racket locket accessories I used to sell of the four teams?!?!?! http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/duckie405/4631490/53712/53712_original.jpg

Well they're coming out with three ShinPuri ones. Made of really nice zinc alloy, very high quality, size 1.25"x2.5" (2.8x6.3cm), with a tennis ball made of iron. There are six opalescent sparkle group stickers and some other sparkly stuff with each racket locket. The stickers are made of plastic resin so they're raised, not flat!!! They are being released in March, so I will receive them in April if anyone is interested. These can be ordered individually so there's no limit on how many. I do have to put in the order early to be guaranteed availability. Let me know if you want any, and which group you want!!

Kachigumi (the winning group) : Fuji, Atobe, Yukimura, Kite, Kamio, and Sengoku

Makegumi (the losing group) : Ryoma, Niou, Yanagi, Wakashi, Kenya, and Kai
godchildmomoko, koori24

High Schoolers : Tokugawa, Irie, Oni, Yamato, Tanegashima, and Coach Nyudo
(I'm confused... Did he not graduate in those many years?!?!)

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Coach Nyudo?? Lol I don't think I want to know what's going on with that one. Everytime I see Yanagi being listed as a 'loser' I can't help but think "The correct technical term is he forfeited." Nevertheless, I'm glad to see him finally getting more love. Fuji definitely looks the best out of the winners and I think he knows it

Ah yeah... Yanagi is in the makegumi... I feel bad for him too, but he's definitely getting some love ^____^ Hahaha, I agree that Fuji looks best also XD

Momoko-chan, do you want me to order one for you of the Makegumi with Ryoma? It'll be around $17 like my other lockets. Let me know =)

mmmm hai but im not sure if i can pay in marvch then for it since Tales of Xilia will b e realesed then >o< but i would love you to order this *~~*

Okie dokie I'll order you one!! No problem, the lockers are released at the end of March, so I won't get them til April anyways. You don't have to send me any payments until April, no worries~~

ah good to know :3 thank you >o


Makegumi (the losing group) : Ryoma, Niou, Yanagi, Wakashi, Kenya, and Kai

Okay! I will order a Makegumi for you, it'll be around $17 like my other team lockets from before, is that okay with you?

Okay!! I'll order one for you =)

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