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Looking forward to seeing it!!!  I'm not into Otome games or visual novels so I don't know much about Amnesia, but like all other Otomate stuff, the artwork is beautiful!!!  I've been collecting Amnesia stuff for a while now, so it's exciting that they're making an anime of this now ^____^  Hope it doesn't suck hehehehe

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Oh! Amnesia was at Namja Town when I was there! That's exciting that I recognize that :) They had quite a few Otome games there.

Oh that's cool!! Did you get any Otomate stuff? I've never played any Otome games actually, so I don't know much about these games. I've always liked the artwork of all the Otome games and stuff though, so I'm really excited about it. I love love love Hakuouki <3 There were two season of Hiiro no Kakera, but I didn't find them too great... I'm hoping that Amnesia will be better, but I'm a bit confused after watching the first episode so far hahaha =P Another one that I think is really cool is Toki no Kizuna, I wish that will be made into an anime some day~~

Do you like it? I've got some BEAUTIFUL merchandise ^____^

Hai :D
But i didn't really understand XDDD
I like Shin *^*

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