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Despite it being the day of our departmental meeting where our sweetest director decides to hire a manager to micro-manage us (つД`)ノ I returned home to a WONDERFUL SURPRISE...

MY NOVEMBER BOX IS HERE!!!!!!!! My faith in the postal system is as strong as ever!!!! They might've been like 3x slower than normal, but my patience paid off!!!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Not that my sales are going well, but I can't wait to update next week!!!!

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yay!! glad to see your november arrived safely :D. I'm sooooo ready to get more goods from you lol. Can't wait to see them ( ゚∀゚)o彡

hehehehe yeah, I'm soooooooo freaken relieved!!! anyways, most of the stuff are KuroBasu, but I've got a few TeniPuri things to post as well ^___^ I'll let you know when they're up~

Work = Aw :( !


Question: When was your box shipped from Japan? As of right now, I have three friends' Christmas cards that have not made it to my house and I hope that they're not lost...

Good luck on your sales! I will support you in any way that I can.

Thanks ^___^ Yeah I'm really happy about finally getting my box! It was shipped since November 29th, 28th here in the states. It took a good 43 days!!! My December boxes came even before this box. Normally it takes less than 10 days, so I was really worried when it didn't come. But even the EMS boxes were several days late, so I guess customs were really backed up! There are mostly KuroBasu stuff, but my Tenipuri U-17 MCF are in there also!!! So anyways, they're here and I've put Atobe and Kenya on hold for you as promised ^____^ I've updated with some new things in POT and KnB, let me know if anything else catches your eyes!

Holy cow! Well, that's good news for me then (or at least, more hopeful) 'cause my friend from Hungary and my friend from Mexico both mailed me things for Christmas at the end of November. So crossing my fingers that it turns up. Although azi's card hasn't made it and she sent it on the 20th of December... so strange.

Yeah, I usually get stuff from Japan in 10 days as well. Whooo - let me take a look...

/many minutes later

Can you add the Vol. 2 Shiraishi and Tezuka MCF? I really like the backgrounds to these!

Again, happy that they made it to you safely! <3

I will have to wait on the Metallic Plate Keyholder Vol. 2 until I can pay everything else off. There are a few that catch my eye, but I'd rather wait and see where I'm at in the upcoming months.

Yeah, it might take a while, somehow this year's holiday postal service is really slow! Wow, you've got friends all over the place, that's awesome!!! I hope Azi's card turns up soon... we're only several states away...

Sure! I'll add Shiraishi and Tezuka for you ^___^ No problem on the metal plates, I'll still have then so just let me know if you decide you'd want any in the future! Fuji/Tezu and Shiraishi are my favorites from this set hahaha, but they all look really cool~

OH!!! Remember the KuroBasu notebooks I told you about that were released in November? They finally came in my November box. I haven't posted them, cuz I'm saving them for the next update hehehe... but did you still want one? If you do, I'll save you a copy. Again, you don't have to worry about paying my anytime soon, just take care of what you need to first =)

I figured some of the international cards would be delayed, but not domestic. I do hope it turns up soon too!

The ones I that stuck out to me were Shiraishi, Kenya, Niou, Oshitari, and Atobe. So yeah, definite wait on them.

Darn, I knew i forget to put something on that major list of stuff in the email. So I have the formal attire set and the school uniform notebook... I actually saw the formal attire ones in Animate, but I had already said I would buy them from you so I didn't get them there because I didn't want you to be stuck with extra :)

Tomorrow is go find a second part time evening job because 26 hours/week won't cut it (and I don't have marching band season to make extra like I did during the fall... we could claim them as additional hours, but between the other assistant and I now, we can't go over 80 hours/2 weeks so I get 26/week and he does 12.5/week).

Yeah, sorry I totally forgot about it too until it came in my November box hehehe... Awwwwww, thanks Hymn! It would've been cheaper had you gotten it at Animate... I feel bad now...

Oh I see, I don't work full time at the school district either. I work 60%, so 24 hours/week, for the school district. I don't get paid very much with the district, that's why I don't work full-time there, I get paid a bit more with the medical interpreting, but it's not like there's an 8-hour day with the freelancing either. So whenever there's not, it's just 24hrs for that week... hehehe, I should try to find more work too =P Although, working 60% for the school district, it's enough to get me full benefits, so I'm happy about that. I can still get good health and life insurance coverage while doing the freelance work. I'd say I'm pretty lucky. Several of my friends returned home from Japan for more than 1.5yrs now and they still haven't been able to get a stable job, it's a sticky situation when you take off from your regular skills for 3 years hehehe... I don't regret Japan one bit though!!!

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