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UPDATED /07/2015

All items are BRAND NEW and NEVER BEEN OPENED!!!  If you're interested, please leave a message with the items you're interested in.  Please also leave your zip code (domestic) or country name (international) so that I can estimate shipping for you!

AMNESIA STICK POSTERS                                               
These stick posters are VERY RARE, from my collection of Otome Games posters!!!  There are three Amnesia ones that I am willing to sell~  The Shin and Ukyo posters are prism posters, VERY SPECIAL!!!

Amnesia SP Group  :  $12
Amnesia SP_2

THESE AGAIN ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Volume 14 depicts illustrations from AMNESIA WORLD, the outfits look totally lovely!!!  The boys are musicians this time~  If you've purchased these before, you know that they're totally awesome!!!

2x  Shin Amnesia World Premium Still Vol.14  :  $18
Ikki Amnesia World Premium Still Vol.14  :  $18                                  
2x  Kent Amnesia World Premium Still Vol.14  :  $18
1x  Toma Amnesia World Premium Still Vol.14  :  $18                             
2x  Ikki Lead Singer Amnesia World Premium Still Vol.14  :  $18               
3x  Kent Keyboardist Amnesia World Premium Still Vol.14  :  $16
2x  Toma Guitarist Amnesia World Premium Still Vol.14  :  $18
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 01Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 02Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 03Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 04
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 12Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 13Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 14

Volume 12 depicts illustrations from AMNESIA CROWD and volume 13 depict the beautiful HAKUOUKI's Shinsengumi!!!  PREMIUM collections are illustrations on big glossy plastic boards~ VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO COLLECT~~

Shin Phone Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $16                 
Shin Cafe Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $18                  
2x  Kent Cafe Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $18
2x  Kent Stars Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $16                     
Toma Cafe Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $18                                    
Chibi Bunny Maid Cafe Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $18       
Chibi Shin Cooking Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $18
Chibi Ikki Park Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12  :  $18                                     
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 06Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 07Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 10
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 11Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 12
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 16Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 17Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 18

THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!  Just like the volumes 6 and 7 are exclusively Amnesia and Hakuouki, volume 9 depict illustrations from AMNESIA CROWD and volume 10 depict the beautiful HAKUOUKI's Shinsengumi!!!  PREMIUM collections are illustrations on big glossy plastic boards~ VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO COLLECT~~

Shin Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.9  :  $15
Kent Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.9  :  $15
Toma Yukata Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.9  :  $16
Group Butterfly Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.9  :  $16
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v9 - 01Amnesia Still Collection Premium v9 - 03
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v9 - 10Amnesia Still Collection Premium v9 - 22

AMNESIA CLEAR CHARACTER POSTERS                                      
These posters are made of plastic, not your typical poster paper!!! They also come with a protection sleeve for each poster!! The posters are 15x42 cm, and the protection sleeves are 16x45 cm. There are twelve types, two for each character, one special prism group version, and a special secret version~~  Let me know if you want one~

Shin Red Background :  $14
Shin Regular Outfit :  $14
Kent Regular Outfit :  $14
Special Vertical Group : $14
Amnesia Clear Poster - Shin Red BackgoundAmnesia Clear Poster - Shin Regular OutfitAmnesia Clear Poster - Kent Regular OutfitAmnesia Clear Poster - Secret poster

These are from the set of Otomate big rubber coasters (Hakuouki is the other part of the set, please see the Hakuouki Sales).  They are about 8cm in diameter, and 0.5cm thick.  This set has special festival artwork, exclusive to the coasters only ^____^

Shin Rubber Coaster  :  $16
Ikki Rubber Coaster  :  $16
Kent Rubber Coaster  :  $16
Amnesia Rubber Coaster_1

CLEAR FILE  (8.75"x12.25", or 21x31cm)                                         
This is the newest Amnesia clear file, with one special thing about it... it's a special sparkly prism one!!!  Really nice and very special =)  I only have one!

Amnesia Prism CF, 1113  :  $17                                                        
Amnesia1113 CF - Special PrismAmnesia1113 CF - Special Prism_1

AMNESIA, 1212  :  $17
Amnesia - clear file_3_frontAmnesia - clear file_3_ back

These are really nice sketch books, with high quality paper!

Amnesia Sketch Book - Shin  :  $15
Amnesia Sketch Book - Ikki  :  $15
Amnesia Sketch Book - Kent  :  $15
Amnesia Sketch Book - Toma  :  $15
Amnesia Sketch Book - Ukyo  :  $15
Amnesia sketch book - ShinAmnesia sketch book - IkkiAmnesia sketch book - Kent
Amnesia sketch book - UkyoAmnesia sketch book - Toma

These plastic mousepads were released in November 2012, and they are really rare~  I couldn't get any Ukyo and Orion, and only one of each of the other ones, so get them while you can!

Amnesia Chibi Mousepad - Shin  :  $15
Amnesia Chibi Mousepad - Ikki  :  $15
Amnesia Chibi Mousepad - Kent  :  $15
Amnesia Chibi Mousepad - Toma  :  $15
Amnesia mousepad - Shin 1112Amnesia mousepad - Ikki 1112
Amnesia mousepad - Kent 1112Amnesia mousepad - Toma 1112

These pin brooch are made of high quality zinc alloy with resin coating on the symbols charm and two cute beads.  They are sold out so I can't get any more!!

Kent Pin Brooch  :  $17
Toma Pin Brooch  :  $17
Amnesia - Pin brooch

AMNESIA - OTOMATE PREMIUM STILL COLLECTION VOL. 7                             
These are beautiful, big, glossy, plastic portrait boards, similar to the pencil boards!!!  REALLY REALLY NICE!!!  Get them while you can ^____^

Kent Premium Still Collection  :  $15
Heroine Premium Still Collection  :  $15
Heroine & Shin Premium Still Collection  :  $18
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v7 - 04Amnesia Still Collection Premium v7 - 05
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v7 - 06Amnesia Still Collection Premium v7 - 07Amnesia Still Collection Premium v7 - 08

There are 10 styles, five regular and five chibis, of the 5 main male characters~~ The chibis are super duper cute ^_____^ All pf them also have the symbols on the back!!! They come with a nice little stand and a ball chain for your keys and whatnot!!

Kent Metal Plate regular :  $12
Amnesia Metal Plates

They are of size 4"x4", 10x10cm, cute microbead cushion keychains.  They are SOLD OUT everywhere!!!  I can't get anymore even if I want to.  I have only one of each, let me know if you want them ^____^

Ikki Arm Cushion  :  $17
Kent Arm Cushion  :  $17
Toma Arm Cushion  :  $17
Arm cushion - 01Arm cushion - 02Arm cushion - 03Arm cushion - 04

AMNESIA CROWD DIECUT STICKERS                              
These are INCREDIBLY cute diecut stickers from the new Amnesia Crowd game~  They are depicting these boys working in their part-time job at the cafe!!!  Shin is washing dishes, Ikki is making drinks, Kent is cooking food, Toma is handling the cash register and Ukyo is the cute little customer!!!  They were quickly sold out when they were first released in April, then SOL International produced more~  They are very popular!!!   At the time that I bought these, Ukyo was totally gone, so I'll try to get him later =P

Shin Dishwasher Diecut Sticker  :  $9
Ikki Bartender Diecut Sticker  :  $9
Kent Chef Diecut Sticker  :  $9
Toma Cashier Diecut Sticker  :  $9
Amnesia Limited Diecut - Shin Ikki
Amnesia Limited Diecut - Kent Toma

These are INCREDIBLY cute diecut stickers from the Amnesia game~  Released in January, they are very rare!!!

Ikki Spades Diecut Sticker  :  $9
Toma Diamonds Diecut Sticker  :  $9


AMNESIA KEY CHARM STRAP                   
Gotta give it to the Japanese to make really high quality products!!!  These are EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL~  They are about 16cm or 6.5" long, made of zinc alloy metal, very sturdy and high quality!!!  There are beautiful gems that sparkle, and each key has the symbol of the characters at the base~  The symbols are raised and covered with resin!  I've taken two photos of each, one with flash and one without so you can see clearly what they look like ^___^  They are SOLD OUT on Animate, so get them while you can!!!  I only have one of each for sale =)

Ikki Blue Spades Key Charm Strap  :  $20
Kent Green Clubs Key Charm Strap  :  $20

Amnesia - Key charms_01Amnesia - Key charms_02
Amnesia - Key charms_03Amnesia - Key charms_04

These are self-explanatory hehehe... they are cork coasters!!!  There are two in each set, one is the character in chibi version, and the other is the symbol of the character!!~  They are mostly SOLD OUT everywhere, and I only have these two... So get them if you want them =)

Toma Coaster Set  :  $14
Amnesia - coasterAmnesia - coaster_2

Very nice mechanical pencil of the Amnesia boys!!!  Only Kent and Toma are left, so get them while you can cuz they're not available anymore~~   ***VERY RARE***

Kent Green Mechanical Pencil  :  $15
Toma Yellow Mechanical Pencil  :  $15
Amnesia - mechanical pencils_2

AMNESIA LATER MINI CASES                    
These mini cases were released in September of 2012, they are hard to find!  Size 11cm x 8 cm, they are made of sturdy plastic and they have a zipper for secure sealing!!  The special thing about these mini cases is that they have two faces of the main character.  One is the regular outfit and serious pose, and the other is the cafe uniform and happy pose!!!  For Ukyo, it's his gentle personality and his split psychotic personality, hehehe, awesomeness~~  Great for your collection!!! ^___^

Amnesia Later Mini Cases - Ukyo  :  $12
Amnesia Mini Case - Ukyo

AMNESIA RING MEMO PADS                    
These ring memopads were released in August of 2012, they are hard to find!  Size B8, the paper inside is grid paper with the watermark of each character's personal symbol!!  REALLY NICE!! ^___^

Amnesia Ring Memopad - Shin  :  $12
Amnesia Ring Memopad - Ikki  :  $12
Amnesia Ring Memo Pad - 1

Bookmark set made out of durable plastic in full colors~  Volumes 1 and 2 contain four bookmarks of the main male characters with Volume 1 being the regular form and Volume 2 being the chibi form.  Volumes 1 and 2 were released in March/June of 2012, so they are EXTREMELY RARE!!!  Volume 3 and 4 contain five of the main male characters with Volume 3 being the chibi style and Volume 4 being the regular artwork, these were released February 2013.  VERY VERY NICE!!!

Amnesia Clear Bookmarks V.1  :  $15
Amnesia Clear Bookmarks V.2  :  $15
Amnesia Clear Bookmarks V.3  :  $15
Amnesia clear bookmarks 1Amnesia clear bookmarks 2
Amnesia clear bookmarks 3

Released in August 2012, these stained glass bookmarks are made of high quality, heavy duty stainless steel, with stained glass carvings!!!  When I say heavy, I mean thick, solid, unbendable stainless steel to hold the glass, not the flimsy thin metal kind you often find elsewhere =P  VERY NICE and COMPLETELY SOLD OUT on Animate and Movic!!!  First come first served ^___^

Shin&Toma Stained Glass Bookmark A  :  $20
Ikku&Kent Stained Glass Bookmark B  :  $20
Amnesia - stained glass bookmarkers

Released in March 2012, a year ago, these are nice cell phone decals of the boys!  You've got the headshot, full body, chibis and personal symbols~  RARE!!!

Shin/Ikki/Kent Cell Phone Decals, 0312A  :  $13
Toma/Ukyo/Orion Cell Phone Decals, 0312B  :  $13
Amnesia - mobile seals

Yura Yura clips are made of high quality stainless steel.  The character charm and symbol charm are made of high quality zinc alloy with a beautiful resin coating. If you have purchased other yurayura clips, these are the same exact AWESOMENESS!!!  The clip and character charms are of size 5cm, and the symbol charm is 1.7cm =)  Grab them while you can!!!

Heroine chibi yurayura clip  :  $12
Shin hearts yurayura clip  :  $12
Ikki spades yurayura clip  :  $12
Kent clubs yurayura clip  :  $12
Amnesia YuraYura - 1
Amnesia YuraYura - 2

This message kit is a special part of the Otomate Party 2012 special event!!  It contains an envelope, notecards, character seals and a cute ball pen~~

Otomate Party 2012 - Amnesia Later Letter Set  :  $15   
Amnesia - Otomate party 2012 letter set

Amnesia - metallic sticker set

          Last updated  02/07/15

Thank you for looking!!

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^-^ Hello again. I'm here posting again to correct my order! (Well, I don't see my previous post/order, so maybe it didn't go through? Idk. )

I'm currently broke, but I will be purchasing the following items, so please reserve them for me. I'll pay around Christmas time.

-Ukyo, Shin, Kent, and Ikki Pins
Here's the image just in case: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/duckie405/4631490/651398/651398_original.jpg

-Chibi Bunny Cafe Poster (But can you tell me its dimensions and how thick it is? )

-Kent and Ikki Key Pins

-Clear All 5 Chibi Bookmarks

Items I'll reserve and will buy once it's my birthday.. just several weeks after Christmas.

-Chibi Cooking http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/duckie405/4631490/1173275/1173275_original.jpg

- Chibi Ikki and Heroine

Thank you.

Also, please clarify these questions:
1. For the Amnesia Sketchbooks, is it just blank sketch paper inside?
2. You're the only one I know that sells Amnesia products individually. Before this year's Christmas time comes or before 2017's February, could you buy the Amnesia World Limited Edition and sell me the black covered bonus booklet? Please, I need it for my friend, and she already ahs the game, so I can't buy the entire Limited edition. ( http://66.media.tumblr.com/7ceb2c330d9b7150ec03108d8bf21850/tumblr_inline_n75gyrO3zP1sg4byd.jpg The black one is the one I need, and I have no use for the other items, so if you buy it, you could sell the other items as well! I'm sure there are others who just want a specific part. )

Hello there! Thank you for your message. I can certainly hold these items for you if you are sure you will buy them! The Chibi Bunny Cafe, Chibi Cooking and Chibi Ikki+Heroine are what they call "Premium Stills". These are not posters, they are big beautiful glossy plastic portraits. They are 7.25"x10.25"or 18x26cm in dimension. The sketch books contain blank, high quality paper for you to make your own sketches or write notes.

Please let me know your zipcode, if domestic, or country name if international, I will package the Christmas items and the birthday items to let you know the estimated shipping cost. What payment method are you planning to use? I only accept PayPal with international buyers, do you have an account?

Unfortunately, I do not play any Playstation games so I also don't buy any game products themselves. I only have the official collectibles of those artworks. Sorry I will not be able to buy the Amnesia World Limited Edition for you.


Thank you very much! There's a 96% that I'll buy them. I just need to talk to my Aunt, since she has credit cards, and I don't want to risk mailing cash.
I'm not sure about the payment method yet, since it's my Aunt paying.

Before you do package them, how thick are the Premium Stills?

Well, I have two zipcodes, one of them being mine and my relatives' house, both in Southern California. Which one would cost less to be shipped to, 91776 or 91780?

Thank you, and just as a friendly reminder: please package the Christmas items (Key pins + regular pins, bunny cafe, clear chibi bookmarks v.3 ) now. I'm not sure about the birthday items, so I don't want to waste your time.
Thanks! c:

Oh, no, I didn't mean for you to buy the World Limited and keep everything. I meant that you sell off each of them individually.
I'm sure there are other people who want a specific part but won't buy it because it costs too much for the entire Limited Edition when they just want a part. Like... somebody who collects stickers from otome games/visual novels.
They want the World Limited Edition's stickers but because they don't have a PlayStation machine or don't want to buy the entire Limited because they already own the game or because it's too expensive just for them to get the stickers they wanted.
I don't mean to impose or push it onto you, but I really want to buy it for my friend because she dies of cancer. Please reconsider?

Hello there, I apologize for the delayed response, I had to check my stock and package. The pin brooch I only have Ukyo, Kent, and Tome. I have sold Shin and Ikki already but I missed those when updating. Regarding the thickness of a Premium Still, do you have any pencilboards (shitajiki)? They are about the same thickness, like 0.5mm. Shipping to either zip code will be the same since it's just west coast. Here is the estimated total:

Amnesia Kent Pin Brooch : $17
Amnesia Ukyo Pin Brooch : $17
Amnesia Ikki Blue Spades Key Charm Strap : $20
Amnesia Kent Green Clubs Key Charm Strap : $20
Chibi Bunny Maid Cafe Amnesia Crowd Premium Still Vol.12 : $18
Amnesia Clear Bookmarks V.3 : $15
Shipping to CA : $5
PayPal Personal "Send money to friends" = $112
PayPal Retail "Pay for goods/services" = $116

There are two options to pay using PayPal, a personal option means you pay your own fees if you use a credit card, then it'll be just the grand total of $112. The retail option means I will pay for your credit card fees on my end so total will be $116. If you have any questions, please let me know~

Oh I forgot, about the Amnesia game, again I don't buy gamess to sell, so I'm sorry I won't be able to help you with that limited edition one.

Edited at 2016-09-07 06:35 am (UTC)

It's okay. ^-^

Oh, okay. Then can you add Toma Pin Brooch in to the Christmas ones too, then?
Do you know where they sold or once sold Shin and Ikki's symbol pin brooches? I'm going to have Kanato search for them.

Okay. Um, quick question though. I don't know how PayPal works, Retail or Personal. Is there a specific link that I need to direct my Aunt to so the money goes to you/ your PayPal account? Please explain how she should pay.

I see.

Sure! I will add Toma for you in the Christmas package. Total will be updated later.

Your aunt can open an account at www.PayPal.com follow their instructions to complete registration. I can send a payment request to her once her account is verified.


How do you know which account to send a request to, though?

Once she has completed registering for the PayPal account, I will give you more instructions and account via private message. You are not planning to pay until December anyways right? It will be easier to show you and you go pay right away than telling you now and have to tell you again later. No worries.

Okay, but how will you know when to tell me/when I'm online?
It is very rare when both you and I are both online at the same time.

RE: Re: Items... Again!

Nono, I mean once you are ready to pay in December, I will send you a privage message, through your inbox, with payment instructions.

Hello there. I am absolutely in love with some of the items you have for sale! I am extremely interested in purchasing the Ukyo and Orion premium stills, the Ukyo pin brooch (if still available), and the Orion chibi yura yura clip. My zip code is 84062, and I live in Utah.

Please let me know what is and isn't available, and how much the total will be. I can pay for everything immediately

(Screened comment)
Thank you very much! Payment has been sent!

Edited at 2017-01-06 04:47 pm (UTC)

Hi there~ I have received your payment and prepared postage. A shipping confirmation with a tracking number has been sent to your confirmed PayPal email address. I bet it'll arrive around Monday or Tuesday since you're just next door =) Once the package arrives, please leave a feedback on my feedback page to let me know! Hope you like everything~

I would like to know if these items are still in stock and purchasable also, do you only take US bills?

Hello, the items should all be available but please list the items you want and I will let you know for sure. I accept PayPal so if you are international, this should be fine to use, just send the payment in USD. Please let me know your zip code, or country name if not in the US, I will pack the items you want and give you a total with shipping cost.

I'm not sure if I will purchase the items right away, I need to accumulate the money,now that I know that items can still be purchased, after I have accumulated the money, I will come back, I will not ask you to put aside some items, as this may be troublesome. Thank you for your fast reply.

I see, no problem. I am just wanting to sell them all or as many as I can because I don't have anymore space to store these collectibles. So I can give you a big discount as well whenever you are ready to buy. Just let me know.

Where are you located? Just making sure you know the shipping cost for international is pretty high, so the more items you ship together, the more you save on shipping. If you're in the US then it's all good.

;~; I live in the Caribbean, in Barbados specifically, but I was planning to let you ship them too my sister who's in America, since very few people actually ship to Barbados directly, I think. I really want to buy the ones I want, in particular, the chopsticks, sketch book, note book and some key chains, oh and some posters. I wanted the same things for the Karneval collectibles, but I decided to go one collection at a time, since I am still low on money.

Thank you for your reply as always.

Oh wow, Barbados, I have never shipped there before. Yes, I would feel much more comfortable shipping to your sister in America. Let me know when you are ready. At that time, just list the exact items you are interested, I will check to make sure they are available then and will let you know how much discount I can give you.

Please could you put aside for me the, Kent Pin Brooch, Ukyo sketchpad and Ikki spades yurayura clip? The total cost in my country's currency is $88, although I do want more things, these are my first choice, as I'm not sure if I can purchase all of the selected items.

Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response. All three of those items are available and I can certainly save them for you. Let me know when you are ready to pay for them.

Hello there, I just want to follow-up with you to see if you are still interested in the items. It has been about 50 days since your message of interest. Please let me know. Thank you!



Who do i have to kill to get these *,*
Just kidding but wah~<33
are they still avail? And also the bookmars (nr3) above still avail?


Hello there! Sorry for the delayed response, I was away for the weekend. Both versions of the stained glass bookmarks are available, as well as the three clear bookmark sets v.1-3, above. Let me know if you still want them. Also please let me know your zip code if domestic, or country name if international, so that I can estimate shipping for you. I assume you will be using PayPal?


Hello there, it has been about a week since I have replied to you regarding the availability of the items. Are you still interested?

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