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Pom poms and pines!!!

I love to eat pomegranate, but peeling them is a pain in the derrière!!! Good thing two lasts me a couple weeks!!! My all-time favorite is pineapples though~~ Those are also time consuming to cut =P

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Ooo that looks tasty! I agree - pomegranates are totally worth the work. I haven't had one yet this year...time to remedy that! :D

They are sooooooo sweet!!! I love them, you should totally buy some ^___^

Ooooo, that pineapple is pretty!

Oddly, I just "peeled" a pomegranate early this evening. It will be completely consumed by later this evening...how the devil do you take two weeks to eat two?? (Do you use the bowl of water method? Holy cow, that makes life so much easier :-)

*hugs you*

Ah thank you!!! Cutting a pineapple is about the only thing I can cut well haha *hugs ~ squeezes*

Maybe I exaggerated, it will take less than two weeks to consume!!! I try to eat some everyday, but only a little cup, I guess to save =P It takes so long to peel, I just peel about two at a time and just store them in that container. "Bowl of water method"?!?! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Do tell!!!

That's where you score the skin, then submerge the whole thing in a bowl of water. You break it apart and separate out the yummy seeds, which sink to the bottom of the bowl. The white part floats :-) I usually have a waste bowl next to the sink and put the skin and bits in it as I am loosening the seeds with my fingers. Keeps the juice from squirting all over and staining things if you accidentally puncture a seed, too. Then, when you are done, which takes about 5-10 minutes, you skim the icky parts off, rummage around the seeds to find any clingy bits, then put them in a sieve and strain them. I usually rinse them again, just to be good.

I learned that from the friend who got me hooked on them. :-) Yum!

Hope that helps :-)

Oh that sounds like a smart idea! I mom complains every time that I squirt the juice everywhere hahaha! I'll try this next time~~ if I do puncture a seed, hopefully it's not gonna dye the water, and subsequently hand, red hahaha, that would be kinda funny!!

Thanks for the tips!! \(^o^)/

I did one just the other day like that and my hands appear the same color as they were when I started :-)

You are welcome!

Haha okay!! Thanks perky!!

I love pomegranates ♥ We have a tree in our cottage garden and when autumn comes, we collect and eat them. It's one of the good things of that season.

You have a pomegranate tree?!?!?! Lucky... I want one too T__T

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