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Poooey, I can't play the UFO games to get these prizes... of course cuz I'm not in Japan... whoever is living there is quite lucky!!!  Sega's got really good prizes~~  I managed to get the BIG BLANKETS and Ryoma figure from December and January... but I'm thinking a Shiraishi Figure this February will be really awesome for my collection!!!  He looks great there~~  Although the bandages seem a little scary with the red... =P  And just look at those REALLY COOL POCKET WATCHES!!!  They look like the Fuji one that I have from way back when~~  These look like they GLOW, wow, probably really expensive as well!!!  I'm eyeing that deep blue Ryoma, sky blue Atobe, and jade green Shiraishi... those colors are sooooooooo beautiful!!!  Why can't they just sell them like normal people T_____T  Why do they have to make them game prizes only T_____T


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yes T-T I love the ryoma clock too

imma going to hunt the Ryoma one <3 <3

imma canceled my Shiraishi PVC... XD

AHHHH WHAT THE HECK, POCKET WATCHES?!?!?! Nuuuuuuuuu *cries* They look so friggen nice!!

Mmm Shiraishiiiii~ I threw my money at him for this months ago. Look at that gorgeous man. *flails* The semi-scariness adds to his appeal. =3

Hehehehehe yeah... pocket watches, can you believe it?!?!?!? They are nice aren't they, I would really like one, the colors are so beautiful! Hahahaha don't you think Shiraishi's bandages are a bit scary there? =P But yeah, gorgeous as always!!!

If I do run across him, do you want one? I'm not sure if I can find good sellers because this is a game prize only, but if I can find one, I don't mind grabbing him for you if you want him =)

Wow~I just see this post and seriously?! POCKET WATCHES?! They look sooooo nice ☆_☆

Yeah, they're really nice looking huh?!?! Imma keep an eye out for them and see if I can snatch any =P They'll be expensive though for sure...

Oh, just wondering, would you like a Shiraishi figure if I can find one?

Haha yes! I bet those pocket watches will be expensive lol.

YES!!! If you can find one I would like to have a Shiraishi figure :D!

Okie dokie, I'll try and see if I can find!! I'll let you know about how much before I buy, just to make sure you're okay with the price =)

Ok! sounds good to me. Thank you Linna-chan :D!

No problem ^___^ I'm thinking it's better that I stick to selling rare stuff, cuz it seems like people can easily buy the common stuff directly from Japanese sites nowadays =P

Well.....from what I know it depends though because some japanese sites shipped internationally, but those sites do not offer every merchandise from animate or movic.

Oh yeah of course, I still buy a ton of goodies I know that those websites don't offer kekekekekeke XD Lots are here already, and lots are on the way!!! I'm not dropping my sales anytime soon you know =P

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I shipped your package today ^___^ It weighed more than a pound so I couldn't send it First Class, so I sent it Priority Mail to you instead =) You'll receive it in 2-3 days!!! The confirmation email with tracking should've been sent to you already, let me know on my feedback as always when you receive it!!!

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