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This is by far one of the best full clear file sets!!!  Other than the Showa 2009 clear files and the Princes mini clear file sets in 2010, these have the best artwork of the boys in formal/business casual outfits~~  It's no wonder that the set sold out quickly at Jump Festa 2013!!!  I feel sorry for those who stood in line for hours just to learn that these were sold out as they approached the front of the line~~ Expensive but definitely worth their quality ^________^

Jump Festa CF fileJump Festa CF file_2Jump Festa CF file_3

Jump Festa CF file_aJump Festa CF file_b
Jump Festa CF file_cJump Festa CF file_d
Jump Festa CF file_eJump Festa CF file_f
Jump Festa CF file_gJump Festa CF file_h
Jump Festa CF file_iJump Festa CF file_k
Jump Festa CF file_lJump Festa CF file_m
Jump Festa CF file_n

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They are so beautiful Q^Q

That is a clear file holder, so it has clear sleeves to put in the files! It is not a clear file =)

Momoko-chan (godchildmomoko) asked me to ask you if you could hold her the Ryoma clearfile (because she's working and she can't asks by herself :) )

And , could you hold me the version where they are all on the clearfile ? this one http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/duckie405/4631490/533481/533481_original.jpg

Thank you >

I haven't decided whether or not I will sell these clear files yet =) I'll let you know when I do~

In any case, even if I sell the individual clear files, I will not be selling the clear file holder (the one with all on the cover), so I'm sorry I cannot hold it for you =)

OMG THEY'RE SO LOVELY. ;A; I saw a picture of the Rikkai ones on Tumblr, but I didn't know that they were clear files. Soo pretty~

Oh yeah, they are really nice!!! The set is one of the best I think ^___^

They should be if they were that expensive. ;)
Annnnnd...this is a long shot, but if you ever do decide to put them up for grabs, though I totally do not blame you for keeping it all to yourself, would you mind letting me know as well?

Hehehehehe, sure I'll let you know! I've just got so many things on hold for people, I'm thinking that if I put this up for sale now, it'll just stress a lot of people out, cuz they'd wanna buy but don't have the money to do so =P

I've already received messages for dibs on Ryoma, Oshitari and Yagyuu if I do put it up for sale hehehehe... which character are you interested it? Why don't you just let me know now hahaha =P I'd wanna keep at least Fuji, Tezuka and Shiraishi though ^___^

Dibs on Yagyuu already? ;A; Well, if we're calling dibs for it now, just in case, then I would love Niou's, as always. XD;

Hahaha okay, I'll keep Niou in mind for you!!

Ahahaha, that person that stood in line was me... I was one hour away from getting to buy in the line omg. T__T

At least there was the pencil board with all of them on there for significantly less. Redemption!

Awwww yeah, I was definitely thinking about you!!! You're lucky to get the pencil boards though!!! I'm still trying to look for pencil board~ Nobody is really selling it though =P I found the ones with the "rain" artwork though, but I want the one with all of their faces =P

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