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I thought this was a smaller figure but it's actually the HIGH QUALITY premium figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's soooooooo nice, I can't wait to see Shiraishi!!!!!!!!!!  Totally worth the investment~~~  I compared it to my G.E.M Katsura figure and they are the same size!  Ryoma is 1/8 scale just like Katsura, so Shiraishi will also be 1/8 scale, REALLY NICE AND BIG!!!!!!

Shinpuri - Ryoma Sega_2

Shinpuri - Ryoma Sega_3
Shinpuri - Ryoma Sega_4

Shinpuri - Ryoma Sega_1

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I Love this figure <3
Waiting for my other two of him *~~~~*

did you saw the Kotobukiya Prototype??? This one is EPIC *~~~~~~* going to order him 2x *~~~~*

I haven't~ Can you send me the link?

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