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【新テニスの王子様 シークレットメッセージ~瞳の中の王子様~ The Second Season】

So after the announcement of the First Season Secret Message Initial charms, SOL INTERNATIONAL is releasing the SECOND SEASON Secret Message Initial charms in May!!!!  Once again, the SPECIAL thing about this is that you can LOOK INTO THE LENS OF THE BALL AND SEE THE BOY'S SECRET MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Made of zinc alloy, so high quality as always!!!  The ball is 5cm wide and the initial charm is 1.5cm ^____^  These are being released in May, so I'll be getting them in May most likely!!!  They will be about $14-$15 each =)  These are individually sold, so reserve as many as you like!!!  The line-up this time is also quite predictable!!!

Reservation list
Tezuka Initial charm  : Babysyusuke
Niou Initial charm  : babysyusuke
Kirihara Initial charm  :
Oshitari Yuushi Initial charm  :
Shiraishi Initial charm  :
Oshitari Kenya Initial charm  :



Because the placement of pictures, somehow, Shiraishi and Kenya look like they have the charms "hanging" from their nipples LOL...

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Can I have Tezuka and Nioh for this please? ^^ thanks dear!

Okay!! I just put in the order for you already ^___^

Tezuka buchou and Niou are here!!! This is what you currently have on hold, if you wanna browse my updates and see if you wanna add something else, let me know ^___^

White Kachigumi Racket Locket : $17.00
Fuji Initial Charm : $15.00
Tezuka Initial Charm : $15.00
Niou Initial Charm : $15.00
Relax v.1 - Fuji : $12.00
Relax v.1 - Tezuka : $12.00


Yup I'm ok with this. Do you have anything coming up by next week? I should be able to pay you by mid next week ^^

Let's see, I'll be getting the PoT 2nd Game One Coins, Gareki and Yogi chopsticks, some Karneval door plates, and Ryoma/Yuki/Shiraishi mini towels... Today I'm posting some extremely rare Hakuouki items from my personal collection... and that's about it before I go on hiatus I think hehehe

Oh, did I tell you, from 6/29-7/19, I won't be able to ship out anything or even post anything new. I'll be receiving loads of collectibles from Japan during that time, but I'll be so busy with work and stuff that I won't be able to touch the goods... taking pictures and posting them take a really really long time cuz I don't use stock photos... maybe I should start hahaha! Anyways, during that time, you're welcome to message to hold things, but I won't be able to send anything to you, just letting you know.

So actually, the last day I will be sending out anything is 6/28. so if you could pay me by say the 27th at the latest, then I'll be able to ship you your box before I disappear LOL

By the way, I received your parcel! Just to check two of the kutsurogi collection stickers are not opened, are they meant to be for me? I just wanna make sure it's the tezufuji stickers before I open just in case?

Ok nvm I saw the cross marks on the packaging haha. But I still can't find the opening haha

LOL I didn't open them, of course you couldn't find the opening hehehe!! By a long and hard process of counting and elimination, I deduced that those two were Fuji's and Tezuka's, so I left them unopened!! I wanted to give you the pleasure of opening them yourself LOL!! I'll have you know, a very limited few got that luxury LOL

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