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I've been asked if I could buy one of these to sell =)  So I'm going to post them here and see if anyone else is interested~  For the Ryoma and Shiraishi Tapestries, the boys are wearing a shirt with a "POCKET" open for you to put things in =P  As in the example, you can put a nice rose, or keep your keys, or keep any other valuables that you wanna hide on the wall hehehehe ^____^  The Shinpuri group tapestry doesn't have pockets, but there are 6 boys to admire!!!  The tapestries are of size 51.5x36.4cm or 20.5"x14.5", and made of high quality fabric; oversized so keep in mind the shipping cost to you.  Releasing on April 25th, so it'll be well in May when I can receive them.  I'm thinking about $40-$45 a tapestry =)  I can buy as many as you want, so long as they are available.  Go ahead and make a comment if you want any!!

Reservation list:
Ryoma  :   godchildmomoko, koori24
Shiraishi  :   azalifinrandi
Group  :

Tapestry - Ryoma_01Tapestry - Shiraishi_01
Tapestry - Ryoma_03Tapestry - group

Tapestry - Ryoma_02
Tapestry - Shiraishi_02

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RYOMA PLZ!!! <3 I so need this T^T

Go go guys order too T___T

hehehehe okay, I'll put you down for Ryoma!!

I'm surprise about what they're coming out with now. LOL Tapestries I've heard of, not ones with pockets that you can actually put stuff in! I suppose that they would be good at hiding things. xD;

I know!! You can hide small things, or store away extra cash, or just put in nice flowers or pins to make it look like they're wearing them hehehehe, interesting stuff!!! The thing I like most is the artwork, Ryoma and Shiraishi look really nice =)

Lol darn you duckie!!! I start school this month so I won't be making much and here you go tempting me with all these Shiraishi goodies!! ><

....I want him though. So I will start saving. Lol. ^^

LOL sorry, I'll put you down for buchou XD I mean, just look at that face, how could you resist him staring back at you from your wall right?!?! But don't starve yourself though!!!

...I can't resist, therein lies the problem. XD Shiraishi is my eternal weakness. He likes healthy girls so I can't starve myself. XDDD

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