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Buchou is here!!!

Shiraishi buchou looks like a famous model here haha, nice though!!! I wish they'd make a Fuji figure...

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Whoa! Lookin' good, Shiraishi! ;) He really does look like a model or something, rather than a tennis captain. XD

His jacket looks nice, too - very high quality. Congrats! If you did get a Fuji one, they'd probably duke it out for the best positioning/best lighting. Unless - do you have any plants in your room? They'd probably take reeeeal good care of it. XDD

Hehehe yeah, Shiraishi looks really hot, tall and slender!! He's about 1 or 2cm taller than Ryoma~

Hahaha yeah, if there was a Fuji figure, all of these guys will have to make room for Fuji in the middle =P I'll have to get a cactus for Fuji, it's only fitting ^____^

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