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Pictures are out for the Karneval Color Collection that will be releasing in mid-June!!! So if I order these, they will come in July~ Anybody interested in these CUTE little guys?!!??!! It'll be $13 a piece ^___^ Depending on how many characters are reserved, I'll see how many sets I can buy =) There are also these accessories that are available now that I can go ahead and order anytime!! I would have them shipped with my late April stuff though, so they won't come until May. The accessories will be about $12/piece. Let me know if you're interested!!!


Reservation List
Nai Kara Kore :
Gareki Kara Kore :   blacknightsky
Yogi Kara Kore :   dazing_dreamer
Tsukumo Kara Kore :
Hirato Kara Kore :   blacknightsky
Hitsuji Kara Kore :   babysyusuke

Reservation List
Nai accessory :   blacknightsky
Gareki accessory :
Yogi accessory :   dazing_dreamer

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.............these were cute when I didn't know what Karneval was...now that I do, that makes them much more cuter (இдஇ`。)
I would like to reserve a Gareki and a Hirato if possible please! Would have been cool if they had Karoku as well, but oh well
And a question: without being biased to your favorite character, which of those accessories do you like the most? I can't choose one. OTL

A sorry or the late reply!!! I was on vacation hehehe... Anyways, these guys are so cute aren't they?!?! I like Gareki, Nai, Hirato and Yogi hehehe, Yogi is kinda childish though =P

I think the purple and blue accessories are very pretty, the yellow doesn't show up too well on the gold frame, so I'd say purple Nai or blue Gareki ^____^

I'd heard! Hope you had fun on your little vacation. :3
They are all suppppper cute! >3< If money grew on trees, then they all would be mine. LOL! And Yogi is a bit childish in his nature, so this chibi version of him fits quite well.

You think so? Then reserve the Nai accessory for me as well, please!

I had lots of fun, thanks ^___^ Ah... if only money could grow on trees, I'd plant lots of them around my house so that I will never be poor hahahha =P

Oh yeah, Yogi is totally cute, childish but cute! His voice actor, Mamoru Miyano, is one of the best out there hehehe, I think he fits the role perfectly~

I've pre-ordered the colorful collection, but not yet the accessory. Next time I make an order, if he's still available, I will definitely get him for you okay? ^___^ His purple one is really pretty I think!

Glad you did~ :3

I think of Yogi being like a cooler, yet still childish version of Tamaki from what I'd seen and read so far. And the fact that they are voiced by the same seiyuu, just makes it more perfect. :b

It's okay then~ If they're still available next time, then thank you! If not, then I'll just wait to get something with Nai in it a different time.

Hi Hangny-chan, ah, just letting you know that the Nai accessory is here too hehehe... if you want me to keep it and send later with the two mascots, that's completely fine ^___^

Thanks for letting me know~ Let's save it for later, along with the Relaxation Sticker since the latest box is already a handful lol

Also, would you be doing a split order for the Karneval Stick Poster? :3

Hehehe yupyup, not a problem at all!!!

Yeah... they are quite nice huh? Well, I just posted them!!! If you want any then go ahead and comment to reserve ^___^

Blackie~ Just letting you know that your Gareki and Hirato's are here ^___^ but I can't ship them to you until after the 19th... Sorry!!!

Edited at 2013-07-09 07:42 am (UTC)

That's fine! Even if you could, I rather you hold on to them for a while anyway. lol :)

HEYHEY!!! I'm back to life now HAHA

How's it going?! Let me know when you want your stuff, I can send anytime ^___^ No problem with waiting either, I'm FREE!!!


I'm bleh, sick at the moment, but that hopefully it'll pass soon. But, besides that you're finally free, I hope you're okay too! Also, just hold on to my babies for now, please~

AWWWWWWW, sorry to hear that you're sick!!! I hope you'll get better soon~ Be careful of the West Nile virus, symptoms are similar to the flu. If you're coming down with something like that, make sure to go get checked up right away!!

I'm fine, just really tired from the last two months hehehe... But just a good night sleep tonight and I'll be okay! Still have to work tomorrow, but it's not so bad =)

No problem, I'll hold onto the babies for you LOL

Take care and drink lots of water and orange juice for vitamin C!!

I think it might be a stomach virus, but I'm no doctor to say for sure. lol If I don't get better tomorrow, then I'll have to go get checked up and see what's up. But, thanks for the thought~

Aww, do you have to work on the weekend? If not, maybe you can rest then! hehe If not, then just take it easy during the night so that you can start saving up your energy again. :)

Oh that's no good... Stomach flus are bad... Hope you will feel better soon!!

Nah, I don't have to work on the weekend. Although this weekend, Azi, Feihu and Hymn from LJ are here to visit Colorado, so I'm spending a day with them to dress up in yukatas, go eat at a Japanese restaurant and then sing karaoke hehehe, all still wearing yukatas... It'll be interesting...

We just saw a movie tonight, but I was so tired. Need to catch up on lots of sleep. My friend from Florida is trying to get me to go to a conference with her tomorrow morning too... I'm not too excited about that LOL... Oh well, that's for tomorrow to decide. Gotta sleep now!

You take care and get lots of rest too!!

Hey hey, do you still have the little lamb? I can't remember the name for it haha ^^; but it's too cute!

I do I do! I'll put you down for Hitsuji hehehe, they're all super cute, I like this series~ I'll be bringing in more stuff in a few months, keep an eye out for them!!

Hey ma-chan, your Hitsuji is here =) I've got an extra Gareki and an extra Nai as well!! Just letting you know if you want them =P Will resume shipping after the 19th again!! Oh and check out crying aniki, I knew they would make something of this!!!


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