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My boxes of Shinpuri Stick Posters and the Chocolate Mini Clear Files are here along with some other goodies!!! But I'm going on a trip tomorrow, so if you had preordered one of the posters or MCF's then I will surely take pictures and update, and contact you as soon as I get back!! Thank you for waiting~~

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OMG! Fuji Ringo Mascot?!?!?!?! IS HE AVAILABLE?!?!?!??!

LOL I just bought another box to sell so he is available =P But I'm going on a trip so I'll post them when I come back. Want me to hold Fujiko for you?

If possible, yes please!! I've pre-ordered the tezuka/fuji glass charm thingys so he could be sent with them when they arrive ^^ Yay!! I'm so happy ^__________________^

Sure! I'll ship Fuji with the glass charms ^___^ I've also updated my sales if you're interested in anything else!! Let me know~

Now that you mention it... could I also add the Hyuuga yurayura clip, and Kuroko chopsticks?


Thanks! Oh and how was your trip? Where did you go?? xx.

Sure!!! So I have these for you, am I missing anything? Are you also interested in the incoming Fuji relaxation sticker?
http://duckie405.livejournal.com/35700.html I have one spot left for him!

Tezuka & Orange glass charm :  $12
Fuji & Apple glass charm :   $12
Fuji & Apple sweets mascot : $14
Hyuuga Yura Yura clip : $12
Kuroko chopsticks : $15

Oh yes, and I went to San Francisco in California to visit my sister and her husband, and my friend and his wife. I went with my family, because ere was the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo. Hehehehe it was okay, we actually didn't see much of the festival at all hahaha!! Even so, we did the most Japanese thing there... PURIKURA!!!! It was great hehehe, got to eat lots of good food as well. In general, the cost of living in SF is much higher than here in Broomfield, so everything was quite costly, but it was fun I guess =)

Yep that's everything :) hmm I might leave the relaxation sticker for now.. but it is tempting..

Ohh nice! One of my close friends was in Little Tokyo in LA just the other week actually :) she got me a cute sushi mug X3 Hahahahaha purikura :p we used to do that all the time back in high school.. I'm glad you had a good time!

Okie dokie, no problem ^___^ I'll just post them like always when I get them, and if you want to add then add, if not then it's all okay ^___^

Hehehehe, I think purikura is fun, my parents enjoyed them as well hahaha =P

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