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Officially PISSED!!!
UGH!!!!!!!!  Thanks for flashing Fuji's face for 5 seconds >_______<  And cutting out the Fuji/Tezuka farewell match and Fuji's covering his tears!?!??!!?  And cutting out the Shiraishi+Kirihara doubles match?!?!?!  I'm getting totally annoyed at this series... I'm feeling the same thing as Fuji's feeling now:

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Well, those matches better be in the special OVAs that come with the DVD. ><;; I was quite irritated by all the sudden skips that the new series is taking in order to move the plot quicker. Apparently, episode 13 IS the last episode - for this season I guess.

Yeah it's going way too fast!! Why couldn't they just do 26 episodes or something?!?!? It wouldn't hurt to just be a little more detailed on the matches, it's what TeniPuri is all about!! I really hope they do another three or four or five seasons of these lovely boys!!!

I haven't watched the episode 10 yet but I've heard about it. I, too, am pissed. I hate that they're shafting so many people. Yes, there are a ton of characters, but clearly they're just in it for the money at this point. They cut some of the biggest matches (thus far) and expect us to hand over all our hard-earned money to see them? Shinpuri has definitely made me angry. D:

Oh, you won't be too happy watching this ep... They sure cut loads of important matches!!! We wanna see TeniPuri because of the matches, they know that, that's why they're doing it on purpose to milk money off the fans ψ(`∇´)ψ arghhh those vampires ψ(`∇´)ψ... The DVDs are too expensive, plus I don't have a region-free DVD player, I will be highly unlikely to buy any... Gotta save money for the goodies hehehehe ~~

How are you doing? I wanted to show you some beautiful capless Sanada posters, but you disappeared for a week =P Now I've sold them σ(^_^;)

Aaagh, I'll probably end up buying the second DVD so I can own the Sanada/Yukimura match. Figuring out how to watch it will have to come later. =\ Stupid vampires, taking all our money.

Ah, too late for capless Sanada. Well, I'm sure they went to a good home. ^_^

I'm doing alright, thank you. Things are still kind of crazy sometimes, but I'm getting the hang of it. Hopefully. How are you doing?

You can change the region setting on your computer dvd player... but you have to be careful because you can only do that 5 times... then it's gonna be region locked forever!!! Hehehe... it's Yukimura and Sanada, maybe it's worth a try ^___^ Are there any figurines goodies with that? I remember there was a set of 5 cute little things for volume one.

Things are busy here too, no motivation for anything else. I'm so sleepy everyday, maybe because I don't sleep enough at night... Haha... it's basically my fault, but yeah, I didn't get around to watching the 10th episode until Monday!! Atobe's match is today... I hope they flash Fuji, even just a little bit... He hasn't had any lines for the past 5 or 6 episodes haha =P

Oh, I know. I probably won't alter my region on my computer, but I did make my DVD player region free. I will watch Sanada's match yet! ...I have no idea if there are goodies that come with the DVD. I'll have to check. ^_^

I hear ya. Most of the complications in my life are self-made. =\ Oh, well. I finally watched episode 10 (and 11) today. (I won't say anything in case you haven't seen it~) Only two more this season, huh? It seems like it just started!

I do agree this season is going way too fast.
When I watched the old anime POT years ago, I felt that it was a good series but except it was dragged for too long.
This season is so much better because all the boys look more grown up and the animation has drastically improved BUT it's going way too fast.
I think this would be a good match recorded on the special episodes that come with the original DVDs.
I was so looking forward to the Shiraishi/ Kirihara doubles match- I wanna see his bandage OFF and reveal the gold armor!!!!! But nope, you only hear "6-4 Game and match! Shiraishi/ Kirihara Pair!"

hehehe yeah, I think it's a way that they're making money. They're putting the matches that people are looking forward to seeing onto those DVDs so that people will have to buy. The artwork is amazingly clear and beautiful, but the story is just not so good anymore. The old series is long, and the artwork sucks at times, but at least we could really understand the individual characters and feel them throughout the series =) I bet it's gonna end when the Revolutionary Brigade take over 2nd court... we won't even get to see the fan service bath scene, and the pillow fight... I wanted to see Room 201... Fuji/Shiraishi/Yukimura!!! Fuji and Yukimura are still in 6th court... WHAT?!?!

If they do another season, it's gonna be about how the Revolutionary Brigade due battle with the U-17 reps returning from their trip abroad. Bleh... =P

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