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WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!  SOL INTERNATIONAL is finally going to release a Kutsurogi Collection (Relaxation Stickers Collection) of KUROKO NO BASUKE!!!!!  It is really exciting~~~  These relaxation stickers are really really nice, they can be used as stickers, wall portraits, mousepad, or deskmat.  They are laminated and matted, meaning they can't be scratched, and the pictures are really nice!!  Please refer to my TENIPURI Relaxation Sticker pictures if you want to know what they are like =)  I'm opening up reservations for these!!  They are being released in late July, so I'll get them around August~~  I will order as many boxes as necessary with reservations, hopefully more than half of each box is reserved =P  Posting these for $12/Sticker as always~~  I do not ask for your money until I have the stuff to send to you, but please be serious and do not cancel after I make the orders!!!  Feel free to reserve as many as you like, I will inform you when I have ordered the boxes and confirm your positions on the reservations =)


Reservation List:
Kuroko, Nigo & Kagami  :   anji_chan
Kise, Kuroko & Kagami  :
Midorima & Kazunari  :   anji_chan
Aomine  :   c2422
Kuroko  :   anji_chan
Kagami  :
Kise  :   c2422
Midorima  :
Riko & Hyuuga  :
Hyuuga, Kiyoshi & Izuki  :
Koganei, Mitobe & Tsuchida  :
Kise & Kasamatsu  :
Kurobasu relaxation_2

Kurobasu relaxation_1

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I would like to have kise and aomine :).
Thank you~

Okie dokie!!! I'll put you down for those two ^____^

Oh my god I can't believe this, I've received these KuroBasu relaxation stickers LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, and I even took photos and everything, but somehow I completely forgot about and never updated!!!! I have them if you want to pay for the Kise and Aomine this time too!!! If not I can save them for next time. I'm really really sorry!!!

It's ok XDD". I guess I will pay them this time. I have to go to the bank first, so I will send you the payment after school tomorrow :).

Actually C-chan, can I send you the KuroBasu relaxation stickers next time? I can find anything to hold the stickers and the Karakore without it being weird and possibly crushing... So just send the total I gave you before, and then next time I will send the stickers with anything flat that you order =) Is that okay?

Sure, I am ok with it :)

Okay thank you c-chan!!

omg! These are so adorable!!!

I would really love Kuroko, Nigo & Kagami , Midorima & Kazunari and Kuroko ♥

Thanks for letting me know about them!

Sure thing! I'll put you down for those three ^___^

Anji-chan! Your Midorima and Takao One Coin figures are here!!! I've updated the KuroBasu sales also ^___^ Let me know if you would like to add anything else before I give you the total~

omg! YAY! \o/

I would like to add to my order if possible? The KuroBasu Winter Special CF! TY! ^.^/

Sure sure! I'll add the CF to your order, well, I'll save it for you. The CF won't be able to be shipped with the figures hehehe, so I'll save it for you here until the KuroBasu relaxation stickers come, or whenever I update with more CF's if you're interested =) What do you think? Should I go ahead and ship the figures first?

That sounds like the best idea! I would rather the CF come with the stickers =D

Yes please, ship the figures on ahead! Thank you~ ^.^♥

(Screened comment)
Thank you, duckie! I've just sent you the payment so it should be with you soon~ I can't wait for these boys to arrive! ♥

I have received, thank you anji-chan! Please keep an eye out for the shipping confirmation later =) And as always, you know where to go to let me know you've received!!! I hope you like the figures, they are so cute <3

Oh, and just so you know, these KuroBasu relaxation stickers are on their way, should be here within two weeks hehehehe

Edited at 2013-07-31 03:27 pm (UTC)

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