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There are these cool stick posters of KuroBasu coming out in July, so most likely I will receive them in August if I do receive them~ it'll be about $10 per stick poster, let me know I'd you're interested~ The accessories will also be released inJuly, and it'll be about $12 a piece~~ If I get enough requests then I'll order!

Reservation List Stick Poster
Kuroko uniform poster : sausaged
Kagami uniform poster : sausaged
Hyuuga uniform poster :
Kiyoshi uniform poster :
Izuki uniform poster : Absolutehymn
Mitobe uniform poster :
Koganei uniform poster :
Tsuchida uniform poster :
Kise uniform poster : Absolutehymn
Kasamatsu uniform poster :
Midorima uniform poster : Absolutehymn
Takao uniform poster : Absolutehymn
Aomine uniform poster : sausaged
Kuroko/Nigo/Kagami :
Kise/Nigo/Kuroko :
Aomine/Midorima :

Reservation List Accessories
Kuroko & Softdrink :
Kagami & Hamburger :
Kise & Water Bottle : c2422
Midorima & Frog :
Aomine & Magazine : c2422
Tetsuya NiGo :

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Linna-chan, I would like to have Kise & Water Bottle and Aomine & Romance Novel.
Thank you :D!

Okie dokie! I'll put you down for those two, I think I'll get at least one box =) hehehe, Aomine's is LOL =P Actually I think it's a magazine cuz he likes busty Japanese idols =P

I shouldn't, but I am…

I would be interested in the Kise, Midorima, Izuki, and Takao posters. Thank you very much!

Hehehe okay =) I will put you down for those four hotness~

Hey hey!!! These posters will be here around early next week!!! Ummmm, hehe, is that too early just after you sold your soul this week?

hello! not sure if you are still taking the orders. but im interested in kuroko, kagami and aomine's posters... :X

Hello! Sure, no one has claimed those three yet so I will reserve those for you! I've already ordered a box, so unless something happens along the way, you are guaranteed to get the posters =) I don't ask for payment now, I only ask that you are serious about your reservation, and can pay me as soon as the posters come and I message you for payment! Please also tell me your zip code (if domestic) or your country name (if international) so that I can calculate shipping for you when they come =)

canada :) and im pretty serious about this. haha if you dont mind us switching over to email, since it's safer like that? after all those russian bots lurking around, i feel that it might be better that way

I pmed you my email this morning but you haven't replied, so just reminding you that these posters will be shipped as a package. You can see the estimated cost of shipping here: http://duckie405.livejournal.com/32471.html

Let me know if you have any questions~


i just haven't gotten to my emails just yet. sorry about that. we'll switch over from here. :)

Ummm... Are you just planning on getting one of each item? If not, I'm really interested in the Kise poster!

Stick posters are always sold as a box set, never individually. There's not enough interests from people to warrant two boxes, so I'm only buying one box. There's still the Kise/Nigo/Kuroko poster if you want Kise~

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