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HAKUOUKI - SAKURA BANQUET 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESTOCKED!!!!


Okay, the following merchandise have just been posted for sale from 5/17, used to be mostly sold out but they are now RESTOCKED!! The following listed are the items that I CAN order, and the price requested~~ If you are interested, please comment and list EXACTLY what items you want, what characters you want, and the quanity. Because they are in high demand, and I'm worried that I might not be able to get the things that I want, so I'm going to open this for only a short time!!! If I see more things start to sell out, I will close this preorder immediately and just order what people have requested~~ COMMENT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!!!! They will be available by the end of June, so I'll get them by the end of July sometime. Click on the photos to see a bigger version!!!

Available are: Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Todou, Kazama

HAKUOUKI EYE MASK : $18/eye mask
Available are: Hijikata, Okita, Harada, Todou

HAKUOUKI KEYHOLDER : $16/keyholder                                                   c2422 - Saito
Available are: Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Harada, Todou, Kazama

HAKUOUKI BIG POSTCARD : $10/postcard                                                meiju - H/K, H/T/N
Available are: Hijikata/Kazama, Harada/Todou/Nagakura

HAKUOUKI LUNCH MAT & DISH SET : $50/mat&dish set
Available are: Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Harada, Todou, Kazama

HAKUOUKI CAN BADGE : $8/can badge                                                     aimashita - Saito, Kazama
Available are: Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Harada, Todou, Kazama                     sanolover - Harada           

HAKUOUKI BOOKCOVER & BOOKMARK SET of THREE : $30/set            meiju





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Wanted to preorder...
1 x Saitou can badge
1 x Kazama can badge

Shipping would be to Canada.

Hello, sure, I can still get the canbadges so I'll grab these for you. They won't be coming until August but I will let you know when they do. Please keep in touch and please don't cancel once I have ordered them. Shipping to Canada starts around $6.50. Here is the shipping cost: http://duckie405.livejournal.com/32471.html

Okay =) Will message you again later then!

Hi aimashita, I have your Hakuouki can badges ready! Is there anything else you would like to add to your order?

Linna-chan, I would like to have Saito key holder.
Thank you :)

Okay!!! I've ordered one for you ^____^ Oh, and I just realized why it's more expensive, cuz it's made of wood!!! It'll be around August when I get it though, cuz it'll be shipped with the Kokeshi Netsuke that you reserved a Saito for also, and that's not released until the end of July hehehe... But I'll let you know when they come~

I know the preorder is closed but do you know where I could find todou and harada's place mat and plate?

The Hakuouki Sakura Banquet items were "Event only", once a year. They are exclusive to the event and to Movic, the manufacturer, so you can't buy them anywhere else. Unfortunate, Harada and Todou were the only two sets I DIDN'T buy... I had actually wanted to buy all six but I didn't have enough money. http://duckie405.livejournal.com/pics/catalog/5267/855390

Other Sakura Banquet items that I managed to buy and sell are available here:

If you're interested in any f those, let me know =)

Thank you for letting me know. I really regret not checking on the updates of goods....sadness....

No problem, just check on he updates occasionally =) Are you interested in metal bookmarks or anything like that? Just go to the tag "Hakuouki preorders" and you can find all of the upcoming Hakuouki stuff I'm planning to get~

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