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UPDATED 12/14/14

Otherwise noted, all items are BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN OPENED!!! If you're interested in multiple items, feel free to ask.

These items are all from the Anikuji lottery!  They are event only and cannot be purchased as desired, only distributed randomly~  What I have is ALL I have, go ahead and grab them while you can ^_____^

This tapestry is big, size 17"x25" or 43cm x 64cm!!!!  This is one of the hardest to hit, and as such, I only have ONE~  Because of the special size, it will not fit into a 24" poster tube, will probably have to go in a 36" tube unless I can find a size in between.  That will be purchased and calculated once you confirm your purchase!

B1 - Sexy Gareki Tapestry  :  $60
Karneval Anikuji - B - Sexy Gareki Tapestry

This tapestry is THE RAREST OF THEM ALL, called the LAST ANIKUJI!!!  Also size 17"x25" or 43cm x 64cm!!!!  I only have ONE~  Because of the special size, it will not fit into a 24" poster tube, will probably have to go in a 36" tube unless I can find a size in between.  That will be purchased and calculated once you confirm your purchase!

Last Anikuji - Young/Older Gareki Tapestry  :  $80
Karneval Anikuji - Last Kuji

E1A - Nai/Gareki/Hirato/Hitsuji  :  $17
E1B - Nai/Gareki/Yogi/Nyan/Usagi/Hitsuji  :  $15
Anikuji Karneval clear files_01Anikuji Karneval clear files_02

E2A - Nai/Gareki/Yogi/Nyanperona  :  $15
E2B - Nai/Gareki/Yogi/Hitsuji Sweets  :  $15
Anikuji Karneval clear files_03Anikuji Karneval clear files_04

E3A - Nai/Gareki/Yogi/Hitsuji Standing  :  $17
Anikuji Karneval clear files_05

E4A - Nai/Gareki/Yogi Candy  :  $15
E4B - Nai/Gareki/Yogi Fight  :  $15
Anikuji Karneval clear files_07Anikuji Karneval clear files_08

KARNEVAL ANIKUJI - F PRIZE - POST CARDS                              
F1 - a full set for $17 or
Karneval Postcards_3Karneval Postcards_4
    F1A : $5            F1B : $5         F1C : $5               F1D : $3                     F1E : $3

F2 - $5 for each postcard
Karneval Postcards_1Karneval Postcards_2
       F2A                 F2B                 F2C                    F2D                      F2E

D1 - Yogi/Tsukumo  :  $13
D2 - Hirato/Eva  :  $15
D3 - Tsukitachi/Akari  $13
D4 - Jiki/Kichi  :  $13
Karneval Anikuji - D canbadges

Last updated   03/01/14

KARNEVAL CLEAR FILE                                                         

KARNEVAL CIRCUS SHIP CAPTAINS, 1014  :  $17              ***Extremely RARE***    NEW       yumikajima
Clear File - 1014 Karneval

KARNEVAL CIRCUS CF, 1012  :  $17              ***Extremely RARE, released 2012***
Clear File - 1012 - Karneval Circus


KARNEVAL PENCIL BOARDS                                              

Karneval Pencil Board B - Orange :  $12
Karneval Pencil Board C - Purple :  $12
Karneval Pencilboard - BKarneval Pencilboard - C

KARNEVAL NOTEBOOKS AND CLEAR FILE                               
These are spiral notebooks with a clear file cover for each to store any loose paper.  They are size B6~  Very nice and high quality paper, as always with the Japanese paper =)

Karneval Notebook/CF -   Gareki  :  $15
Karneval Notebook/CF -  Yogi  :  $15
Karneval notebooks and clearfile

KARNEVAL MINI NOTEBOOK SET                                    
A set of two notebooks, size B6 of chibi characters and chibi mascots of the ships~

Karneval Notebook Set  :  $17

Karneval notebook_1Karneval notebook_2

KARNEVAL SKETCH BOOKS                   
These are nice sketch books, size B6, of Yogi and Gareki =)  If you like to draw, they'll be really handy for you ^___^

Gareki Sketch Book  :  $15
Yogi Sketch Book  :  $15
Karneval Sketch Book - GarekiKarneval Sketch Book - Yogi

KARNEVAL BIG BOOKMARKS                     
These bookmarks are made of flexible plastic.  They are much bigger than your typical bookmarks, and are really nice =)

Gareki & Nai Big Bookmark  :  $13
Hirato/Nai/Gareki Big Bookmark  :  $13
Karneval Big Bookmarks

KARNEVAL LITTLE ACCESSORIES                       
These are really cute accessories with a signature item belonging to each character, with little colorful butterflies ♪(v^_^)v

Gareki's Goggles Accessory :  $13
Yogi's Thorn Sword Accessory :  $13
Tsukumo's Roses Accessory :  $13   
Jiki's Glasses Accessory :  $13
Hitsuji's Accessory :  $13
Nyanperona's Accessory :  $13
Karneval Little Accessories_1Karneval Little Accessories_2

KARNEVAL STICK POSTER                                   
The new Karneval stick posters are out!!!  They are super duper nice, especially the shiny pearl ones, they are really really shiny!!!  Because they reflect my flash, only pictures of the normal ones are taken LOL~  Let me know if you want one, whichever without a name next to it is available =)

                                                   Shiny Pearl Version                  Normal Version
Nai stick poster  :   $10                yumikajima
Tsukumo stick poster  :  $10
Hirato stick poster  :  $10             c2422 S                                 yumikajima
Jiki stick poster  :   $10                 blacknightsky S
Karneval Stick Poster - 1Karneval Stick Poster - 2
Karneval Stick Poster - 3

Beautiful collection figures to put on keychains or other things!!!  Brand new, shipping in the original boxes~

1x  Nai Kara Kore :  $15
2x  Tsukumo Kara Kore :  $13
1x  Hirato Kara Kore :  $15      
Karneval karakore

These doorplates are incredibly beautiful and COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There's only one of each, they are big, size 5"x7.25", 13x18.5cm~  There are two sides to the plates, one "IN" and one "OUT", each with a different picture.  Comes with a string to tie and hang on your door!!!

Karneval doorplate_01Karneval doorplate_02 1.  Nai Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_03Karneval doorplate_042.  Gareki Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_07Karneval doorplate_084.  Tsukumo Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_09Karneval doorplate_105.  Hirato Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_11Karneval doorplate_126.  Tsukitachi Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_13Karneval doorplate_147.  Jiki Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_15Karneval doorplate_168.  Kiichi Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_17Karneval doorplate_189.  Akari Doorplate  :  $14
Karneval doorplate_19Karneval doorplate_2010.  Nai Group Doorplate  :  $14

Useful chopsticks with cute chibi Gareki and Yogi!!!  Standard chopsticks size, 12" or 31cm~~  These chopsticks are sold out as well.  I couldn't buy any Nai, only 2 of Gareki and 1 of Yogi, there's no more!!

Gareki Chopsticks  :  $16
Yogi Chopsticks  :  $16
Karneval chopsticks

KARNEVAL ACCESSORIES                         

1x  Nai accessory :  $13
2x  Gareki accessory :  $13
1x  Yogi accessory :  $13
2x  Nyanperona  :  $13
Karneval accessories - AKarneval accessories - B

The photo covers are in full color prints, with thin cardboard covers but very very pretty~ The photos are printed on HIGH QUALITY glossy paper in size B5, 18cm x 25cm or 7"x10". There are 12 different illustrations!!! The photo collection is packed randomly, so my pictures show the original pair of character photos in each photo book. ***IMPORTANT*** I understand that you may want different photos in the photo books, THEREFORE, I am willing to MIX and MATCH for you!!! HOWEVER, you need to buy TWO photos at a time, obviously because each photo book holds TWO photos. I will list the price of each character photo individually. Once you select your two photos. I will place them into the photo book accordingly, and will give you the total. You can't get a better deal than that!!!

Front Cover: List of photos to choose:

1. Nai/Gareki/Yogi Laying Down : $12.50
2. Nai/Gareki/Yogi/Hitsuji Chocolates : $12.50
3. Gareki/Yogi Nyanperona : $12.50
4. Nai/Gareki/Yogi Fight : $12.50
6. Nai/Gareki Butterfly : $12.50
8. Circus First/Second Ship : $12.50
10. Nai/Gareki/Yogi/Hirato : $12.50
12. Hirato/Yogi Salute : $12.50

Last updated 12/14/2014

Thank you for looking!!!

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Hello! I was wondering if I can add these to my order:

Nai stick poster : $10 Shiny Pearl Version
Hirato stick poster : $10 Normal Version

Thank you! ^^

Hi Yumi-chan, sure, I will add these to your order =)

Hi Yumi-chan, it's been a while, how's school going? Just following up with you to see if you wanted me to send you the two posters that have been paid with the two payments you sent.
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Ryoma SP : $10
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Yukimura N : $10

The other 7 items you have on hold, would you be able to pay for any of those before 12/4? I will be gone most of December so I want to make sure you'll have something for Christmas at least. Let me know. If you are able, you can pay for the two Karneval stick posters, then I can send them to you with the Shinpuri ones, and you'll have 4 posters to decorate! Let me know, I also don't have your address, so please PM that to me as well so I can estimate shipping cost for you.

Nai stick poster : $10 Shiny Pearl Version
Hirato stick poster : $10 Normal Version

Edited at 2015-11-28 05:29 am (UTC)

Hello~ I was wondering if the door plates are still available, and if you have any Gareki or Yogi stick posters left? (Not sure, I didn't see their names :3)

Hello, thank you for your message. Yes, I am still selling everything. If the item names are removed that means they have already been sold. Also, the items with a member name next to them means they have been reserved. Hope that helps. If you are still interested in the doorplates or any other items, please list all the items you want and I will check, pack and let you know the total with shipping. Oh, and please also tell me your zip code if domestic, or country name if international.

I'm interested in the Gareki doorplate and the group one with Nai on the other side. :3 How much would shipping be to Canada? (P6A 6M9)
Also I wouldn't have money until the end of the month if that's okay with you.

Hello there, those are both available. First Class International Package to Canada costs $9. It is okay to pay at the end of the month, although please be serious about paying for them if you ask me to hold them for you. Let me know if you want them for sure and I will put your name down.

(Screened comment)
(Deleted comment)
Since this post is pretty old I'm not sure about it but asking doesn't hurt ^^
Do you still have and sell those items:

B1 - Sexy Gareki Tapestry
Karneval Notebook/CF - Yogi
Gareki Sketch Book
Yogi Sketch Book

Those would be the perfect birthday gifts for my gf xD

Thank you for answering!

RE: Do you still sell?

Hello there!! Thank you for your message, all four items are available!! All items listed should be available unless someone has held something =)

Please tell me your country name if you are international, or your zip code if you are domestic, in the US. I will give you a total with shipping! Just so you know, the tapestry will need to be shipped separately from the notebook and sketchbooks because of the shape and size.

Do you have a PayPal account to send payment? Let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Do you still sell?

Yeah if I could buy them that would be awesome! :3

I'm from Austria, Vienna to be exactly ^^

Yes I have a Paypal Account. If it's okay with you I could send you the total amount of money next week(probably on wednesday depends on how fast my bank transfers the money to paypal) ?

Re: Do you still sell?

Great! Absolutely not a problem at all to wait until next Wednesday. Here is your total:

Karneval Anikuji B1 - Sexy Gareki Tapestry : $60
Shipping Poster Tube to Austria : $14
Karneval Gareki Sketch Book : $15
Karneval Yogi Sketch Book : $15
Karneval Karneval Notebook/CF - Yogi : $15
Shipping Package to Austria : $23

Your second package is 10 ounces shipping for $23. I can ship up to 32 ounces for that same price, would you like to add anything else to save on shipping? Our postal system is kinda weird like that, sorry =) They just changed it the beginning of this year making it a flat rate from certain weight cutoffs.

When you use PayPal, do you have an option to send via a personal option and pay for your own international fees? If you can send using the personal option any pay your own fees, then I will not need to add the fees to your total. Some international PayPal accounts only have one option to pay as retail and not personal. Please let me know and save me a calculation LOL

(Screened comment)
Hello sweetie, do you have or know where to get Karneval pillow cases ? ^~

Thank you.

Hi there, sorry I do not know. I used to have a pillow I sold, but other than that, I don't think any official pillow cases have been released. Don't quote me on that though =)

On that note, are you intersted in any Karneval items I have? I can give you a discount!

I hope theres still some stuff available...?
im interested in the Sketch book and the Yogi's and Nyanperona's Accessory charms.
btw, whats a pencil board??? looks cute too.
are those still for sale?? im also wondering about shipping costs...
Thank you in advance.

RE: available stuff?

Hello there! Thank you for your message. Yes, these collectibles are almost all available!! The pencil boards are durable, shiny, plastic boards used to place underneath your paper so that when you write, it doesn’t leave pencil/pen indentations on the next page. They are really nice!!!

Shipping depends on where you are located. Are you in the US or are you from another country?

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