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Just look at those faces!!!

Are they sexy or what?!?! I love these boys~ (≧∇≦)


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I'm only guessing that one of those is mine? 8D Unless you got yourself two blankets then oops. LOL

LOL nonono, I only need Fuji σ(^_^;) I was gonna message you after I find a box to fit all the things I have ready for you but you found me out!!! Hehehe... Watcha wanna get first? Or do you want all now?

Oh, I would take everything I have right now off your hands...but it'll have to wait until next week to do so. Hopefully before the end of the month. :)

Ummmm, I might ave a good box, but the height would fit just the blanket and the pencil board... Can't put the photobooks in there cuz then they will get crushed. Let's do this, we can ship the blanket and the pencil board first whenever you can pay. The photobooks we will ship at the end of June along with the Relaxation Sticker v.1 of Niou, whenever that comes. This way we can split your payment in half so you don't have to send me a big chunk right away. You wanna do that? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Actually, this plan just sounds perfect. Let's do this. Ah, you're so smart. lol <3

Hehehehe okay, let's do that then! Haha, I dunno about smart... maybe slightly strategic in planning to reduce financial stress hehehe =P

Hello ^-^ Do you know when the pencil case prince of tennis will arrive ? :3 It's to know if I buy it in the next package or the june one ^^

My last Movic box for June is not shipped until after June 6th when the items are released. So the pencil case will be shipped with the other stuff after the last box comes. I don't know how my friend will decide to pack, so I can't tell you yet. You have two packages ready right now that I have already given you the totals for, and the pencil case will not fit in either package. So it's best not to worry about the pencil case right now. Just pay for the two packages that I've already given you the total for. Once the pencil case comes, I can ship it with the Atobe one-coins that you have reserved.

Okay :D
I holded the Sanada one coin too :)
You told me i have to pay for the second package when you will have the relax sticker 1 and the running clearfile :3
I will pay you the following package this week ^^ :

Shinpuri MCF v.2 - U-17 - Atobe : $7.5
Shinpuri MCF v.3 - Ryoma & Ponta : $7.5
Shinpuri Pocket Tapestry - Ryoma : $45
Shinpuri Uniform Flake Memo A : $14
Black Makegumi Racket Locket : $17
Atobe Yurayura : $0
Shipping : $17
Refund : -$8
Total without fees = $100
Fees : $4.50
Total with fees = $104.50
Total if pay you in "payment to friend" : $100

I'm right ? ^-^

Yes you did, I just didn't write everything that you ordered. Basically, I'll just ship the pencil case with whatever that you have held later next month, if they fit~

Yes, that is correct, the box is ready to ship to you.

Okay x)
I hope i will have enough money to buy all the stuff in only one time >__

I really like this drawing of Fujiko.... it's like a rare uke side of him we don't normally see except for that episode when Tezuka made him cry...

Edited at 2013-06-03 04:36 pm (UTC)

Hahahaha yes, pretty uke of Fuji here~ If we were to superimpose Fuji's drawing on top of Tezuka's in 2011, slightly to the left, they'd totally look like a seme-uke couple in bed hehehehe... Or Niou's hahaha

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