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Awwwwwwww... They're splashing water at each other... How cute~~~~

But why are there three Rikkai members?!?! I like Rikkai and all, but a variety would've been nicer ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I would've liked to see Fuji and Shiraishi shooting water guns at each other, and Kite splashing water at Atobe~~ but then again, the ones doing the splashing in these clear files are the most playful and kid-like ones like Ryoma, Akaya and Niou σ(^_^;) and Shiraishi LOL


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These are so cute!! It's nice to remember they are still boys. It's funny that Niou and Atobe are together. First he steals Kabaji and now he shoots water at Atobe. Ahaha!

Odd that the clouds stayed the same and yet the shadows changed. lol

I know!!! I wasn't expecting Niou to be with Atobe either, hehee poor Kabaji~

HAHAHA!!! You're right! I didn't even notice the shadows until you mentioned, LOL, I wonder if the manufacturer even notices~~ Good catch~

if there's some left imma raise my hand for Ry-kun as always

I think they're sold in a set of three, but if other people want the other ones, then I'll save the Ryoma one for you~

ok ty let me know when you know something new ok? ^^

The clear files will be coming next week, I'll save the Ryoma/Yukimura for you =)

ahhh its ok i've got it already >w< sry >w

You should've let me know sooner. You and Koori, if you guys ever NOT want anything anymore, you should tell me BEFORE I buy and confirm the availability with you. I try to help you people and get things that you all want, but if you girls keep doing this to me and I will really not honor your requests anymore. I've spent a lot of money buying these you know, I don't have much money to just buy and let stuff sit there.

"Sorry" doesn't help me get my money back.

i was sure i had left a comment that i don't need it anymore...
how much is it..?

All of your comments are above. It's not necessary, I will try to sell it myself, I don't want to sell it to you if you don't really want it.

Please make sure you actually leave a message to let me know if you don't want something anymore, but please do so BEFORE I confirm that I have purchased it.

i will, i am deeply sorry for that trouble :/

Omg I just saw this while checking on your other tags... I see my biases together... OwO

Will you ever have them for sale?

I will, they will be here next week or so =) I always sell my clear files for $15 each, and $17-$18 for really rare ones. Are you interested?

Yeah, I'm interested.^^ can it be shipped with the other items I ordered though?

Sure, lemme check what you have on hold, if they are flat items then they can be sent together, otherwise they cannot, because I don't want to ruin the clear files sending it in a bulk package.

Ok, just let me know.^^ The one I'm interested is Niou and Atobe btw ^^

Oh I see, I've already have a claim for the Niou/Atobe one. I don't remember how many sets I bought, but I think there will still be a Niou/Atobe one for you. I'll let you know =)

Ah... Sure, please do. Thanks ^^

So you have on order the Niou Music Karakore and the Niou Rotating Keyholder, so I wouldn't be able to ship the clear file with that. The clear file is coming next week, the karakore wouldn't be here until October anyways =)

Edited at 2013-08-10 09:33 pm (UTC)

Ah ok. Just let me know if there's still Niou/Atobe clear file left for me.^^

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