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The New Prince of Tennis Pictures Collection~

In late July, there will be these Prince of Tennis Pictures Collection coming out~~ I have already ordered a set, and it will be coming sometime in August. Each picture is of size B5, so 18.2 x 25.7 cm, or approximately 7" x 10", printed on high quality photo paper!!! Artwork is exclusive for this photo collection!!! I will sell each picture for $6. Please feel free to reserve any characters you are interested in~~


Reservation List
Ryoma/Kin-chan :    koori24
Tezuka :    babysyusuke
Fuji :    babysyusuke
Kawamura :
Momoshiro :     azalifinrandi
Atobe :
Akutagawa :
Kabaji :
Wakashi :
Taki :
Yukimura :
Sanada :
Yanagi :
Kirihara :
Shiraishi :     azalifinrandi
Chitose :
Oshitari Kenya :
Zaizen :
Kite :
Tokugawa :
Oni :
Oishi/Eiji :
Inui/Kaido :
Oshitari/Mukahi :
Shishido/Ootori :
Niou/Yagyuu :     blacknightsky
Marui/Jackal :
Koharu/Yuuji :
Koshikawa/Ishida :     azalifinrandi
Kai/Hirakoba :
Chinen/Tanishi :
Irie/Yamato :

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...Niou/Yagyuu for me please? 8D

Hi blackie, your Niou/Yagyuu hardback picture is here! Same with the glass charms and the K Project onsen clear file. Would you like a total with everything that you have?

Thanks for telling me! :D And for getting everything as well. ;w; Umm, yes? Though I heard that you'll be updating your stuff soon and I would like a chance to look at those as well, but I will be taking all my babies off your hands within this week. :)

Okie dokie, I've finished updating my sales pages, so take a look if you're interested! I've also got some rare Brothers Conflict CFs and a Free! CF if you like them =) Here's what I have for your right now, we will most likely have to ship in two packages. I'll have to find a box, but I'll find the cheapest way to ship to you no worries =) Let me know if you wanna add anything~

Package 1
Karneval Accessories - Nai $12.00
Karneval Gareki/Yogi Cushion $125.00
Karneval Kara Kore - Gareki $13.00
Karneval Kara Kore - Hirato $13.00
Karneval Stick Poster - Gareki S $10.00
Karneval Stick Poster - Jiki S $10.00
Karneval Stick Poster - Tsukitachi S $10.00
Karneval Stick Poster - Karoku S $10.00
Glass marker : Niou/peach $12.00
Glass marker : Kai/pine $12.00

Package 2
Karneval Doorplate : Yogi $14.00
Karneval Doorplate : Gareki group $14.00
RS v.1 - Niou $12.00
K CF Onsen $15.00
Shinpuri Hardback Pictures - 23 $6.00

Ryoma and kin-chan ! :D Can i ?

Yatta >_< My two fav characters on the same picture xD ♥

I'll have the usual perfect pair please.

Fuji looks good here ^^ so is Tezuka.

Sure thing!!! I'll put you down for the perfect pair ^____^ The relaxation stickers v.1 for are also here!

Hi Mag, your TezuFuji are here, along with the glass charms and the Otoya mousepad you wanted. Should I give you a total or would you like to wait and see all my updates first?

OMG Shiraishi is winking isdgufksdfjvnsrklutjgldfkbndfghj Can I has him please??


And if no one wants Momo...I will takes da Momo >>

LOL yes you can have him =P I know, it's rare to see Koi/Ishi pair right?!?! hehehehe, no one wants Momo yet, poor Momo, haha, but I'll put you down for him!!

Azi-chan, you Shiraishi, Momo and Koishikawa/Ishida pair are all here, along with your glass charms and Shiraishi/Ryoma Tanabata CF~ Should I give you a total or would you like to wait and see all my updates first?

*sigh* Whenever I find someone selling this, Shiraishi is always taken already :(

Buchou is very popular σ(^_^;) I have many other Shiraishi items though if you're interested!! Please take a look around and let me know if something catches your eyes (^_^)v

hi linna-chan! long time no see! i would like to ask how big are the picture for the The New Prince of Tennis Pictures Collection~ going to be? i meant as in how big is it compared to our hand? >.<"

Ohisashiburi!!! Long time no see, yes LOL How are you doing? Hehehe, I put in the description that "Each picture is of size B5, so 18.2 x 25.7 cm, or approximately 7" x 10", printed on high quality photo paper" =P I dunno if you use the metric system or otherwise, but they are quite big!!

i'm great! XD though i would appreciate if my holidays last longer hehe x'DD wow! i see~ ahhh then i guess i'll have to skip this one since i doubt i have a place to place it in my house QwQ"" //weeps
thank you so much for your help linna-chan!^^

Well we all know vacations are always short so enjoy it as much as you can~

Hehe okay no problem =)

ah! linna-chan! but if it's ever restocked, do you think i could get the SHINPURI MINI CLEAR FILES vol. 4 - Before Bed ryoma version? if it's restocked of course, i'm not sure if they will or not x'D

They are still available for purchasing, but if I want to buy I have to buy the whole set. Unless you want to pay for the whole set, otherwise, I can't afford to buy a whole set just to give you Ryoma =)

ahhh~ i see ><" then it's alright i guess since i do not have the money for a full box x'D thank you so much for your help linna-chan!^^

Do you want this Ryoma Karakore? I still have an empty slot for him if you want to claim him =) http://duckie405.livejournal.com/42407.html

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