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In November, Animate will be selling the HAKUOUKI COLLECTION FIGURES in the WESTERN STYLE version!!! I am definitely going to collect this set to display with the Shinsengumi Uniform Eastern collection~ The set contains 8 figures, 6 are known and 2 are SECRETS!!! I can't really guess who they are... Maybe another version of Okita and Saito like the first set?? Who knows!!! Maybe we will be able to guess as the models are being released later in the year ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ If you are interested in any characters, please feel free to make your reservations. I will order the sets depending on the number of reserved figures =) Price will be $14/figure ~ Please go ahead and make a comment if you are interested!! If all goes well, I will receive these in December, just before Christmas!!!


Reservation List
Western Hijikata figure :
Western Okita figure :
Western Saito figure :            aimashita
Western Harada figure :         sanolover
Western Todou figure :
Western Kazama figure :        blacknightsky
SECRET 1 figure :                  blacknightsky
SECRET 2 figure :

Hakuouki trading figures_1

Hakuouki trading figures_2
Hakuouki trading figures_3
Hakuouki trading figures_4

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Definitely interested. Please put me down for Saito.

Okay! I'll put you down for a Western Saito =) He's really cute~

I know! Too cute that I just can't resist! Can you imagine if there's Yamazaki? I think I'd die from a happiness overload.

Well there are two secret ones!!! Who knows!!! Hehehehe, Saito has the cutest stoic expressions =D

Hello, your Western Saito figure is here!! Would you like to take a look at the updates and see if there's anything else you'd like to add or should I give you a total?


How much would it cost for shipping for the figure, the free! Haruka vacation strap, and the Kazama can badge be to Canada?

Let me know when you can and thanks :)

(Screened comment)
Hmm... I think I'll just take the Saito figure and the rubber strap of Haruka.

(Screened comment)
Hi! I sent payment yesterday and was wondering if you received it or not.

Heya, yes I have received your payment. Sorry I was busy so couldn't respond yesterday. I'll send your package tomorrow~

Hello, your package is prepared to send, a shipping confirmation is sent to you. Please leave a feedback for me to let me know when you it. http://duckie405.livejournal.com/tag/feedbacks

These figures DDD: So adorable! I can't choose...Put me down for Chikage and Secret Figure 1? :)

They ARE super adorable aren't they?!?! Hehehe okay, I dunno who the secret characters will be, but as soon as I can make a guess or silhouette pictures are posted, I'll let you choose the secret character that you want~ Does that sound fair? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。 That sounds really awesome and I can't believe you'll let me do that! Thank you so much!

You're very welcome!!

Oh yeah, your Relaxation Sticker v.1 - Niou came on Saturday as well!! I can add it to your flat rate box and send it with everything if you want~ If not, next time is fine, I know it's a lot ^__^;

Heya, your Kazama is here also! For the secret figures, it's an Okita Rasetsu version or a Saito Rasetsu version. Which do you want? =)

Oh that's hard to choose! I think I would go with...Okita Rasetsu ;w;

LOL okay, he's cute ^____^

Hi Hi, if you happen to order a second box, I would like to order Saito from you please?

Right now I only have two boxes preordered from Animate, one for me and one to sell... If more people are interested in the other characters, then I might end up buying more boxes, but as of now, I've only got 4 reservations hehehe...

If my money situation looks better down the road, and I can get another box, you'll be first in line for Saito!!

Was surfing around the LJ a bit. If no one wants the Hijikata figure, I can take him.

Well so far no one wants him, poor Hijikata =P If you confirm then I'll put you down for him. If you want to wait until they come in then that's fine, though I can't guarantee you'll get him at that time =P Did you ever finish watching Hakuouki though?

The Hakuouki figures are here! Do you still want Hijikata? I can save him for you~

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