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LOL something new Movic came up with~ Each finger gets a school banner, emblem, uniform, etc... Kinda funny!!! Imagine if they put the member's faces, with the thumbs being the team captains, and then four additional members σ(^_^;) Would people think you're crazy if you walk around with ten faces on your fingers?!?! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Each set is for one school, and it contains 24 nail chips for both hands, all made out of ABS plastic~ I assume that's either four sets of six, or six sets of four... The photo clearly shows five designs for one set,,,

So, I've always cut, file, and once in a blue moon paint my own nails... Never been to a manicure place nor gotten fake nails done... Ummmm, am I the only weird one who has five fingers per hand?! LOL, why are there 24?! Someone enlighten me please!! σ(^_^;)


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Whaaa so cool !! *^* Do you think it will stay a long time on our nails ? :o Or it won't stick a long time ?
It's weird to have 24 nail chips, after all we have only 10 fingers xDD

LOL I dunno Koori-chan, I've never put on fake nails before σ(^_^;)

Same <3 >_<

Edited at 2013-06-09 05:07 pm (UTC)

It can depend on the brand of nail, and glue, but they are generally pretty durable. I know a waitress that wears long fake nails and her job was really rough on her hands and they held up. I think some nails are even hard to get off and you have to soak to dissolve the glue or something... What often comes first is you have to remove them because your real nails start growing out and the fake one looks 'pushed out'.

um...the more you know...? *overhead rainbow*

I see °^° You seems to know many things xD

haha! not really! I just had a passing interest and we sell them at my workplace so I looked at them for awhile. I like stickers and gluing on sparkles to my real nails better. :]

Hehe I see :D And you knew why the Prince of Tennis nail chips are sold by 24 ?

I can't believe my first comment on your LJ is going to be about fake nails. I've been following for maybe a month now(?), looking at the lovely items. (your Amnesia collection is impressive!) Anyways...

I've never worn fake nails, but I see they often give you extra sizes. I'm thinking its because not everyone has the same size nails.

Hello! Welcome to my LJ, and thank you for following ^___^ If anything on my sales catches your eyes, please feel free to let me know!

Hehehe it makes sense what you said, I wonder if the extra is going to be for the thumb or the pinky~ I like the thumb design! Wouldn't mind having an extra one of those hehehe... But I don't think I will buy these~

Definitly, only problem is that there are too many things that catch my eye! I have too many things ordered right now to swing it, despite your reasonable prices. Which reminds me, I've wanted to say I commend you (and others like you) that do these sales posts and pre-orders- being the middle man can be quite the task~~ It can be hard to get import items and it just brings a smile to my face to see individuals take the time to help fellow fans~
ah sorry~ way off topic ^^;;

Hehehhee I see, well whenever you have less things on order then come back to check my sales!!

Ah, thank you for your compliment, I'm sure all of the other sellers are also happy to be able to help out ^__^ I don't know how long I'll be able to continue, but however long I can, I will try~

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