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Karneval Stick Posters are coming!!!  They are being released at the end of July, so around the end of August is when I should get them~  Each set comes with a shiny pearl version and a normal version as always~  Let me know which character and which version you would like to reserve ^___^  Stick posters will be $10 each!!

Reservation List
Nai stick poster  :                  Kai Ijams S
Gareki stick poster  :             blacknightsky S, Kai Ijams N
Yogi stick poster  :                Dazing_dreamer S, aoife_power N
Tsukumo stick poster  :
Hiroto stick poster  :              c2422 S
Jiki stick poster  :                  blacknightsky S
Karoku - poster #1  :            blacknightsky S, c2422 N
Tsukitachi - poster #2  :        blacknightsky S

And I don't know who the other two characters are LOL!!!  They might be from First Ship or Kafka hehehe... hopefully Tsukitachi hehehe...once I know more I'll post more!  So far these are the lineups~

karneval stick poster_1

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I have a problem...I don't know who to choose between all of them. OTL And if there are two more that's suppose to be in the lineup and it's Tsukitachi, Karoku or Uro, then I still wouldn't be able to choose. Haa...me and my problems. LOL

edit: I'd actually thought about it, I think I'm going to go with Shiny Gareki and Shiny Jiki please. ;3;

Edited at 2013-06-14 03:43 am (UTC)
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Okie dokie blackie~ I'll put you down for those shiny boys hehehe =P Let me know if you think about it again and wanna add more LOL

Ah, and I'm updating my sales for the other animes too, take a look around~ It'll be another 1/2hr til I finish Tenipuri though~
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LOOOL Let's hope that that doesn't happen! I'm already fickle enough and I shouldn't give into that and choose everything...but we'll have to see once the other two are revealed, I suppose.

All right! I will be taking a look around later. Thanks! ;)
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...and I just realized that you called me 'blackie' LOL Didn't know I was this slow.

ANYWAY, because you put up the Secret Poster option up there, I want to go with Secret shiny 1 as well, then I should be good. ^ ^;
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Hehehehehe, is that a good nickname for you? XD

Okie dokie, I'll put you down for the secret one, and just like the Hakuouki figures, I'll let you choose first which secret character you want ^___^
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Linna-chan, I would like to reserve Hirato shiny pearl version :D!
Thank you .
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Hi C-chan, sure thing! I'll put you down for shiny pearl Hirato ^___^ Also, the PoT Relax v.1 are here! Your Yukimura and Shiraishi I mean hehehe, I'm updating my sales right now, all of the other sales are done except for Tenipuri. It'll be another 1/2hr maybe. But whenever I'm finished, please take a look around and let me know if you want anything else ^___^
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Linna-chan, Would you please put me down for secret 2 shiny pearl version?
Thank you :)
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Okie dokie! So it'll be Hirato and Secret #2 shiny for you =) Ah, but I told blacknightsky that since she reserved Secret #1, she'll get to choose first which of the secret posters she likes. Are you okay with that?
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Hi c-chan, the two secrets turn out to be Karoku and Tsukitachi~ blackie wants the shiny Karoku, so do you want the shiny Tsukitachi or do you also want Karoku? Let me know =)
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Oh please put me down for a poster of Yogi too, although I'm not really sure what the difference is between the shiny and normal? Although, I guess it's kind of in the name lol. I honestly don't know which one though?
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Hmmmm... There's not really a big difference in either of them LOL I don't know how to describe them hehehe... See any noticeable differences? http://duckie405.livejournal.com/22987.html

Most people tend to like the shiny pearly ones, because they are more special I gues hehehe
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Hmm yeah, I can't really tell the difference between them haha, maybe different shades of color? Maybe? And shiny? But I guess it would be easier to see the difference in person. But hey, I'm a sucker for shiny things, so shiny Yogi it is!
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Hehehe yeah, I guess the only real difference is the type of paper they use =P Alrighty, I'll put you down for shiny Yogi!!
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Hihi!! Your Shiny Yogi poster is here ^___^ Would you like to take a look at my other sales updates and see if you want anything else? Or are you ready for me to ship?
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