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How about Amnesia, does anyone want a coloring book of their favorite Amnesia character?! =) Just like the Hakuouki ones, these are size B5 and contains 24 pages of line drawings of the series, games~~ The cover is full color! The price will be $17/book. Please let me know by 6/18 if you want one!!!

Reservation List
Shin Coloring Book : ocha1
Ikki Coloring Book :
Kent Coloring Book :
Toma Coloring Book : c2422
Ukyo Coloring Book : c2422, ocha1

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Linna-chan, I would like to reserve Toma and Ukyo coloring book.
Thank you :D.

Will do for Toma and Ukyo as well ^___^

I was able to order Toma and Ukyo for you =) They will be coming in August, I'll let you know when they come!

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