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Hakuouki ~~Sweet School Life~~
I don't play any kinds of computer games, but the CG's for this Hakuouki Sweet School Life is really really nice!!!  I love these boys in school clothes, they are so hot!!!  CG's and Icons courtesy of Otomate~

Hakuokki SSL - 02

Hakuokki SSL - 01
Hakuokki SSL - 03Hakuokki SSL - 05Hakuokki SSL - 04Hakuokki SSL - 06




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;A; So pretty!!! I'm hoping that this game, along with the others, would come out into the English market.

Though, I wonder how Hijikata's route would work since he's a teacher in SSL, isn't he? LOL Sano's one too, isn't he? If I recalled it correctly from the video.

Ah, I don't play the games so I don't really know how any of the routes will work LOL... but it's totally illegal for Hijikata and Harada to be flirting with Chizuru-chan!!!! Hahaha, but I would totally fall for my teachers too if they look like Hijikata-sensei and Harada-sensei LOL!!! They look really good in those button up shirts and ties... I love men in button up shirts and ties... >___________

I think I have an idea how the routes will work base off of what was previously released before the announcement of the game. lol Though, if you know as much as I do already, then sorry! I think that Chizuru is the only female in the whole school. Her childhood friend is Heisuke, Saitou is in charge of discipline, and Chikage is the student body president.

LOL! Both Hijikata and Sano are both good looking characters; I'm sure if there were actually more girls in the school, then they all would fall for those two, including the rest of the Hakuouki since school uniforms and button up shirts and ties definitely can make a man look good~ ;D

See, I find that unfair... unfair for Chizuru to monopolize all the boys LOL! Actually, I don't play any games, so you should educate me LOL!! I like Chizuru and all, but what's she doing in an all-boys school... she should really share the wealth... hahaha! So all of them have a role, but whatabout Okita, just another student? Hehehe, poor Souji...

At my former Japanese senior high school, we had those traditional uniforms, the black ones like Seigaku. So when the kids wore their uniform properly, they all looked the same LOL. But during the winter, sometimes they'd take off their uniform jacket and wear just the long sleeve sweaters over the button up white shirts... they were really good looking LOL!!! The summer white short sleeves are nothing interesting, but some kids would wear their long sleeves and roll them up a bit, they looked good like that too LOL like Okita in the first photo without the vest sweater... I didn't have a crush on any of them though I promise HAHAHA!!!

I still keep in touch with two, soccer boys, best looking in the school HAHAHAHA!!! One of them is a 3rd-year at Keio University, good kid, I like him a lot, not that way though hehehehe One is a 3rd-year in high school still, he was my neighbor XD His parents and him moved into the apartment complex and they came to greet me (a Japanese tradition) while I was wearing pajamas... there was a hole in my pants... and I was wearing geeky glasses... it was horrendously embarrassing LOL!!! Good memories though T______T

Edited at 2013-06-18 11:05 pm (UTC)

LOL! Well, there's only two games from the series that available, Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (which the anime is based off of Hijikata's route) and Warriors of the Shinsengumi (which is just a fighting game) and soon Memories of the Shinsengumi is coming out for the 3DS soon, and yeah. Let's see...Sano's route in the original game was sad and I cried because of that; it was so heart breaking!!! Anyway, I'm hoping that Sano's route in SSL would be a much nicer, happier route.

Well, like in the anime and the games, Chizuru is the only girl in the Shinsengumi, so she definitely gets to monopolize the boys, even if the only ones that gives her attention is the playable characters. I think there was a mix up or something and she ended up going to that all boy school...even if there was an all girl school nearby too! Her twin goes to the same school as everyone else, but I'll have to wait to know about his role. Okita, from what I recall, he's that senpai that who is in everyone's business...which is already his personality. Whether he's also sick with TB in SSL, we'll have to see!

Really!?!? That's really cute! And you actually got to live in Japan? That's so cool! No wonder you have so good connections with getting things. hehe

Hehehehe I see, sounds fun... maybe when I'm less busy I'll try them sometimes~ I really like Hakuouki, Armen Noi, Amnesia, Toki no Kizuna, Jyuzaengi, Snowbride and Hiiro no Kakera... there are so many to name!!! The artwork are so beautiful, I like all the artwork ^_____^

Well they better clear the mix up, otherwise Chizuru's gonna have too many heart attack to sustain life at that school hahaha =P Poor Souji, TB sticks with him everywhere huh? So what's Sano's route, why is it sad? Tell me tell me!!!

Ah yeah, I guess I didn't tell you, I lived in Japan for 3 years teaching some of the best kids there ^___^ Here are my favorite soccer boys:
They graduated in 2011 already, they are now all 3rd years in college. Even though Japanese soccer boys are typically kinda cocky, these kids are NOT. They were focused in school and they were very respectful to the teachers and their friends. I taught them since their first year in high school and saw them through to graduation. I love these boys!!! This high school, Shimizu Higashi, is an advanced level school, so the kids who get accepted are all very good kids~ I miss the school, I hope to go back to visit sometime =)

You should visit Japan someday!!

You should when you find the time! I thought it was really cool that they had decided to release Fleeting Blossoms onto the American market and soon there will be three games out, which makes me hopeful for them to release SSL here as well along with other otome games. Really, these games have brilliant artwork.

LOL! I'm sure she'll likely to have a couple a day when at that school; she could avoid some if she actually pays attention to the morning announcements about some things. hehe I think, or at least I'm hoping, SSL will add the scene in which it was the day of a physical exam and Chizuru didn't know about it. Because of that, she ended up running into the gym looking for people to see everyone there half-naked. LOL Well, besides the teachers of course. Poor her. That scene is a parallel to Fleeting Blossom when the doctor came to the Shinsengumi compound for a check up on the boys.

Everything I'd seen that involves the Shinsengumi always seems to have Okita with TB. I think it's to keep it somewhat historically accurate? Though, playing the game itself, is almost like a history lesson in it by itself of that time period.

I really like Sano's path the best because of the heartwrenching-ness of some of it's scenes. The saddest, to me anyways, I'll try to put it into words, but it'll still be much sadder than what I can portray. As we know, the playable characters that are from the Shinsengumi, Sano was the only person who never drank the Water of Life and thus, he had no super power to be fighting against the demons. Shiranui always shows up and it frustrates Sano a lot that he doesn't have the strength to fight him. Now, at this time, Sano, Shinpachi and Chizuru had left the Shinsengumi since the Shinsengumi was going a different direction from what they wanted and such. On a certain night in which both Sano and Shinpachi had gone out drinking, I think, Chizuru was going to leave the two because she didn't want to be a burden and have to be putting them in danger if Chikage and his crew was going to go after her sooner or later. Sano was able to stop her though and even admitted, heartbreakingly, that he didn't have enough power to even protect the woman that he loved...it was just a painful scene, but at the same time, it was a very romantic scene as well. ;v;

That seems to be a stereotype, the cocky Japanese soccer player, but those boys just looks like the sweetest boys that you can ever meet asdfjkl; I would have been really surprised if you told me that they weren't sweet and such lol You should really go back to your school whenever you have a chance to the next time your in Japan! It'll be a nice stroll down memory lane! hehe!

Oh, Japan is definitely on my life of places to go to before I die. Hopefully, if my mom can plan it carefully enough, she wants to do a tour of Asia after I graduate since she didn't want to just go to Vietnam and just stay in a house most of the time like she did when she went with my sister five-six years ago. lol It would be nice to find one that would include Japan since it would be just a great experience to do so.

Awwww poor Sano... That is sad... But at least he got to tell her he loves her hehehehe... I heard he's the only one in the game to have a baby with Chizuru no? So then it's all a good confession, even though a little heart-wrenching hehehe <3 I like it that Sano never became a rasetsu, Saito didn't either in the anime. I don't particularly like the rasetsu idea in Hakuouki, and Okita is a little too sadistic with not-too-good a personality in it LOL, but anything with the Shinsengumi would draw me in automatically hahahaha! And Kazuki Yone-sensei's artwork was just gorgeous, I was hooked and nothing mattered LOL Actually, I like the real Okita-sensei, not so much the Okita portrayed in Hakuouki haha!! But since he's Okita, I fall for anything Okita too LOL!!!

Ah yes, historically, the real Okita Souji-sensei suffered from tuberculosis in his early twenties and passed away at that young age. He is my favorite Japanese historical figure!!! Love the Shinsengumi <3 and the Byakkotai~ Do you know the history of the real Shinsengumi before Hakuouki? Or did you learn about them from the game/series? If you don't know much then I recommend a manga called Kaze Hikaru! It is by far one of my two favorite fictional mangas based on the Shinsengumi!!! The other being Peacemaker ^___^ Even though they are fictional, the mangakas did extensive research to try and keep the stories as true to history as possible!!!! Kaze Hikaru is soooooo funny, and Peacemaker is funny but also a bit more serious =) Peacemaker was also made into an anime in 2004 I think, oh should watch it too, it's beautiful, the artwork ^____^

Yah, all of my kids at that school were just wonderful! I got along with all the kids and I often went to see the soccer, basketball, baseball and kyuudo tournaments. There was handball and tennis too of course but I didn't go see those very often LOL, maybe I was biased... No real game will be as interesting as Tenipuri so why bother LOL, I'm just kidding!!! I was just not as close to the handball and tennis kids hehehehe. I will definitely visit Japan again some day~

Oh? Hehehe how come your mom and sister only stayed in a house in VN for 5 days? Was that supposed to be a tour? I think there are some pretty good tours around!!! When are you graduating?! Good luck!!!

Now...a long reply to an overdue comment OTL.

Yup yup, he's the only one that gets to have a kid. I guess becoming a rasetsu can affect your kid making abilities or something LOL I didn't know that Saitou didn't become one in the anime only because I never made it that far in the anime, haha only the available games. I think I like the Okita portrayed in Peacemaker the best, though I do love the Hakuouki one as well. I think it's just the fact that it's the Shinsengumi that makes it all so lovable really.

I didn't know much about it really, besides the little things from Peacemaker that it. The Hakuouki game gives you some history lessons which was fascinating really.

Oh! They released more CGs in DENGEKI Girl's Style magazine this month. I actually got a copy and scanned the little tear out page that has the CGs on it. If you're interested, they are right here~, you can click on them to make them larger. ^___^ There's actually another CG that had Kondo-san (as the principle or headmaster, one of those), Sannan-san (as a teacher maybe?) and Yamazaki (as a student), but I couldn't scan that. >__<;

LOL You must have been a wonderful teacher and surely all your students must have loved you as well. hehe I think that's just really awesome that you would go to your students games and cheer them on and such!

Oh lol no. Five-six years ago, my mom and my sister went to Vietnam for the whole month of January with my grandma. They ended up staying in a house most of the time though and didn't get to do much besides eating. Because of that, my mom wants to go on a tour instead to actually do something then just sitting around and eating. I'd seen this one company that does tour Vietnam with some extensions to other countries and I'm trying to get her to consider that, though that's still a while. I'll be graduating December 2014 with my BS in biochem, hopefully. LOL I don't have any concrete plans on what to do afterwards in terms of grad school and stuff.

I have TONS of overdue comments from other people that I have not replied to... You make me look bad missy LOL

Short and sweet!! Okita in Peacemaker and Kaze Hikaru are the best, I love them *\(^o^)/* But Okita in Hakuouki is soooooo good looking, LOL, I love him too~ You should read Kaze Hikaru, you'll learn a lot, cuz the author is not biased, so you don't feel any character is particularly bad hehehehe

And that CG of Okita and Saitou just getting out of the shower... SO HOT!!! Thank you for showing me, I love Hijikata too ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It just hit me that you're Vietnamese... Go ahead, call me slow, LOL!!!

Biochemistry!!! That's what I studied!!! Go for pharmacy school Blackie, it'll do you good d(^_^o) If you are interested, start studying for the PCAT like... Now hehehehe

<---lemme just steal this icon, hehehehe~

x3 nice cg's~~~ been seeing a lot about the new SSL game.

I love how well they decided everyone's new roles as students and teachers, lol. I think Okita and Heisuke work really well in the new setting... probably because they are both kind of immature! XD

Although, Harada is pretty smooth there in a modern collar and tie. He just screams "oh yeah~, I'm an adult... let's go for a drink." not that he can say that to his students!!!

Chizuru is just sooo cute with this look. Although, she's always like 8O *shock*. Poor girl is going to have a heart attack. Um, no pun intended, pfft. :p

Re: <---lemme just steal this icon, hehehehe~

Chizuru has already had several heart attacks LOL, she's gotta be careful of falling for all! Okita and Saito are so handsome as students T___T Hijikata is the cold but hot teacher and Harada is the sexy flirty teacher, those two are gonna make all those female students swoon over them!! I'm thinking Kazama is the high class one and Todou is the playful one and Okita is the sadistic trickster LOL~ I would really like to play the games someday... I just don't have time...

I shouldn't even click this but >.< Saitoh Hajime is so pretty!

He is quite the looker there hehehe!!!

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