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Here are some new items being released at the end of August, so if I get any, they will be available at the end of September.  Take a look if you're interested.  A couple are individuals, most are sets.  If individual items, I can buy as many as you reserve.  The sets, however, can only be purchased as a set, so I will only buy if enough people are interested.  Comment as always if you're interested, and I'll let you know when they have been ordered, if I order them~

Ryoma's and Shiraishi's straps are individual items, so I can order these as many as you request.  They are made of metal zinc alloy, and are 10cm in length.  The star is a loose frame that can swing back and forth over the metal picture plate, with a fluffy puff at the bottom.  Very nice =)  Each strap will be $17.  Comment if you're interested.

Reservation List
Ryoma Star Strap :    koori24
Shiraishi Star Strap :    c2422

The Shinpuri Birthday Charm Collection consists of picture plates along with a name plate with each character's birthday and color!!!  I would assume that the silver sides are raised with the hole depressions where they will be colored in for the respective month~  They are made of metal zinc alloy of 7.5cm in length.  These will be $13 each.  Comment if you are interested.  Since this is a set, I will buy a set only if at least seven characters are claimed.  Just a random thought, Fuji's the oldest according to the months, if they were all born in the same year hehehe~  Of course Ryoma is the youngest =)

Reservation List
Ryoma Birthday Charm :                 koori24
Tezuka Birthday Charm :                 babysyusuke
Fuji Birthday Charm :                 babysyusuke
Atobe Birthday Charm :                   koori24
Oshitari Birthday Charm :
Yukimura Birthday Charm :             c2422
Niou Birthday Charm :
Shiraishi Birthday Charm :              c2422
Kenya Birthday Charm :
Kite Birthday Charm :

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Linna-chan, I would like to reserve Shiraishi star strap, Yukimura and Shiraishi birthday charm, and Hirato's hat ring :)
Thank you :D

Okay =) I'll put you down for them!! Since the birthday charms and the rings are set collections, I'll let you know if I end up ordering them =) The star strap will be a definite yes~

Will you be able to send payment for the relaxation stickers and the Hakuouki bromide greeting cards by mid-next week? The Tenipuri Second game are coming EMS, should be here by then too, I can ship them all to you before I stop shipment on 6/29. Also let me know if you wanna add anything to ship along with them ^___^

Hi c-chan, I'm not going to get the Inge, but I will get these accessories instead, are you still interested in Hirato's hat?


Yes, I'll be able to send you the payment this Sunday :). And I would like to have shin Tenipuri Shiraishi yurayura clip ship together with those items that you mentioned.
Thank you :D!

Oh yeah, there's also the Shiraishi Yurayura!! Oh, but don't send the money this Sunday. Whenever the Yukimura One Coins comes, I'll let you know and request the payment at that time. He will be coming very soon, he's now in customs in Los Angeles hehehe =P It's doubtful that they'll let him go tonight, so he won't come tomorrow. I'm thinking either Monday or Tuesday, but I'll let you know as soon as possible!!!

C-chan, do you want a Yukimura-buchou figure to go with your Shiraishi-buchou figure? ^_____^


Can i have the fluffy charm of Ryoma and the birthday charm of Ryoma and Atobe ? :3

Sure =) The fluffy charm will be a definite yes, but the birthday charm is a set, so I'll wait to see if more people are interested first k? I'll let you know!

Hi Koori-chan, the fluffy charm will come next month, will you be able to pay? and the birthday charms will come in October, just letting you know =)

Hi Koori, I have your star strap ready, these are what I can send you now:

Relax 4 November Fuji : $12.00
PoT 2nd Game One Coins - Atobe : $14.00
PoT 2nd Game One Coins - Sanada : $14.00
Shinpuri Pencil Case : $24.00
Shinpuri Star Strap - Ryoma : $17.00

Anything you want to add?

Your Atobe and Ryoma Birthday charms are also available.


I would like to have TezuFuji's birthday charm please! And can I reserve the Karneval Nai and Usagi ring?


Most certainly!! I think I will buy a box of birthday charms after all, since three are enough reservations =) Just to make sure though, you want both buchou's and Anika's right? There two charms hehe, you wrote singular so just wanna clarify =P

The Karneval order is still uncertain, but I'll let you know if I do order a box of Karneval rings!! I'll still put you down for Nai and Usagi!!

Edited at 2013-06-23 09:15 am (UTC)

Haha yeah charms =.= oh well TezuFuji is singular to me haha but yes Tezuka and Fuji aniki's please.

Hi Mag, your TezuFuji charms are here, as well as the Nai and Usagi accessories~ Along with your CF, here's what I have ready for you:

Tezuka Birthday Charm         $13.00
Fuji Birthday Charm                 $13.00
Nai's Niji Accessory $13.00
Usagi's Accessory $13.00

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