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Coworker is threatening to blackmail me with this

LOL!! I should go to bed earlier~


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LOL Getting to bed earlier sounds like a good idea! I hope you didn't get a crick in your neck sleeping like that. I'd probably be drooling...

Ah, I had a stiff neck last week, but this week seems to be fine LOL I can sleep just about anywhere, even while driving HAH, which is really bad right?!! I only drool when I'm sleep on my arm LOL, cuz the radius props my mouth open hahaha, but when I sleep with a kink like that on my throat/neck, I tend to snore ^_____________^

There have been many times I've looked like that at school or in my university's band office. SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD
Do your best, Linna!

That's how I look at every departmental meetings LOL!! Sometimes even the small group meeting, I nod periodically (with my eyes closed) to the things my boss says, if you know what I mean XD

Thanks, you too Hymn, have fun with your students and see you soon!!

I'm not sure your coworker can blackmail you with it if you are proudly showing it off! LOL

Besides, can they prove you weren't on break? :D

...how do you keep your desk so clean??

I sure as heck am proud of it!!! XD although I wouldn't show it off to my boss~ This is my summer office, because during the summer, they turn the AC off at the other school where my office is. My boss gives me the cubicle with the massive windows and away from everyone else, so they are quite envious and come check on me all the time LOL!!! My school year office is here:


Ignore the cardboard boxes and stacks of paper in the corner LOL, they have since cleared them out!! Nobody uses those desks, so I monopolize that side of the room. There's only one coworker in that room with me, and he monopolizes the opposite side LOL!!! There's still nothing on my desk, cuz I don't like leaving things out, although I hate facing the wall, so I use the round coffee table as my desk and face the door hahahaha!!! I can see whoever comes, click away from LJ and back to work Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ LOL!!! I surely work hard yeah~ hahaha ( ̄▽ ̄)

(Deleted comment)
Research papers!!! I remember those LOL, great time to dose off~ I hear you can come up with good ideas in your dreams haha!!


xD too funny. lol so are you being threatened, or blackmailed? or both? hopefully neither!

Threatened to be blackmailed LOL

We all have a good time together, it's the summer and a lot of people are on vacation so it's quite relaxing there~

ha ha ha. it can't be helped when you are overtired.

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